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Last Chance for Love Animal Rescue

Discussion in 'Rescue & Adoption' started by Nikita, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. Nikita

    Nikita Big Dog

    This is a Rescue i volunteer for I'm the webmaster:)

    Are Website LCLRR.ORG

    The Plan
    "Success means climbing out on a limb until it breaks. Then dusting one's self off and doing it again." ​
    Last Chance for Love Animal R & R proposes a plan to organize and assist the agencies that are so bravely trying to make a difference. We acknowledge all the love and effort that is currently being put toward saving the lives of companion animals. But the fact remains; we are still euthanizing millions of dogs and cats annually because of behavior problems. Why? Because...

    • Few prospective pet parents want to adopt an unruly dog that will need the investment of training to solve behavior problems.
    • Few foster homes are equipped to deal with rehabilitating dogs with problem behaviors.
    • Dogs with a history of biting, no matter why or how minor the incident, are not accepted by rescues.
    • Owners are not truthful about the dog’s behaviors when surrendering them.
    • Less than 10% of owned dogs are adopted from shelters and animal care and control adoption return rates are as high as 30%.
    • People continue to purchase puppies without knowing how to properly raise them thereby continuing the cycle of more unwanted dogs with behavior problems.
    • Independent rescuers and trainers, trying to help, have few affordable resources available to support their efforts. Alone they cannot make a difference for the 10 million dogs and cats euthanized annually.
    • Backyard breeders and puppy mills continue to offer cheap puppies to anyone who can pay their price. Adopting a rescued animal is less attractive than buying a puppy or kitten.
    Behavior problems continue to be the number one reason dogs are destroyed.​
    Though these reasons do exist we also know that there is a solution. Our solution is to build centers where through training and education we offer affordable and easily available support services to existing organizations. Our two primary goals are to reduce the number of companion animals being destroyed and make it more attractive for new pet owners to adopt a trained socialized dog rather than buy one from an unprofessional breeder.

    Here is what it will look like:
    Support and R & R Services for Animal Care and Rescue Organizations​

    • We will provide trained evaluators to determine how a pet can be trained or rehabilitated and offer the services of trainers to do so prior to re-homing.
    • We will have a training facility to house and care for the dogs needing longer term rehabilitation.
    • We will offer staff, rescuer and foster family training classes to ensure quality care and training while in re-homing facilities or homes.
    • We will offer specialized puppy training programs where puppies will come to us for evaluation, socialization and training prior to adoption.
    • We will offer rescuers and breeders the ability to require adoptive families to take free dog care/training classes prior to adopting a pet.

    • Reduce the number of animals destroyed due to behavior problems through training and rehabilitation.
    • Assure all pets are properly socialized and trained prior to adoption reducing the number that will be returned to the rescue system. If they are returned they can be easily adopted again.
    • Offer the public affordable, trained and socialized puppies making it more attractive to adopt a trained & socialized pet from a shelter rather than buy one from an unprofessional breeder.

    Great idea, but how will we do it!​

    • Ask for help. Raise money.(Lot’s of money.)
    • Call upon the assistance of professional and independent rescuers and trainers.
    • Purchase land and build the facilities.
    • Staff the facility with volunteers and those eager to learn.
    • Ask for help from experts in all areas of animal behavior and training.
    • Quickly begin to replicate the facilities. ALL OVER THE US.
    Is it really that easy? Yes it is, all we have to do is just do it!​
    I know that there are many people who will read this and want to help. We want to hear from each and everyone of you. Give generously if you can. Contact us about your organization if you want to help in any way. Pass a link to this site on to all you know. Everyone has something to give that will help. Nothing is too big or too little; not even your anonymous best wishes and prayers.

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