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Gone to shit

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by the.peon, Jan 17, 2015.

  1. pookie!

    pookie! Top Dog

    Lol you do realize no one uses Cajun Rules to a T right? They all use a modified version of it. So what they say doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things...
    Lol still laughing about "why they doing that?"

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  2. CHAMP

    CHAMP Big Dog

    I'll wait for your bitch ass to show me anywhere I said any of those things..............

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  3. CHAMP

    CHAMP Big Dog

    More assumptions.... But still no facts....

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  4. Game4Glory

    Game4Glory Banned

    I understand why they would do it Pootie, but it's technically against the rules. Just saying. Yea Goat, I was born in the wrong time period for sure. I'm a old soul and identify more with older time periods.
  5. Game4Glory

    Game4Glory Banned

    Well you always have a lot to say when I post. Telling me all the things I don't know and that I'm wrong. So, logic is, if I don't know or am wrong, you must know and be right. Common sense would see it that way.
  6. CHAMP

    CHAMP Big Dog

    Exactly, you can't show anywhere I said that, because I didn't......
    Ask some of the older Dogmen how often the handlers weren't allowed to sponge their dogs in the corner between scratches? Maybe ask TDK, old goat, Fritz....

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  7. old goat

    old goat CH Dog

    glory i watched it again are you sure you watched it good . look at 41:14 minutes and see what i was talking about . now that what i thought he said .

    walker.payne.2006. - YouTube
  8. CHAMP

    CHAMP Big Dog

    "I just remember seeing them sponge the dogs and thought, why they doing that?"
    Then you said....
    "I understand why they would do it"
    Well.....which is it? You constantly expose yourself with your contradictions and inconsistencies.

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  9. Re: Keystone k Corner...........

    Lol, B8B You should get on Key team.
  10. Game4Glory

    Game4Glory Banned

    Champ, I'm in the medical field. How stupid are you??? I know why they do it. Get real. I wondered why they was doing it because it's technically "against the rules". Not because of the medical reasoning behind it Chump. I mean champ.
  11. Game4Glory

    Game4Glory Banned

    Your correct Goat. 16x16. Like I said, I was at work and everybody talking and crap. So there's parts I couldn't quite hear. I thought he said 20x16. Either way, I thought it was possible since rules don't really specify a size and says it's optional.


    Re: Keystone k Corner...........

    ...HELLO ....key...are you there../????....helloooo......given the chain a yank there key....if we get him here someone slam the door+lock the
  13. babedulce

    babedulce Premium Member Premium Member

    The Mexican movie being reffered to is Amores Perros, if i read the posts correctly. It is not a dogfighting movie, it is a movie about the role that dogs play in our collective psyche and how this resulted in affecting the lives of three different groups of "dog lovers." I would venture to say that the dogfighting aspect of the movie was included in the script more for impact than for faithful portrayal of "dogfighting" in Mexico city.

    This movie, directed by Gonzales Inarritu, is the first of a trilogy, the other two being Babel and 21 Grams. If you watch all three you may appreciate the parallels and the undertones of death that the director portrays.
  14. Game4Glory

    Game4Glory Banned

    And that's fine Champ. However, I wouldn't not spung my dog unless it was "My sponge" and "My Water"band if it was allowed at the show. But that's just me. Not like in the movie where a random prepares the sponge and water and tosses it to me. Could be anything on that sponge or in that water. But maybe in the 50's things wasn't as bad. Who knows, I wasn't alive. But you can use any sponge or water you want. Your dog. I could care less.
  15. pookie!

    pookie! Top Dog

    Lol you understand why they do it but make a post where you sound like a confused little kid? Yeahh my achin ass LOL you aren't fooling anyone. Idk why you think you gotta lie to kick it, you don't and would probably be treated a lot better by everyone if you'd just admit it and act like the greenhorn you are... Just sayin...

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  16. pookie!

    pookie! Top Dog

    Lol technically against the rules that no one actually follows as they are written... Which you'd think someone as "into" these dogs would know...

    Lol spung? And when is it not allowed? Some random has control of the water and sponges? Oh no no, again something you should know Mr. Dogman!

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  17. Game4Glory

    Game4Glory Banned

    Pootie, notice the "spung" typo. Hence every post after is correct. Would give meaning to the term "typo". 2nd, it is a rule, like it or not, follow it or not. I don't care. 3rd, I don't give a rats a$$ if you like me and could even care less than that what you say about me. Your irrelevant to me. 4th, I forgot, you know more than me medically and I couldn't possibly know why they would sponge the dog. But if you ever need medical treatment from a health care professional like me, you be sure and tell them everything they are doing and know is wrong. People like you I do not deal with in my helicopter. Sux and versed will knock your mouthy butt out then I cram a tube down your throat and breath for you then work in peace.
  18. old goat

    old goat CH Dog

    the rules was between scratches the ref gives you the sponge . it would of been a bad idea not to use it . who knows the name of the cock fighter turn dogman movie ?
  19. Game4Glory

    Game4Glory Banned

    I think it bothers you Pootie that I'm not as "green" as you would like me to be Nor am I as stupid as you would like me to be. So therefor I get under your skin. G4G 1x lol
  20. Game4Glory

    Game4Glory Banned

    Goat, in all due respect. A bottle of water poured on the dog from my own bottle of water serves the same purpose as the sponge handed by another. The medical effects are the same.

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