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flame tree kennels

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by ofrn_man, Jan 1, 2010.

  1. doginhold

    doginhold Top Dog

    Just checked Flametrees site.
    He never stated that he breeds gamedogs or matchquality dogs.
    So if you are not looking for a pitdog but for a nicely bred good looking companion I don´t know what is wrong with him.
    He´s probably a much better choice than all these Bully breeders arround on the market.
    Also he owns a couple of other dogs that aren´t OFRN don´t know if the argument is about them but concerning his OFRN to me
    they seem to be nice dogs that would do as a companion.
  2. CrazyHorse

    CrazyHorse Big Dog

    Mike hold on wait a minute! I know several people who have bought dogs from Flametree and NONE have ever stated Flametree misrepresented the dogs in any other way but as pets. His website states the history of the dogs in his peds no more no less! Some of the info concerning the history of the dogs are incorrect but you act like you have NEVER posted INCORRECT history! Flametree's breeding standards are no different than yours to real dogmen, so who are you to criticize?

    I still can't figure out why you need to make reference to Scarlet on Rose's ped when she had 6 other siblings you could have referenced. I don't take it personal or as a jab because all you did was open the door. All dogs don't make the grade...just facts but if you would have spent 1/2 as much time on that Clouse website or molesting your wife's underage daughter I'm sure Rose would have worked out for you! Mike you know me...I still have your email where your wife accused you!

    BTW you were reaching for something, anything to confirm any accomplishments from Shooter's offspring and that was the reason why you emailed me asking. I told you that breeding(Shooter x Bess) never produced anything...but it's your story and keep reaching!

    I used Morgan as another example of just another pet OFRN breeder who has the same thing on his website and you got a dog from. No need for me to bash Morgan he may be a nice guy but that doesn't make him a high performance breeder....there's a difference between nice guy a real dogman...BIG DIFFERENCE! Hell I even go out of my way to encourage people to buy from Morgan, I have benefitted greatly from his lack of quality OFRN dogs. My last tally I made $1,111.00 per minute for a total of nine minutes, once again why would I be mad? LMAO!

    Mike I know you aren't talking about incriminating someone about dog fighting when James S. on 4 way with me, Norcal and I.M. said you called Animal Control on him and the AC officer asked for the dog Arrow by name. The last time I checked NOBODY has ever made the accusations when talking about me!
  3. C2K

    C2K Top Dog

    Well shit, I'll be dam. A lot of BS I've heard here.
    Now my memory isn't what was as far all the facts but there is one I do remember.
    Killen's Cid wasn't a winner. But either his father or grand father was. How I recall this because I read the "Show News".

    It doesn't much matter because everyone on this subject never personally knew Bert or Clyde except me. Oh ya, one of you talk to him once a dog show meeting.
    Funny all these experts I don't recall being at Bert's funeral.
    Just like, not one of you knew Bob Hemphill so no one should quoting him or talking about his breeding.
    How many actually knew Jake?
    As for Mike M., lmao I couldn't beg him 3 times to go hunting. :)))))))

    And if I had them dogs, I would giving them away too!
    Oh btw, from my understanding, ;-> that is what I heard as well when AC showed up, they asked for Arrow. :o
  4. C2K

    C2K Top Dog

    After reading all this, it clear this isn't the same Heck.
    As for breeding OFRN, this is what is wrong with the strain today.
    To many "Pet Breeders" and these over sized mutts.
    As for M.M. I guess he has to be considered a "Pet Breeder" because back in the late 80's and MS. was still only a $12.50 fine, I guess makes one wonder what improvement of any these breeders are doing for the strain.
    For that matter, what did Jake do to improve it?
    Red puppies, pure bred?
    I'm still wanting someone to show me masked dogs with willows peak of the past from Hemphill dogs.....................
  5. fonzie

    fonzie Top Dog

    got some clean ass dogs flame tree kennels
  6. joelkckit

    joelkckit Big Dog

    just visited their website, they have nice dog. I think they can compete in weight pull and most specialy in conformation. nway about their dogs gameness, hmm. don't know u just hav to test the dog from [hunting] regard what bloodline he caries.
  7. "They're not tested." "They're probably curs"....blah, blah, blah, blah. Same ol' comments from the peanut gallery. I'd be MUCH more concerned if I had a shy bulldog or one with an unstable temperament, or a submissive one. Not all APBT's are bred for the box! If they're drivey, dominant, athletic, fearless with solid, bomb proof nerves---than that's bulldog enough for me. And Martin Caesar was a damn good APBT!
  8. Why are all these threads so old...no more current discussion topics??? Is Flametree from the U.S or based in Brazil, and does anyone know if they're still breeding? They are stunning lookin' specimens, I'll give em that much!

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