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Discussion in 'Dog Shows & Events' started by RoKiReds, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. RoKiReds

    RoKiReds Pup

    Hello everyone,

    Just wanted to drop a note to say hello and say you have a really nice forum going here.

    Some of you seem to be familiar with my dogs already.
    I have gone back and read some of your past conversations.

    Belated thank you to those who appreciate our dogs and have recommended our kennel to others.

    I look forward to joining your discussions when I am able.

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  2. BoiBoi

    BoiBoi CH Dog

    welcome to the site, i checked out ur site seems like u have some pretty good show bred apbt's. I do have a question for u, since u breed show dogs how do u determine which dog is worth breeding.
  3. kane85

    kane85 Top Dog

    Welcome this is a good site do you have a link to your kennel?
  4. Searcy Jeff

    Searcy Jeff Top Dog

    You have beautiful dogs. :)
  5. it is in their profile
  6. HEY HEY kim! :)

    good to see ya on here!

    Pan says "hi" too! LOL :P
  7. Bullyson

    Bullyson CH Dog

    Welcome to the Community. There are alot of good folks here to help with any issues you may have. Enjoy! :)
  8. RoKiReds

    RoKiReds Pup

    Gosh, What don't i use in determining which dogs to breed....

    First off i don't breed "SHOW DOGS"
    Im not one of those people that breed for the show ring. I just happen to love showing and competition (leftovers from showing horses as a kid). We show what we breed. Im not looking for the next Top Ten dog.
    What we do breed for is Temperament, Drive, brains, and structure that fits not only the UKC standard but the ADBA one as well.
    A truely balanced dog in both beauty and brains is the goal here.

    I really don't like to sell to show homes often. Most of the dogs from our kennel that have been titled we have done ourselves. Show homes normaly stink. People that are out to win in the ring and boost their ego first off don't want a Red nose dog. They would be starting out fighting uphill in UKC with a Red nose.
    As Falon already knows...

    I don't want any dog that is from our yard to end up relagated to the kennel or chain after a CH title. I want homes that want an companion to share their full life with. Homes that want an all purpose dog that has the brains to do whatever activity they might be interested in now or later are the type i look for to sell a dog to.

    To determine which dogs are bred together we look at first where is our breeding program headed and who will be needed in the next 5 generations to accomplish our goals.
    Second, we health test to determine who is of sound quality to get us to the end goal.
    Third, I investigate Co-eff's and ancestors to determine what dogs will produce the phenotype and genotype im looking to build on for the next generations.
    fourth, Well call me silly, but i have to personaly LIKE the dogs im looking into breeding. They have to have an "IT" factor.
    fifth, I breed for myself and what i want in a dog. If i happen to have extra puppies then i offer them for sale. I don't breed to make money nor to populate the world with my dogs.
    God knows im so far in the red with these dogs i will never break the surface anyway. Thats ok. Showing is expensive, but i love it.

    I also understand that showing isn't for everyone and don't require my puppy buyers to have the same goals as myself. Just want honest people, that what a good dog for honest reasons. Nothing makes me madder than someone lying to me about themselves then using my dogs for illegal purposes. Im a UKC Judge and can not condone such activities.

    Im starting to ramble, but a bit more information about us....
    Last year we had 4 dogs in the UKC All Stars for Weight pulling.
    We have had dogs in the All Stars every year since it started. Doesn't make us the best kennel for pulling dogs out there .... Just means we do stuff with our dogs.

    I think that preservation of the history of the breed is very important.
    Im on the breed standard committee for NAPBTA.
    I don't think that fighting is all this breed is good for though, and would like to set a good example to the General Public with regards to this breed having other purposes than the illegal ones.
    We must keep the history of the breed in mind though when breeding and not stray from what the breed was used for. Not JUST the sporting aspect of the dogs, but the fact that they have throughout history been used as an All purpose dog and should maintain the balanced stucture both of mind and body to still perform whatever tasks the owners like.

    I hope that helps you understand a bit more about us and the dogs at Ro-Ki Reds.

    Let me introduce you to Brody.
    Brody is one of the boys on our yard. He has a fantastic temperament and a very drivey dog that has not only performed well for us in the show ring and WP track, but is also a fantastic pet that keeps us busy and entertained everyday.



    Int'l CH, ADBA CH, UWPS UWPCHX CH 'PR' Ro-Ki's Brody, TT, CGC, OFA
    UKC All Stars Weight Pull - 2004 & 2005
  9. dogged

    dogged Big Dog

    Brody is one handsome dog. :) I have admired him for quite some time!
  10. RoKiReds

    RoKiReds Pup

    Thank you.
    He is quite a handfull if we don't keep him busy but a really fun dog to own.

    My husband has him on the mill right now.

    How do you get a personalized avatar on this board?
    I looked and looked and didn't find anywhere to upload a personalized avatar.
    Thanks in advance.
  11. RoKiReds

    RoKiReds Pup

    Here is another dog of ours.

    This is "Morgan" she is a full sister to Falons' girl Pandora and an Aunt to Brody.


    shown in the ring during Judges Choice at an ADBA show in Canada in 2004
  12. hey, yea, i DOOO know. it's an uphill battle for me, showing in UKC. ugh! that is why i haven't done it in a while....they ALWAYS tell me she is too "gamey". oh well. :P

    anyways......i <3 morgan soo much. Pan's SISSSTER :) hehehe she is beautiful. i love that color so much. i want one like that one day that is for sure. hehehe :P
  13. bahamutt99

    bahamutt99 CH Dog

    Kim, you have to have a premium subscription to get custom avatars and all the other goodies.
  14. RedNoseGurl

    RedNoseGurl Big Dog

    YO KIM !!! Nice to see you here hehehe...its ang from canada lol the one who was too afriad to come over and chat with you LOL....


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