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Lone Star State/texas Heat Apbtc Texas

Discussion in 'Southwest' started by TRUEPITS, Sep 28, 2009.


    TRUEPITS Big Dog

    I can get you their number....I know their parents...

    TRUEPITS Big Dog

    Weight Pull video 1
  3. RedNoseGurl

    RedNoseGurl Big Dog

    Awesome !!! :eek:
  4. GR.2 OZZY

    GR.2 OZZY Pup

    Truepits thats nice!!My daugher helped me pull our dog there sunday,she had a blast helpn.And id like to get the video for her.If u can get me that number, that would mean, id owe u one.
  5. She was soo cute!! Looked like pro. :):)
  6. apbtproud

    apbtproud Pup

    Awesome pics and vid.. two thumbs up:p

    TRUEPITS Big Dog

  8. Super Sport

    Super Sport Big Dog

    You do a really nice job on those going to have to contact you and get a copy of a few pics.

    TRUEPITS Big Dog

    I have made a thread with the prices for this specific show...Again it was great seeing old friends meeting some new..but above all seeing some awesome dogs out there. Everyone stay blessed...
  10. Patchwork

    Patchwork Big Dog

    Yep thats my boy...I miss him terribly but I know Noel is taking care of him...Did anyone get a picture?
  11. RedNoseGurl

    RedNoseGurl Big Dog

    No i didnt patch work....actually maybe...ill take another look, im might have some pics from NC ? or you got those ones already......that boy stands very nice when he just staring at shit......he was kinda blah in NC but it was raining but in TX he was on top of his game. Nice boy for sure.....
  12. RedNoseGurl

    RedNoseGurl Big Dog

    There are some on Krissy's facebook , you on facebook patch ?
  13. BoogiemanBlood

    BoogiemanBlood Premium Member Premium Member

    Was a great show! Thanks to the clubs for putting it on! All your hard work was very much appreciated!

    We had a great weekend.

    Bronson took 2 firsts in the champions class and a champions cup.
    Lizzy took a 3rd in the champions class
    Festus took 2 seconds and 2 3rds in the 4-6 month males
    Showed Ginger on sat and she got shut out. Didn't show her Sunday

    TRUEPITS Big Dog

    patchwork i might have photos on this male...please IM me...
  15. kelly7898

    kelly7898 Pup

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