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Info on dunkel kennels?

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by the bone-yard, May 23, 2013.

  1. Hi fellow dogmen..ive been looking into this kennel for a possible deal for a chinaman dog with tight lee ling strain..just wondering if anyone has any experience with this kennel..ive searched on here but there all from awhile ago..just wondering peoples opinions on it today..please dont post negative comments due to the bbc doc few years ago..just like to know what there like recently..many thanks guys :)
  2. Kelticwarrior

    Kelticwarrior Top Dog

    Aren't they in Europe?
  3. Yes sir they are located in helsinki..finland
  4. doginhold

    doginhold Top Dog

    Paul Dunkel isn´t hard to find!
    Best you give him a call!
  5. Thats true but i prefer to here peoples recent experiences with the kennel first before i make direct contact as any dogman that will sell a dog will big there own dogs up..dont want to jump the gun straight away an make contact
  6. Epona

    Epona Banned

    you will found better chinaman dogs in europe than the dunkelkennels stuff. my opinion, but sure he has solid dogs, but not more.
  7. Could you recommend any kennels sir?
  8. Epona

    Epona Banned

    look to the hungarian, slovenian, croatia kennels they run the chinaman stuff direct down from chinaman trough garners sister / zwettlers china not the frisco stuff.

    and this stuff have more records on his shoulders than the frisco stuff in europe.
  9. Epona

    Epona Banned

    to name some, neznam or nasty man will be a good choice in hungaria
  10. Epona

    Epona Banned

    otherwise chinaman dogs trough garners sister / zwettlers china are quite popular in eastern europe
  11. Thank you sir that sounds really good..not to fussed with the frisco stuff unless from the frank white or earl jr strain :)
  12. Nastyman has some really nice dogs i like the look of them
  13. Marlene zwettler will be the best to ask about the china dogs..i can make contact with her
  14. Epona

    Epona Banned

    i heard and read all the time that the frisco stuff is clicking well worldwide, but in europe other chinaman dogs will be your choice when you look in europe pitsport history and compare the china dogs with the frisco dogs.
  15. Epona

    Epona Banned

    mrs zwettler will be put you in the right direction, but they dont own any of them zwettlers are out of the dogs.
    bring some time when you call mrs zwettler, she always share some gossips and advices :)
  16. Yes sir i beleive the frisco dogs are doing very well in russia atm..yes thats true i heard they dont own dogs anymore but always willing to help people when needs be..thank you for all your help my friend..much respect :)
  17. doginhold

    doginhold Top Dog

    Marlene is on FB!

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