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Farmers Boys

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by kjaquez1, Mar 29, 2014.

  1. kjaquez1

    kjaquez1 Pup

    I saw a post in here with the Dutch homegirl got me pondering again. My dog's father is rumoured to be Farmers boys blood. Considering that the dude got him in london from the
    back of a car points to them hiding something. Irish fighting pitbull lines or pitbulls of any kind in the UK get

    This is her pops [​IMG][​IMG]
  2. allichi23

    allichi23 Pup

    YouTube maybe? The story is long told but where are you going with this?
  3. XLR8

    XLR8 Big Dog

    No they don't always get PTS. If you don't sign anything and they can't prove you match dogs and the animals are in good condition (looked after well) they will be taken and evaluated. If they pass temperament tests they get put on an exempted list are spayed or neutered and you get them back if you pay a fee and take out third party insurance and always keep the dogs muzzled and leashed in public. Still not ideal (in fact it sucks) but better then having your dogs destroyed, unless you use them for breeding. In which case they become useless unless you can have them cloned.
  4. kjaquez1

    kjaquez1 Pup

    I don't plan on using any part of that history if it is indeed there just heard people say they resemble them just want to know how they would come to that sort of conclusion. Maybe even see a few pics if there dogs if at all possible that shit us hush hush
  5. kjaquez1

    kjaquez1 Pup

    Well I know her mother is a staffy cross EBT according to the breeder but it being blue I highly doubt it, her father the big ass red dog was actually seized given back after not classified as a banned breed to me he looks like if but I'll take that as long as it takes away attention from her.
  6. culabula

    culabula Big Dog

    very similar type to some ive seen bred off farmer boys ruthless


    ...lol...lol.......like any-other dog they come in different shapes+sizes....lol....

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