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Discussion in 'Rescue & Adoption' started by dragonknight, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. wow that was compelling...
  2. clutch billups

    clutch billups Big Dog

    wow i could have gone with out reading that ... im not sposed to cry but thats exactly what im doing ...thats terrible im gunna email that to every one i know and yes it should be manditory at every shelter that you have to read this before you even bring your dog in from the car ... to whoever wrote that more power too you man i havent cried like this since the first time i read where the red fern grows..
  3. Wow, that is so very sad. I hate reading stuff that always has a bad ending for a poor little dog.
    I agree, it should be in animal shelters, and even though there are only a few around here, I am going to send it to all of them. I know they would appreciate it, and would most likely use it, when they feel it would do some good.
  4. Michele

    Michele Guest

    wow.......heartbreaking.....just heartbreaking.
  5. MIKA

    MIKA Big Dog

    I agree 100%!!
  6. I had to be there for my jack russel mix, Sam's euthansia it was terrible he was a rescue dog and we had him for seven years he had got struck by a car and his rear end had been badly messed up hardest thing I ever had to do. R.I.P. Sam. As for rescue dogs I'm all for them they make some of the best dogs.

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