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Magazines for sale..

Discussion in 'Products & Equipment' started by Granite Co., Sep 11, 2010.

  1. Granite Co.

    Granite Co. Big Dog

    I have issues of PitBull Reporter (put out by the late Rushin Bill) avail, as well as issues of The ADBA Gazette (most from 95-03, but some from the 80's)....Pm if interested...
  2. LivewireT

    LivewireT Big Dog

    i am interested in the PBR mags
  3. Granite Co.

    Granite Co. Big Dog

    I also have AGDT Pit Cards avail (approx a dozen in all)..A issue or two of the following mags..(AGDT, The Contender, Bull a Ton, SDJ,)..

    The Best of Times 1999 edition, in "decent" shape..

    Also, a "real cool" audio cassette tape from the late Don Mayfield.....Pm for more info and prices..
  4. Granite Co.

    Granite Co. Big Dog

    21 issues of PBR (including vol.1 issue.1) for $225 (shipping included) ..AGDT Pitcards $7 ea or 5 for $25..
  5. Granite Co.

    Granite Co. Big Dog

    Sdj's...........$150 for all 13 issues (shipping included in usa)

    sept-oct 03 - tm&cm's ch.mike
    july-aug 03 - funky medina's ch.pistol
    jan-feb 04 -suk's grch.awsome beast
    nov-dec 02 - no cover
    nov-dec 97 - shaw's grch.blackjack
    may-june 97 -carrabiean's grch.tomboy
    july-aug 97 -no cover
    nov-dec 98 -queen city's dog & ch.ockmir
    march-apr 98 - vbk's
    sept-oct 98 -bellon's chsonjata & ch.baldy
    jjuly-aug 98 - scratchliner's grch.buddy
    mar-apr 95 - no cover
    may-june 95 - cat & co's grch.jinx

    yf&m.....vol.3 iss.1 jan-feb 97 s&w's ch.bad billy

    pbr's.....$215 for all 21 issues (shipping included in usa)

    1/1 - old woodcut
    1/2 - produces' grch.dbl trouble
    1/4 - can/am boys' ch.tippy
    1/5 - daisey's axle
    1/6 - bob wallace & ernest mason jr.
    2/3 - ten aside's ch.beetlejuice
    2/5 - sprowl's ch.bruiser
    3/4 - bob wallace
    3/6 - red b's ch.charlie
    4/6 - am. Pride's ch.lil bit
    4/5 - fb & eli
    5/1 - scott,spooky, & lenny
    5/3 - wall boy & mmm's ch.ernie
    5/4 - big apples' ch.haunch
    6/1 - bdr's ch.tuffy
    6/2 - bdr's ch.miss bohunk
    6/3 - nail em down's ch.wrath
    7/1 - brodt's ch.mike
    8/2 - brewer's ch.poncho
    10/1 - rushin bill's ch.ghetto
    10/3 - wcc's deacon

    sdj's (13 issues) and pbr's (21 issues) for $300 (shipping included in usa)...........trying to get rid of the rest of

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