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incident at the park

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by JoeyNzoey, Aug 18, 2010.

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  1. PitNJ75

    PitNJ75 Pup

  2. Mr. Brownstone

    Mr. Brownstone Big Dog

    Guess that i sall i needed to say.. i have not been all that long on GD at least but i can tell you love your dog. I f i could only explain how SCARED i was that day in the woods when my dog attacked another dog. First thing thta went through my mnind was SHIT i could loose my dog over this!!!
  3. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

    i only had one problem and that was bc she fuckin popped the o-ring off on a walk lunging at another dog:eek:
    no clue how that happened but i know to double up on them from now on
    it was a big ass dog but it ran for its life and i got to mine b4 she could get any teeth in her. Luckily i knew the owner well and he wouldnt have reported it anyways but i learned my lesson bc next time it might be a strangers dog.
  4. Rojas

    Rojas Big Dog

    I agree with what everyone have been saying, its best to always use a leash when walking any dog not just a pitbull, your dog could be very well trained, but what about a loose dog that doesnt know its foot from its a** and the sh*t hits the fan, when the police come , atleast if your dog puts the other dog in its place, you could say as your defense your dog was on its leash, If i would get 5 cents for every lil chiwawa i see loose when walking my dog, i would be a millionaire by now lol.
  5. benthere

    benthere CH Dog Staff Member

    joey, thats why my wife and I left california almost 20 years ago.
    we now live way out in the country.
    maybe you should move to the hills.
    if I had to live in california I'd choose to be in mendocino, no traffic and no crowds.
  6. JoeyNzoey

    JoeyNzoey Top Dog

    thanks for really caring guys, I think some of you are seeing this in the wrong situation though I DO NOT WALK HER AROUND WITHOUT A LEASH, the only time she is off leash is when I work her.

    There is a large baseball field that is completely fenced at this park where this situation occurred yesterday which IF I have to go there that is the ONLY place I am taking her to. I have never taken her to a park that is a dog park only yes this park allows dogs, but it's not just a dog park only I am not that foolish. I know it was still stupid of me for bringing her to a place where people and dogs can be present but I figure to try and go when there is maybe only a couple of people and no dogs and stay on the completely other side from where they are. I took the chance to stay a little closer and obviously knew once this had happen I should just stick to my usual senses.

    So I have two places that I know it is safe to let her work off lead because one is entirely fenced and the second is off course at a location where if anyone is going to enter it I will see them entering there are no if ands and buts. Not once in the two years that I have been going there have I seen someone there already or trying to enter it, and remember she's not just roaming around she is under my control focused on her work out and then the leash is back on because we usually take off for a walk after we are done working.
  7. CrazyK9

    CrazyK9 Top Dog

    Get a long lead for her. I don't care if the area is fenced or not. It's still a public place. I also don't care if she is working the flirt or not. Keep her restrained at all times.
  8. Dream Pits

    Dream Pits CH Dog

    there are 20 30 even 50 ft leads and they arent expensive.
  9. Oldskool Brent

    Oldskool Brent Top Dog

    You're lulling yourself into the "That won't happen to me...." catagory, you use the word "usually" an awful lot, I've heard the word "usually" in a lot of Pit Bull news footage "My dog is usually nice...." "there's usually never a problem...." "My dog had never shown aggression before, this is unusual...."

    Don't set yourself or your dog up to be a statistic. :cool:
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 19, 2010
  10. Mr. Brownstone

    Mr. Brownstone Big Dog

    Look you sound like a good dog owner that just loves there dog showing it the good life and working with it. One day you will loose that if you dont just go out and get a 50 ft lead! You will get used to it and so wont your dog. They say three weeks and anything you do just becomes a habit. I get you are in fenced in areas clear as day.. very well i also get you can see someone coming and you dont walk her ever without a lead. Still it is not safe enough imop! Just think no more Zoey, fines up the wazzoo and if you own a house having to fight to keep and maybe loosing everything you worked so hard for!!!!!
  11. Phebes

    Phebes Pup

    Guess it is more important to you to have your dog work the flirt pole off leash then to keep your dog alive.
    Your responsibility as a pit bull owner is not to protect society from your pit bull but to protect your pit bull from society and from where I am sitting you don't seem to want to do that and are willing to take a chance of losing your dog.
    Some people gotta learn the hard way. :(
  12. fblb

    fblb Top Dog

    Wow.....Ok I am not sure why I am wasting my post count with a second reply to your thread as it is very clear you pretty much asked for advise then promptly told those that gave it to you to shove it up their asses. Anyway here goes one more try. I nor anyone else that I could see saw it in the wrong light....we went off what you posted. Whether or not she is off leash for 10 to 15 minutes or 10 or 15 hours is not the case, what is the case is that your animal is off leash period in public. Whether or not you think you are somewhere nobody else goes or not is irrelevant...it is a public place, and there are laws known as leash laws that are in effect if you are not in your backyard or house. If you are not on your property you need to abide by these laws. You say there is a baseball field that you are going to now, let me ask you something what say if someone that also thought nobody ever went there went walking their dog by there, and your animal decides it ain't buying what the other dog is selling, and decides to go after the other dog what would be a saving grace a four foot chain link fence or a long lead? Dogs can't jump over leads however they can jump over fences. What you are doing is being one of those ignorant, know-it-all type of people that cause bsl, and headlines to pop up...next thing you know we are going to be reading a thread about how your off leash animal got into it with another because you knew that you had your dog under control while it was off leash. I urge you to take heed to some of the things folks on here are saying, that is unless you really don't care about your dog or it's safety or anyone's right to own this breed. I hope you know it isn't going to matter what led up to the incident that will eventually happen because your dog is an "evil pit bull" remember it only takes one incident, and you and your dog will be labeled for as long as you live in that area. Do what you will as it seems that is all you are interested in, but I hope that I might have reached a working neuron it that head of yours.
  13. Padlock

    Padlock Banned

    it seems that this is the universal case of one only learns through pain and or loss of money. we've all had the scenario of getting jumped by another dog and having to
    deal with the financial and social consequences an encounter like this presents.
    i think until she goes through this on her own watch, it's not going to sink in, as she has no basis the apply our lessons to. she's going to have to hear the screaming cur, see and smell the iron in the blood and reach deep in her pocket to repair the other animal. back in the 80's people weren't as sue happy and witch hunts weren't the craze either...most would walk away with lesson learned...the lesson will always be,...wtf do you own an animal like that for? my answer,(to myself in my head) so I'm not the one that was on the losing side of that encounter. nothing is worse than having an accidental public dog on dog attach and being the one that lost. i think I've gotten off point,...once you get your cherry popped and see for yourself why it's best to be on the side of caution, then you'll be able to appreciate all the concern and advice.
  14. Mr. Brownstone

    Mr. Brownstone Big Dog

    I did not learn till i was able to see with my own two eyes just what these dogs can do. I was able to get her off but it was hard real hard!! i could not believe how when she lit up nothing could distract her she was just in the zone. I really got lucky that day plain and simple and like you i was a dam fool for not just listening to all the folks that have had these dogs much longer than i. I think a lotta times on forums you look past what others say as you think who the fuck is this person really or i have seen you tear a person to shit on a thread and just be a dick and i aint taking your advice. In this case though it is solid advice plain and simple.
  15. Naustroms

    Naustroms CH Dog


    the dog won't mind.
  16. wardogkennels

    wardogkennels CH Dog

    I take my 3 house dogs to the baseball field when no one is around and let them run. I am just carefully scanning and making sure I am ready to get them if I see someone coming with a dog. i am only there for about 30 minutes. They are gassed by then.
  17. TheIII

    TheIII Big Dog

    Well said and true
  18. Oldskool Brent

    Oldskool Brent Top Dog

    So true, my first Pit Bull related expense was 12 chickens for my old neighbor. Luckily we were country and it was a long time ago, the neighbor didn't care as long as we got him some new chickens. He was also impressed at the speed at which the dog did it since he watched it all go down from his back porch, lol.:p
  19. CrazyK9

    CrazyK9 Top Dog

    ..and when an incident does happen, I hope you don't call your dog an APBT, but a dog of unknown ancestry, which she is.
  20. JoeyNzoey

    JoeyNzoey Top Dog

    apparently you both are as stupid as I am since I will be going to an enclosed baseball field that is fenced all around early AM/afternoon when nobody is even outside on the other side of the fence either. If being in a closed off fenced area when nobody is around is still dangerous then I guess I shouldn't bother taking her anywhere. I will say this walking her around ON A LEASH in my neighborhoods is probably more dangerous towards encountering a loose dog then working her OFF LEASH at the enclosed/fenced baseball field....why? because it's a fact of experience I have never had a problem when we were at the baseball field and other dogs as I have had to deal with loose dogs in neighborhoods while we were walking on a leash and thankfully they have all been small dogs that wouldn't come to close but would still try sometimes.
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