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just sharing a story

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by AGame, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. vgallo6

    vgallo6 Pup

    Well, ever since i've been researching dogs that are considered "bully breeds" and reading about human agressive dogs i've never heard of anyone recommending to put the dog down yourself. By way of a bullet. I thought...sure the dog needs to be put down. So im thinking ok...take the dog to a shelter or vet and have the dog put to sleep. So i was pretty shocked after reading about putting a bullet in them. As i have here on this website. I gotta say ...... I AGREE. We shouldnt tolerate human agressive dogs. Im not saying im going out to buy a gun just in case (what i own doesnt use bullets but buckshots) but im curious........Are there laws about putting your own dog down?
  2. AGame

    AGame CH Dog

    Well, my honest and humble opinion if there was a law i wouldn't care save me alot of time and hassle just putting the damn dog down myself and especially if it had bitten someone i cared for i would get more satisfaction out of doing it and i would not let it suffer and i would know the dog was gone forever that way to and that it wasn't just adopted out so pretty much laws or not people are going to do what needs to be done if they are a true dogman or even a true man but hey thats just my outlook on things
  3. JamesT

    JamesT Top Dog

    If any dog bites a little kid around here,he doesn't go to the vet.By the time you got the car started to head to the vet,I would have already dealt with that mutt out back.There's no difference in outcome.And the bullets quicker than the needle.
  4. tony413

    tony413 Big Dog

    1. get your .22LR or .223 powered rifle out
    2. ask neighbors to use their roof for 5min.
    3. put HA mutt out of commission
    4. tell friends that rowdy kids in the neighborhood killed her dog.

    oh a suppressor may come in handy too.
  5. Zeuceone

    Zeuceone Pup

    One of my ladies has been bitten three times, one being on the face, but her mom won't PTS. Her mom has had him for a long time and can't see herself doing away with him. There's been close calls where he snaps but doesn't connect. Its not a consistent thing, but more random.
  6. MinuteMan1979

    MinuteMan1979 Big Dog

    An aquantance of mine actually got arrested and charged with animal cruelty for killing a dog WHILE IT WAS ATTACKING a child!!!

    No joke. Stupid liberal hippy f#cks are ass crack backwards.

    He pulled the dog off the kid, got bit himself, and smashed it's head in with a rock.

    He ended up beating the charges, but had to go court SEVERAL times... DA wouldn't drop it. They kept saying he should have stopped hitting the dog when it was no longer attacking??? WTF? Shouldn't this guy have been a HERO?

    So ya, I would be carefull putting your own dog down. I KNOW in my state it'll get you thrown in the pokey...
  7. AGame

    AGame CH Dog

    Well all i know is i live out in the country in a very small town no AC or anything like that you have to worry about and im pretty sure no one around here would call the law but no one is close enough to us to see us do it anyway i mean if we have a sick horse same shit happens sick cattle same shit any animal that needs to be put down we do it ouorselves thats just the way things have been done around here since i was a child and since my grandparents were children
  8. duckmike

    duckmike Big Dog

    Any dog that out and out bites a kid (not a playful nip) should be put down its not stable and if allowed to live (which is irresponsible) it will probably breed which is really irresponsible because they'res a real good chance that pups off the breeding will be unstable too.That being said don't advertise the fact that you killed the dog just do-it bury-it and keep your mouth shut
  9. Thanks for sharing your story.. If that was my dog and Ive done everything in my power to curb its unwanted behavior..and it continued..Well I would say its time to part ways. A HA dog is so much of a liability..But you already know that..The owner..she is actually reinforcing his behavior..out of him being a gift and so on. If I were you I would replace him with a new pup..Say a gift from you..And sit her the fuck down and ask her if she wants to sit in jail and pay fines out the butt for a misaligned dog..also being sued.. I would take the dog and send him on his way..In the most humanely way torture..Just a quick release. Just my opinion

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