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Discussion in 'International' started by San Siro, Dec 19, 2020.

  1. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. CH Dog

    That's a whole lot of change, bending the rules to another kind of ballgame.
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  2. che

    che Top Dog

    Main reasons for Balkan rules are the handlers off the dogs. In the young days off pitbull fighting in Balkans cajun rules were active ! After a while they noticed a problem . That was in fact that sometimes one dog let bite, after few seconds other dog did let bite, but owners didn not separated them (time to scratch). Sometimes faults off handlers did let the bad dog win and other reason that was because some handler was not fast just because he did not want his dog to scratch. So countint to 3 prevent that. Dogs are not in hold 3 sec, and judge get involved and say both go to corner and make the dogs ready to scratch.
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  3. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. CH Dog

    Tnx for answering this question @che
  4. oldguy

    oldguy CH Dog

    Thanks for reply @che I read the Robert Lemm updated Cajun Rules and liked how he explained his communities views on rules and their application, it's good to hear different opinions and experiences.. Appreciated :-B
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  5. che

    che Top Dog

    @oldguy @F.W.K. sharing knowledge is helpful for getting bigger view. I also love to read when you both write something. Always interesting. Appericiate it . Saluut frends
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  6. my two cents and I had several discussions regarding this ,correct me if I am wrong
    basiccly the balkan rules takes the handler out of the equation
    referee determines so counts to three ,handlers take sticks and breaks the dogs

    my main issues it favors a head dog and prolongs shows ,hence the longest shows always take place in the balkans
    so if a dogs grabs a piece of hold ,depends how slow the ref counts show continues and drags it on
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  7. grove

    grove Big Dog

    Only really game dog scratche tire and hurt after 2 minutes out of hold. why so short, the majority of dogs is 3s out of hold after several minutes in contest
  8. che

    che Top Dog

    About Balkan rules. Yes they are different and strange compared to cajun. I agree with this . For me it doesnt matter whic rules. If the dog perform in any circustamces thats where i am looking for it can be under cajun rules it canbe under Balkan rules. I dont take a side. But i Will try to explain what i heard from many dogmans and give the answers what they have been said to each other like i said it doesnt matter for me. They say its more about the dogs than about handlers, they claim they dont want that the bad dog win just because off handling fault. At this point i can agree with them . Are the dogs less game just because off that? I dont think so there are dead game dogs. Do you mean matches would be shorter if the counting was 1 second? Maybe or maybe not? there are some dogs that do not hesitate to scratch at same second ,but if he have some time to think he will not. Literally there are dogs who will scratch at same time but after few more not. in corner will not.
    There are dogs in Balkans whic fight under cajun rules over 3 4 hour? This dogs compete under balkan rules but many times they perform also same under cajun rules. Long long matches. Are the matches longer because off 3 seconds counting ? Just because maybe many see this like a giving a break to the dogs? Maybe or maybe not. At somepoint i can agree with u! But its many times just because the handlers dont pick up their dogs in Balkans. Thats why they lose a lot off good dogs! Dead game ! They see it like a world war! In many circustamces they want that their dog win or die ? They dont think to pick up their dog or accept their lose? Its not always that way but many times is like that? Its a mentall isue many times. There are also really short matches? Its also depends on the styl off the dogs why it takes so long or not . Its also about the way they condition their dogs? Is it? Maybe yes? I realy dont give a shit about how long a match is. Its for me not about the time off the match but its about the size, quality off the match! Dog is game or not he have it or he dont have it☝️ I believe the gameness of the dog is not conected exclusive to kind of rules but to genetics like many other traits. For me really it doesnt matter whic rules ! I like the dogs who perform under any circustamces. Cajun or Balkan. Short or long match he must to do it when it needed. I can understand u realy. i think i detail but i look to see the full picture. Thats the dog.
  9. F.W.K.

    F.W.K. CH Dog

    Thus these rules are created due the handlers weren't capabele to act and follow the rules in the first place. Which is a foul, LOLKind of odd rules but to each his own I guess.
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  10. Bones1

    Bones1 Big Dog

    Thought the out of hold count was for when both dogs were out of hold. Ref calls handlers to handle and their suppose to handle promptly, if not the ref would issue warning/fouls for slow handles and seperate dogs. If one does finally take a hold ref separates dogs immediately with the first one to come out of hold to scratch and if it fails to scratch the other must scratch to win? Witch makes the show shorter by giving the dog a chance to quite. But I’m sure I read this historical information wrong.
  11. CockneyRebel

    CockneyRebel Big Dog

    The 3 sec rule clearly was implemented because of the inability to handle properly.
    3 seconds out of hold is waay to short for me but at least that way it gets them scratching faster I suppose.
    I'm all for rules that let's the dogs decide who's the best, don't know if this is the way though.
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  12. no its not the original out of holds
    what happens is that a turn is called and than the biggest difference between cajun and balkan is they count till 3 before u are allowed to handle breaksticks come in and u can walk to your corner
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  13. CockneyRebel

    CockneyRebel Big Dog

    But it's stupid, in doing so you are giving the dog stimulus, if it was thinking of jacking breaking them up constantly will make them go longer than they usually would IMO.

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