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housebreaking blaze

Discussion in 'Training & Behavior' started by ownedby2pitbulls, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. Let me tell you this boy is STUBBORN!!!

    I keep him leashed to me or near me all day. take him out he refuses to poop. oh he'll pee sometimes but because its cold he just whines and screams! I go out side with him hooked to a leash. He just refuses to go at all. Same thing if i take him off the leash and just put him outside figured he didnt want to go in front of me nope he yodels at the door the entire time. Did I mention he HATES to be alone? He's shoved up my fiancee's ass.

    any suggestions??

    thanks so much.:)
  2. gh32

    gh32 Premium Member Premium Member

    Just walk him until he goes or chain him up and he'll go eventually and then bring him back in.
  3. shoes

    shoes Big Dog

    Make sure you don't bring him in until after he poops. That way he'll learn he only gets to go inside if he poops outside.
  4. BoogiemanBlood

    BoogiemanBlood Premium Member Premium Member

    Everybody wants it to be easy. Patience grasshopper!
  5. Laced Wit Game

    Laced Wit Game Yard Boy

    stick a q tip up his ass see if that works lol
  6. i'd chain him but we have strict barking enforcement thing here.
    removed leash he stopped peeing all over.
  7. tried the leash method constantly leashed near me. definitely a no go. he kept peeing took leash off(will return to leash training later on) he is content to lay near me all day long. i said screw outdoor potty training till i can get him papertrained then move papers towards back door(its worked before so hopefully works with him). I put him in kitchen at night and he screams/yodels/barks ALL night long any suggestions? I do ignore him. He's got a kong with PB in it, 2 marrow bones, he destroyed his ham bone. Toys. blanket with moms scent.
  8. determination

    determination Big Dog

    Some of what you guys are talking about is Called separation anxiety,if you want to break it the usual methods . one if crated or not do not greet your dog right away when you get home,and dont make a big deal when you do.Do not make a big deal when you leave,and do not give attention when the dog barks those are some basics. Mostly common sense, these methods dont always work.
  9. breeders daughter let him sleep in her bed. .i dont allow dogs in our bedroom
  10. determination

    determination Big Dog

    One positive training method for potty training,is to first have a scheduled feeding time this helps determine when the dog will need to go potty and can help get a regular schedule for the dog to eliminate.take the dog outside walk around dont just stand there,when the dog eliminates his waste praise him for it do this every time. A negative reinforce method is if the dog goes in the house tell him no! Bad dog (some rub nose in it i don't )dont do this if you do not catch him in the act he wont know why your yelling at him(some dogs know when they do bad)also if you leave him for a long time and he doesn't have someone to let him out don't yell at him because you're not holding up your end of the deal. You got to go you got to go I use both of these methods at the same time.
  11. determination

    determination Big Dog

    The paper method works good too.
  12. thanks determination. :)
  13. pit boss

    pit boss Pup

    imo the paper method is going to confuse him even more. he knows its ok to go in the house so why should he try any harder outside. your making it harder on yourself and the pup
  14. i put the paper he has peed on or pooped on outside weighed down in a spot i want him to go outside at. Ive used it with my fosters. i know the little guys freezing when he goes out so i got him a little coat to wear.
  15. raman781

    raman781 Pup

    Buy a crate and let him sleep in there and lock him in there when you can't monitor him.
    He won't use the bathroom in the crate and if he does, he will correct it. They don't crap where they sleep.
    When you take him out of the crate, take him outside to use the bathroom.
    When he is out of his crate, watch him. If he looks like he is going to piss or crap, take him outside.
    I have found this to be the best why to housebreak, he will also use the crate as his home.
  16. he screams when locked in kitchen i can only imagine his reaction to a crate.
  17. raman781

    raman781 Pup

    Just buy the crate and let him cry, he will get over it.
  18. he hasnt gotten over being in the kitchen at night. lol
  19. raman781

    raman781 Pup

    Dogs feel safe in smaller places. Kitchen is too big. one way in and one way out with top sides and bottom closed, your pup will feel secure.

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