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LSSPBC and Texas Heat Show (New date)

Discussion in 'Dog Shows & Events' started by dillybar, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. dillybar

    dillybar Pup


    LSSPBC and Texas Heat 2010 Sanctioned Show Flyer & Date Change!
    Mar 1st, 2010 by Administrator.
    This year our big show will NOT be held over Thanksgiving weekend.

    News Flash: We are pleased to announce the judges: Texas Heat Shows Saturday: Pat Brisco and Brad Wickham; LSSPBC shows Sunday: Amy Greenwood Burford and Joe Burford

    2010 Sanctioned Show Flyer (click for larger version)
    Download the 2010 Show Flyer .PDF version (best for printing)

    NEW DATE: Saturday & Sunday, June 12-13, 2010
    Johnson County Sheriff’s Posse Arena (same location) see map.
    Lone Star State and Texas Heat clubs will sponsor the show. There will be no weight pull for either show.
    There will be concessions and vendors are welcome.
    Registration for both days starts at 7am — shows start at 10am
    RV hookups available first come first served
    Posted in: EVENTS, Flyers & Materials.
    Tagged: Conformation · EVENTS
  2. dillybar

    dillybar Pup

    First of all, some exciting news about the show: "Dogs of Velvet and Steel" author Bob Stevens will be a special guest at the Lone Star State APBTC Sanctioned Show in Cleburne TX this June. He will be giving a brief talk on Sunday.

    Mr. Stevens was a part of history as the United States Supreme Court ruled 8-1 that the documentaries he produced are protected under the First Amendment. The Endangered Breeds Association (EBA) and ADBA, along with a wide array of groups from the National Rifle Association to National Public Radio, universities and booksellers groups, filed a brief in support of Mr. Stevens' right to free speech. Here is an article summarizing the Supreme Court ruling: Can depictions of animal cruelty be banned without violating the First Amendment?

    Whether you come to the show or not, you can help support the EBA. A new legislative session will be here before we know it so it's time to raise some money for the Endangered Breeds Association Texas Fund. I am looking for a few unusual items to auction off. For example, rare or out of print books, vintage ADBA Gazette collections, art, jewelry, gift baskets. And I need people to bring money and BID high!
  3. simms

    simms CH Dog

    Who's going and who's showing? What a great opprotunity to meet Bob Stevens!
  4. Getting ready and excited!!
    Boogie Nights Logan 6-9 males

  5. DAMN! I have a friend showing her pup in that class! She has some stiff competition! ;)
  6. simms

    simms CH Dog

  7. simms

    simms CH Dog

    Bump Bump...
  8. Super Sport

    Super Sport Big Dog

    Anybody headed that way tomorrow?

    ATEXAN Big Dog

    What is the physical address of the Johnson County Sheriff’s Posse Arena?
  10. ATEXAN

    ATEXAN Big Dog

    Nevermind I found it.
  11. cutt

    cutt CH Dog

    had a hard time findin the place, but we fouind it,and congrats to the winners
  12. bahamutt99

    bahamutt99 CH Dog

    Boy it sucks navigating this forum from a cell phone! lol! Been a while, y'all.

    Double Snort, I recognize my photography there. I probably have other pics of your pup from that show if you want them. You can PM me or find me on Facebook (Lindsay Biddle).

    Does anybody have pics from the show yet? I know it basically just ended within the last hour but I'm anxious. lol! My dog was there as were 2 others from within the family.
  13. Thanks bahamutt99 for the wonderful pic.! I enjoyed looking at them all! This is one of my favorites of Logan! You did a great job!
  14. Super Sport

    Super Sport Big Dog

    It already happened.:)

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