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Got My Harness!!!

Discussion in 'Photography, Artwork & Videos' started by ElJay, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. ElJay

    ElJay Premium Member Premium Member

    finally got my weight pull harness for Twister I'd been wanting. Ordered it from Missy at BrownDogDesigns. I told her the two colors I wanted and let her come up with the design. She did a great job! So I started Twist on his drag work yesterday. Snapped some pics...




    And here's some other pics I snapped of him the same day.

    And I promise, he's not chubby. He just doesn't have quite the abdominal tuck that other dogs do. Gets on my nerves cuz it makes him look fat. Granted, we are in the beginnings of our conditioning program, so I expect a little more definition soon. Hopefully I can get a sunny day soon that will show off his musculature better....





    And here's a couple from Friday...



    Can't wait to get some pics of him in a couple more weeks when he's more toned up. Anyway, thanks for lookin
  2. sadieblues

    sadieblues Premium Member Premium Member

    Nice Harness Twister is a nice looking dog I love those ears LOL
  3. elifan

    elifan Big Dog

    Nice pic's and harness I have a few from missy my opinion she makes the best harnesses
  4. redrumdog

    redrumdog Top Dog

    Has anyone used her walking harnesses?If so what do u think of them?
  5. T-S-I

    T-S-I Pup

    Nice photo's... Your dog looks nice.. keep up de good work !
  6. Nash

    Nash Big Dog

    That looks pretty on black. Nice !
  7. pittfallin

    pittfallin Top Dog

    Gotta love them ears...lol
  8. pittfallin

    pittfallin Top Dog

    Adds character, ...took me a while to get used to my pups, now they kinda make her
  9. cliffdog

    cliffdog Top Dog

    He's sure a good lookin dog :) I like the harness.
  10. davidfitness83

    davidfitness83 Top Dog

    love that dog :) my harness is also from Brown Dog, she is awesome..

    JRSPITS Top Dog

    Those colors look great on him!!!!! Love the contrast in the last pic before Friday's pics, he really pops out at ya.
  12. BoogiemanBlood

    BoogiemanBlood Premium Member Premium Member

    Looking good! :)
  13. CajunCountryK9

    CajunCountryK9 Big Dog

    Looks fantastic! I have an order in for a pull harness from her that I'm waiting on now! Glad to see folks seem to love her craftsmanship!!! Can't wait till mine gets here. Twister looks awesome!
  14. old goat

    old goat CH Dog

    he's looking good girl .
  15. Tainted

    Tainted Pup

    He looks good! Love his body type.. A solid bulldog.
  16. green machine

    green machine Top Dog

    good ol twist! lookin good for sure!
  17. ElJay

    ElJay Premium Member Premium Member

    Thanks everyone! Here's what he's lookin like a week later..... two more weeks until show time!






  18. davidfitness83

    davidfitness83 Top Dog

    How much dragging are you doing ? weight/distance/reps?
  19. coop-dog

    coop-dog Big Dog

    Eljay I love the 7th pic down in your first set of pics that is awesome all the pics are good but that one is really cool.
  20. Bully_UK

    Bully_UK Big Dog

    Brill pics.
    Stunning dog and great looking harness.
    Do they ship to UK?


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