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Heavy tab

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by machobuck, May 5, 2012.

  1. kimbo42

    kimbo42 Pup

    To keep from losing the purity in your dogs. I would line breed with some of the other families of jeep dogs like chan's floyd dogs or garrett's rock or even some of those weirdo/ weirdjack dogs they are known to be extremely rough and fiery type of dogs
  2. lansford101

    lansford101 Banned

    id go with some bolio stuff
  3. I would find me a male that has every thing that she is lacking who is better as a bulldog then what his papers say and can throw bulldog that can stand on their own even if its tight bred on the tab stuff so what! And build on wat ur missing and add that not how many times a name appears on a piece of paper and let time run its course and see if u have wat it takes as an breeder because u know how,when,and wat to add to ur line!
  4. apbtmet

    apbtmet Pup

    i think it wouldn't hurt at all to go with a stud bred like bo master it worked real good for me in the past i like blending jeep rascal red boy jocko to each there on just my preference
  5. Does anyone know who the J. Hooper is on the squires dogs? Just wondering because of the name.
  6. Jim R

    Jim R Banned

    shake n bake!
  7. dgky

    dgky Pup

    i have a full sister 2 red flags lux and i bred her to a dbl bred thug male i have from piks the first breeding was very nice about 3yr old now and just done a repeat of it 4wks ago
  8. dgky

    dgky Pup

    j. hooper hang'em high knls tx
  9. Laced Wit Game

    Laced Wit Game Yard Boy

    i say get off the internet cuz most folks on here aint doggin anyways, find a dog to breed to and see how it works, shit aint gotta be pretty.
    keep the pups around and check em out. if they dont cut the mustard, cull your yard n start over!
  10. rroscoe

    rroscoe Lightner Hemphill / Colby

    Mix in to Lightner Hemphill line I know you can't find pure now but find one with some in it , they fire off fast, alot of wind
  11. Laced Wit Game

    Laced Wit Game Yard Boy

    what do you guys think of the stuff through willie jr n smokin joe?
  12. aotg

    aotg Pup

  13. mistabonz

    mistabonz Premium Member Premium Member

    Good dogs you can't go wrong!
  14. Jim R

    Jim R Banned

    what age is that gyp and what males do you realistically have available to choose from?

    she may have more intensity than you can notice yet.
  15. i would like to breed the tab wit my dog of of haystack he is black brindle looks exactky like biscuits brother
  16. Hachiman

    Hachiman Big Dog

    Didn't I post my doublebred TAB bitches pedigree? I can't understand why it would have been deleted, she's been dead for years.

    I got her straight from Al's yard, back when he was still with his son's mother. I had contacted Rodriguez, shortly after GATOR had just won his CHship, and he gave me Al's number because the litter I had been interested in off of GATOR hadn't talen. That will tell you how long ago it was, when I got NETSU.

    Here's her pedigree again(hopefully it won't be deleted this time):

    Hachiman's NETSU
  17. MANNY1

    MANNY1 Big Dog

  18. Laced Wit Game

    Laced Wit Game Yard Boy

    Good shit manny!

    Anybody runnin anything off ch lil wayne?
  19. Nc Dogman

    Nc Dogman Pup

    I had 8 off rock, Off 3 different breedings. He produced some good ones...
  20. pitman87

    pitman87 Pup

    Through some gd nigerino blood in her....had two bitch that I done this with that were tight on jeep through als fifty seven and turbo..we put some wildsides nigerino blood in there at put a end to that slow two cents

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