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Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by COLDSTEEL APBT, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Question For A True Lar-san Fancier

    Who are the foundation sires/pairs/females of the Lar-San bloodline ?

    What year was Lar-San founded

    Who would have been Sandy's most famous/favorite dog

    What bloodline or dogs does the Lar-San bloodline stem from

    How many ch/gr.ch in total that are considered almost 100% lar-san are/ were there ?

    What dog comes to mind when someone say's this is what a lar-san dog should look like ?

    What do you get when you have a 100% Lar-San dog what is a Lar-San dog all about ?

    How were there temperaments ?

    Would they GO ? any known [] winners ?

    One last one What does Lar-San stand for ?

    Here are some answers I got on my forum and some that I already knew. DOes anyone else have Lar-San knowledge ??

    -The foundation male/female for Lar-San kennel was CH 'PR' Comer's Ceasar's Oscar and 'PR' Comer's Classy Lady.

    -I don't know the exact year their kennel was founded but I think that Oscar was born in 1978.

    -Lar-San dogs come from OFRN/Archer/Clouse/Corvino

    -What dog comes to mind when someone say's this is what a lar-san dog should look like ?

    --Scarlet Ohara, Chas Krug, Deity

    -UKC and ADBA standard APBTS. A high drive dog that can excell not only in conformation but other working sports like Weight Pull, SCH, Agility and Obediance, well rounded bulldog.

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  2. jman11

    jman11 King of the Valley

    ~Lar-San Kennel~

    [size=-1]The last 20+ years of breeding, showing, judging, the American Pit Bull Terrier, showing and breeding the American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull ...
    www.geocities.com/Heartland/Ridge/7436/homepage.html - 15k -[/size]

    thats just what i read on google.... show dogs?

    edit: checked on there site... 100 % show dogs... got a lil hemphill in some of the dogs... 4-6 gens back

    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 22, 2007
  3. bahamutt99

    bahamutt99 CH Dog

  4. mansch

    mansch Big Dog

    there are more then you think, art's dante for one!
  5. kane85

    kane85 Top Dog

    I got a show dog that is mostly ofrn on dad side and patricks on mom I got a couple of lar-san dogs in the ped I got a question about these dogs lar-san georgia of our gang,lar-san lil deacon,lar-san peaches,w's dakota chief of lar-san. Are these or were these dogs well bred lar-san dogs and also about this dog garners ch sweet gator. Can some answer this question :confused:
  6. jman11

    jman11 King of the Valley

  7. kane85

    kane85 Top Dog

    Thanks I knew how he was bred but what I should of said was any storys on him if he was a good producer and dose anybody else know anything about the lar-sen dogs I posted or if they were true lar-sen dogs.
  8. mansch

    mansch Big Dog

    In my opinion Dakota chief was the best producing dog to come of that line. He produced dogs that were well rounded :D
  9. butch51

    butch51 Pup

    My line that I've been breeding now for 10 years consists mostly of Lar-San/Wilrox. Wilrox's dogs consisted of probably half Lar-San blood too, so....
    All the dogs mentioned are in the peds of my dogs. I have 4 generations here actually. Anyway, everything that has been said is true so far. Also Sandy gave me Keno, (a pure Lar-San who is also a UKC champion) about 7 years ago and she is all dog. A Lar-San dog has beautiful conformation and every single dog she owned, and any pure Lar-San dog that went into the ring was either CH or GR CH. You can spot a Lar-San dog anywhere. They are all very consistent. I dont know exactly when her and Larry started, but I believe it was sometime in the 70s. If you see "Comer's" in your ped, it is "Lar-San". They are not big dogs, and were mostly on the 'terrier' side. They would do good in either ADBA or UKC, but none of her dogs were ADBA registered. In breeding Lar-San, they [litter] make for perfect show prospects -- hands down. They can be very 'hot' dogs if given a chance. They are human friendly. Keno slept with one eye open at all times. lol... She'd be right on top of anything strange. Sandy told me the dogs consisted of Hemphill, Clouse and Corvino. Sandy was also a UKC conformation judge. Eventually, she sold or placed all her rednoses, and went into AmStaffs. Personally, I LOVE my line that I've been breeding and it only gets better better throughout the years. :cool:

  10. Big Rod

    Big Rod Big Dog

    very informative first post butch. especially after 2 1/2 years....daaaamn
  11. butch51

    butch51 Pup

    I'm like, what do you mean after 2½ years??? LOL, then I re-read and seen "first post".. Yeah right. Well, it's obvious I don't come here often. lolol. Maybe I should. There are a few people keep telling to post. Today I decided to.

    Have a good one!

  12. diggit

    diggit Banned

    sandy comers foundation male "ceaser" has staff blood in him "lylane" and a few others... just click "lucy lu" in his 4th gen and take a look at all the "akc" beside the dogs names.
  13. mansch

    mansch Big Dog

    steph do you ever quit?
  14. MASON

    MASON Big Dog

    Would you consider the Amstaffs of the 50's and 60's as the same Amstaffs of today? I would say that the only difference then was the name as the stud books were still open to APBT'S. (JMO)
  15. mansch

    mansch Big Dog

    thank you mason!
  16. butch51

    butch51 Pup

    Do you think anyone cares? I don't, and I pretty much pride myself with my "pure" pit bulls. As was just mentioned, it was decades and decades and decades ago and the AKC stud books were still open! Do you know what that means? Lar-San dogs, if you are even familiar with the line, don't look AmStaff whatsoever. Never did before and still don't. They are so far from it. I suppose if it wasn't for the fact they are so damn perfect, they probably wouldn't do well if up against a shorter, stocker AmStaff, since that is what seems to be winning these days. Shame. Lar-San dogs are slim and athletic looking. Is Ceaser the only dog you can find who is Lar-San who is AKC? Out of ALL THOSE DOGS??? LOL.. and that was what 20/30 years ago? LOL Honestly, one dog, 25+ years ago doesn't make them any less the APBT that they are. They were never, ever considered AmStaff. The only people who even mention "Ceasar" is people who don't like the line. These dogs are not AmStaffs. And they sure as heck don't act like em, that's for sure. You are smart enough to realize that right? :p

    Here is CH 'PR' LAR-SAN KENO, CGC, DNA-VIP page. She is a typical Lar-San dog. All Sandy's dogs are pretty much uniform in their looks. She, herself has not bred her rednose line for quite a few years. There are not too many pure Lar-San rednoses left. Kim of Ro-Ki Kennels is one of just a handful of kennels out there who may still have some pure blood. Keno has been retired for a few years now. She, herself is 10 years old.
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 23, 2007
  17. brat pack

    brat pack Top Dog

    I am pretty sure Sandy Comer is no longer on this earth. Not sure how long ago she passed. Caragan kennels has the bloodline as well as Arkay kennels. Also Berapbts in Washington state. Matrix kennels, Reddawg kennels and more than I can think of right now have the bloodline. The dogs are well rounded, competing in Conformation, weight pull, obedience, and some agility as well. I was not aware of the AKC in the one dogs bloodline but I never claimed to know it all. I will have to check that out.

    It is one of the reasons I like this site. You can always learn something new!
  18. bahamutt99

    bahamutt99 CH Dog

    IMO, Lar-San dogs, as handled by a responsible breeder, are some of the most versatile dogs you can lay hands on. They may not be gamebred, but they have the capacity to do well in anything. The line has its flaws, sure. But the dogs I've seen bred down from Lar-San stuff are awesome athletes, drivey, good showdogs with good temperaments, and as healthy as any "show" line out there. I like them a lot.

    ETA: Brat Pack is right, Sandy Comer passed away some time within the last few years.
  19. butch51

    butch51 Pup

    Heck, I believe they can do ANYTHING! lol...
    Yes, Sandy passed away, I believe 1½ - 2 years ago(?) from cancer. She was in her 70s. I'm not sure when Larry passed. I think it was sometime in the mid to late 90s??
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 24, 2007
  20. hey...i have a Lar-San female. she is an ADBA champion and has almost 200 ukc points and only 1 "major" away from champion there as well. a lot of ukc judges don't like her though...they all say she is too "gamey" hehehehe :P so i quit going to ukc shows, i felt they were judging on the akc standard too much, because most of them are akc (am staff) judges as well. BUT...that is a whole other issue ..haha! :) LOL
    anyways, she is an old lady now, but she acts like a puppy still! she is a fantastik show dog! as a matter of fact she just won Best Opposite at Hickory, NC adba show end of last year (almost 8 years old then)!!!!
    so proud to have her.

    -Falon :)

    <img src="http://www.geocities.com/pureperformancepits/100_3492_2.JPG">

    <img src="http://www.geocities.com/pureperformancepits/100_3502_2.JPG">

    <img src="http://www.geocities.com/pureperformancepits/pandora3.jpg">

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