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is E.Z. a pit bull?

Discussion in 'Training & Behavior' started by twalla, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. twalla

    twalla Pup

    thought maybe someone knowledgeable could look @ pics of E.Z. and tell us if he is a husband found him under a bridge, at the edge of a wooded area.his collar was imbedded in his neck.he was covered in ticks and fleas and suffering from malnutrition,dehydration,and red mange.we've taken him to the vet,he's getting fat and healthy.he stays inside,gets along with our cats,only occassionally showing aggression with our other dogs (wish it was never....2 of them are chihuahuas) he's about 4 mos. old, acts like a big dopey clown for the most part. the biggest concern we have now is that he cant seem to understand that he's supposed to use the bathroom outside.any tips would be appreciated! thanks.
  2. chaser71

    chaser71 Banned

    If you like him who cares what he is?Just call him a dog!
  3. GRSMO

    GRSMO Pup

    He may not want to go outside because most dogs feel vulnerable when they eliminate outside. Especially with this one's background---he may be scared shitless--literally.

    I'm no expert, but here's what I'd do:

    Let him sleep in bed with you or crate him at night. You want to give him a reason to "hold it" during the night. Most folks find crates to be the easiest, IMO. As SOON AS you wake up, leash him and take him out. He may not go immediately, but wait until he does----however long that takes. Once he goes, praise him to death. Then immediately go back in with him.

    He needs to make the connection in his mind that the pack leader (you) are the only one that can shit in the house. He has to make the connection that he has to go outside only. The only way to get that connection made is to take him out several times a day. Praise him heavily every single time he does it right.

    On the other side of the coin....I don't believe that rubbing a dog's nose in his shit helps a damn thing. He's not learning anything from that in my opinion.

    When I was training my girl Roxie to go outside, and she had an accident in the house, I'd just pick it up, give her a scolding look, and flush it in the toilet. Because yes, she did it in the house, but I'd have been paying more attention, I'd have seen her need to go, and could have gotten her outside. The fault was mine.

    One last thing.....this is a PROCESS. You won't accomplish much in any single day with most dogs. It takes repeated "good deeds" with lots of praise to get it to work. Once ya got it though, they'll almost do it on command.

    This is the way I do it. There's probably a hundred other ways to do it as well.....good luck.
  4. twalla

    twalla Pup

    i do like him really.he's so easy...hence the name.i was just wondering what he might be.i think that's a natural thing to do.
    makes sense about his bathroom habits...that was very entertaining to read also! haha! he does sleep in our room, goes out first thing in the morn and goes out several times a day....except when we're @ work (that's not very condusive to consistency tho )when he goes out he's decided that he would rather use the patio, or the pebbles or leaves in the flowerbed.when i find poop inside, i make a little growling sound,look @ him, and then pick it up with a walmart bag. he seems to hate the sound of the bag, and looks ashamed. he's a cool little dude....i'm glad we found him! thanks for the feedback.
  5. GRSMO

    GRSMO Pup

    It sounds like your doing pretty good with him! Keep it up.

    As for what's in his blood, I have no idea. Sorry that I can't help ya much there....
  6. chef_kergin

    chef_kergin Big Dog

    besides emptying out in the house, you need to be concerned if he's showing any aggression with your other dogs already.



    good luck with your potty training, but start using the search function and look through other threads as far as managing him around your other dogs.

    our mutt will tolerate the house cat if she's inside, but the cat makes herself scarce when any of our dogs are inside.
  7. ^^^^ Read this post above mine for sure.

    For the potty training, when he is inside put him on a leash and tie the leash to your belt. Go about your business. Tethering will help keep him in your eyesight and help you catch him showing signs he is gonna go. If he starts to go in front of you pick him up immediately and carry him outside. Once he starts to go outside praise him as if he just shit out diamonds. If you don't feel STUPID AS HELL you are not praising him enough, seriously. You want him to think that shitting in the yard is the best thing ever.

    As far as the patio, don't LET him shit or piss there - he is a PUPPY and he needs to learn he listens to his owner, not that he can give you the run around. Pick his little ass up and relocate him off the patio if you gotta, even if the little guy pees on you hen you pick him up you need to make it clear peeing on the patio is something you simply will not let happen.

    Get a treat he likes and ONLY give it to him for going to the bathroom outside. When you take him out walk him around to stimulate his bowls, don't just let him sniff around the yard on his own.
  8. dayair1

    dayair1 Premium Member Premium Member

    Sound advice! Very nice. Just want to add again;
    Don't trust him around your other animals!
  9. You've gotten good advice. New dogs take awhile to adjust.

    As for what he is, fuck it, who cares. As long as you love him, give him proper care and get him neutered it doesn't matter what he is. He's your dog.

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