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how genetics work

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by ben brockton, Feb 3, 2013.

  1. keystone

    keystone CH Dog

    he looks like tudors white rock ...
    meaby he was the only one in the litter ..with that skin ..his litter mate's ...
    probaly al black with spot on the chest ....
  2. keystone

    keystone CH Dog

    white spot on chest
  3. Dannyb

    Dannyb Big Dog

    Couple the nonsense above with your high and mighty insults (see the way you talk down to others) and you've got a bird. Genetically speaking, of course.
  4. rebeard

    rebeard Big Dog

    determination ,,the dogs color is black it also has a gene that stops its pigments showing ie the pigmentless "white" areas , the dog will breed just like any other black with or without the pigment restricting gene passing on , this was my point in the first post as the pup showed no pigment in the pic nor was the dams color provided therefore they could of all been black genetically which would of made the point on color selection meaningless , foolishly I thought our friend c c would like to understand that a bit clearer
  5. gillagan

    gillagan Big Dog

  6. Not a "chickenman". A simple google search for "chicken on a chain" would have revealed a PBR bull by the same name but laziness seems to be your vice (see color selection, etc). As far as a "disent (sic) dogman", if you mean an idiot who keeps a shit load of dogs who lack attention under poor conditions, who spends his days telling anyone who will listen about his dogs (advertising), yearns to have pics taken for magazines and sees value in the "scared faux-dogchild dance" by matching German shepherds then no, I am no dogman. I own an APBT who gets fresh water and food everyday along with an inordinate amount of attention; that would be the definition of a responsible dog owner.
    I remember talking to an ol' timer who gave me some good advise: watch out for folks who breed for color, who stack up on long gone dead dogs, and spend there time looking backwards (dead dogs), they are scared and have no confidence in there abilities to move forward.........

  7. You have already been explicitly proven wrong more than once on the thread young man. Why are you still speaking? Do you have no shame? Would it be fair to extrapolate, based on your history, and say you are wrong yet again? But lets prove you wrong yet again, you said "pup showed no pigment in pic....."; than why are speaking on info which you don't have and I do? You said "nor was the dams color provided.."; than why, again, are you speaking about info you don't have and I do? My statements are based on info available to me; you are speaking out your ass, yet again, about info you don't have---- you have established a history/narrative haven't you? Or are you going to say yet again "I stand corrected" and then continue to talk out your ass? But here is the final blow: you said "they COULD of all....", in other words they COULD NOT have all....... Stop being lazy and learn the English language.
  8. If this was addressed to me, Very little. That was my point. Old timers will say color matters only when your scared or know very little to nothing about the family of dogs. Nice dog BTW.

  9. Now aren't you the young man who was whining for days about "derailing a post"? Can you explain how you post is strictly relevant to the OP? Looks like I have established that not only are you ignorant and lazy but a hypocrite as well. Would you like to explore, yet again, the reasons why? Skin color, excuse me, pigmentation----see what I did there.......
  10. To elaborate on my initial thoughts on the subject and speak directly to "practical applications", I invoked a number of concepts that would apply to genetics in general and dogs in particular. One being Lamarckism. No one questioned me on that provocative statement. Not sure why. Lamarckism (or Lamarckian inheritance) is the idea that an organism can pass on characteristics that it acquired during its lifetime to its offspring (also known as heritability of acquired characteristics or soft inheritance) (Wiki). A profound idea if true. So, how does that apply to the layperson? Maybe a simple thought experiment might help navigate this idea and come to its "logical conclusion":

    Greenhorn: Hello. I heard you are a Dogman......
    Old timer: ...don't have anything close to her weight. (He already knows about Green)
    Greenhorn: never mentioned weight.

    Have you ever watched an old timer weigh his dog, after the fact, and sheepishly say "I didn't know she was 20+ pounds heavier". I haven't but I would imagine that that would have to be the gift that keeps on giving (Lamarckism).

    Or, I mentioned the possible link between arrested development and yard dynamics. Not sure why no one questioned that. The thought experiment might look like this:

    Greenhorn: Hello. I heard you are a Dogman......
    Old timer: .....don't have anything close to his weight. (He already knows about Green)
    Greenhorn: never mentioned weight.
    Old timer: (hog abstains @30)

    The greenhorn had raised that specimen from belly to young buck. He created an environment where that animal never interacted or saw another animal while being raised (with the obvious exception of whelping by dam). Did the young buck "benefit" physically and mentally by this environment (no alpha males, etc....)? Not sure if these scenarios are possible in this domain but if they are, I suspect folks have already done these "experiments".
  11. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    Good advice....
  12. Dannyb

    Dannyb Big Dog

    I was responding to what I quoted from your garbage reply which stated that nothing short of a certified scientist is qualified to breed a dog. Now, if you weren't so thick, I would think you could comprehend that you are a bird for saying that. That would make Earl Tudor unqualified to breed?

    Tell me all about how bad it is to use color as a identifying tool in a breeding program, mr high and mighty, I don't know much about dogs.
  13. culabula

    culabula Big Dog

    Your right there danny-People that spent their whole life with dogs are bound to have noticed some pattern to the inheritance of traits.Darwin wrote a book before his evoloution one (the variation of plants and animals under domestication)-basically he went round interviewing dog and pigeon breeders and gardeners..Thats where his theory of evolution came from..He sought out the men with hands on, practical experience.


    Ain't no science to breeding two dog's.....


  16. choosing good dogs to breed better dogs is where the science is needed lol
  17. TDK

    TDK CH Dog Staff Member

    It seems obvious to me, and I am sure to anyone who can functionally read and comprehend, that there are attempts made to put words in the mouths of others, via their posts by certain individuals. I, personally, have posted time and again that I am fully respectful and encouraging of reading, and staying abreast of status of the art scientific information and findings.
    However, one needs to realize, as I have said many times, also, that science is not always the truth, yet it is moreover THE SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH. To discuss science in its entirety under the assumption that it applies in whole to the one art of breeding these dogs, only leaves room for vagueness and error.
    Confucius made many quotes which allude to both not qualifying and being unable to apply information one takes in. It does no good to be able to read if one cannot functionally THINK. Such a syndrome usually amounts to nothing but closed mindedness.
    The proper breeding of these dogs is unique. It is an ongoing function which requires taking solid note of what one is given with each and every generation in a continuum. One needs mostly to conduct their own scientific study by staying attentive to what is RESULTANT with each generation, study the continuum, mete out the fat and continue with the good. The first few generations are your guide and information bank.
    If anyone thinks they can breed good dogs from a book, they are merely trying to cash in fools gold.
    So, again, while I fully endorse the deepest studying of science, and knowing the intricacies which it avails, I realize and urge others to realize that this single art of breeding good dogs is a matter of conducting one's own science by way of both studying results, and the diligence of good practical application.


    Ya can breed along the same line's time+time againn,an get sucsess after sucsess,,then suddenly ya get a litter full of crap...???????
  19. TennesseeGame

    TennesseeGame Big Dog

    TDK sounds like a educated man. Good post!

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