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Fantasy Football Players.

Discussion in 'Sports & Activities' started by Lakewood Dogger, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. The draft is a few weeks away. Does anyone get involved in this? If so, who are some of your dark horses?
  2. MCS

    MCS CH Dog

    DAVID WILSON!!!! Do I need to say more?...Jaqiuzzz Rogers(pardon the spelling) rb for Falcons. Hear tell he looks good, and team is throwing more he has better hands than Turner. And last half a season ago turner slowed. Buy low on Peyton, got him as qb so able to get rice n McFadden in the league. Tamme is a late look TE but Peyton and him had a good yr one time in Indy. I haven't heard much on WRs Titus young if you got the room. Bess is projected well also. Buy low on Jones Drew and Ryan Mathews. Rasheed Jennings if you get Jennings n Mathews cheap that combo could be like having a ray rice, Jennings first half Mathews second. I got a draft Monday and then the following Sunday. You playing a pay league? Like how yahoo has it setup now. More to come this weekend is when I really study up.

  3. Yes I'm in a pay league for the first time with 2 friends. Doing some research and see that it is not as easy as I thought. I'm a college guy so the Fantasy format is like Chinese. What do you think of Dwayne Bowe? I think the Texans are the Defense to take. Seem to have a few cup cakes early and think they will dominate. I'm thinking Matt Forte and the back from the Bengals.
  4. MCS

    MCS CH Dog

    There is an app called playerline for my iPhone give u the latest news from multiple national sources. Keep up on injuries and transactions. I read yahoo but take with a grain of salt sometimes the are right and sometime not.

    Tip Drill: Twelve late-round fantasy sleepers for 2012 drafts. Shhhh. | Roto Arcade - Yahoo! Sports

    Tip Drill: The all-value team, 2012 edition | Roto Arcade - Yahoo! Sports

    Bowe is good. Liking the redskins, Garçon and Moss, saying griffin 3 is Cam version 2. Dunno maybe. If you cant get texans. For Def, Seattle and Buffalo are big sleepers Cinci is a good too. Don't draft a D too early, or kickers lol. I usually look for a mediocre O ( need go field position or move but not score) and a good reputable kicker that combo usually works. I would stay away from Forte, maybe in a ppr, even though he got the contract they got bush and he will poach goal line if not carries if forte under performs running.
  5. Thanks MCS. Like I said, I'm in with 3 people and 1 is a veteran fantasy player. I guess I'll be the research guy.
  6. MCS

    MCS CH Dog

    No problem, anytime. some people like the magazines too. Might want to pick one up. I kinda read national sports news, listen to sports people, like the lavar Arrington show or mike n mike. Add a little of who I like for one reason or another. And best available player pn the board. There is a lot of stuff man, aligning bye weeks, getting value players for slash positions. good luck.
  7. pit boss

    pit boss Pup

    Randy Moss! I believe hes gonna have a great year.

    Last season my fantasy team sucked. I had peyton manning and we all know how that turned out. My rb was chris johnson who completely let me down. My best player was steve smith of the panthers
  8. MCS

    MCS CH Dog

    Way it looks Moss may score TDs but he is in a "rotation" and ain't gonna get PPR or yardage numbers. Plus the QB is suspect.
  9. Lee D

    Lee D CH Dog

    Randall Cobb and Alex Green are gonna be sleepers...they'll both have bigger roles in Green Bay's offense this year.
    and for whatever reason everyone will overlook Jordy Nelson. not sure what that guy has to do to get noticed
  10. Seems like my squad is going to be up against it. Have the number 10 pick in the draft. I guess I'll have to research a lot harder now.
  11. Ok, what does everyone think of my team? Cam Newton QB. San Fran D. Matt Forte RB. Frank Gore Rb. David Wilson flex. Dwayne Bowe and Heyward Bey wide outs. Vernon Davis TE. The kicker from NO. and David Wilson as my flex player.

    Backups, Joe Flacco.
  12. MCS

    MCS CH Dog

    Sounds like a good solid team. Cam is thought to either do Rodgers esc points or slightly regress but still good numbers. Davis at TE is good him and smith always had chemistry now they added some more wideouts looks to help him. Gore and Forte good PPR RBs hopefully Gore can be healthy. Your weakest link is heyward-bay but with Palmer he may have his best yr, plus he and Davis are former Terps so u cant go wrong there. Lol
  13. redrumdog

    redrumdog Top Dog

    Wilson rb. Giants,Jeffries wr. Bears, Decker wr. Denver ,Lefells wr. Panthers, are my sleepers on my team.The rest of my team is Matt Ryan qb, Ben jarvis Green rb Cinn, Ray Rice rb. Ravens,Fitzgerald wr. Arizona,Mike Williams wr. Tampa, Cj Spiller rb. Buffalo, Little wr. Browns, Alex Smith Qb. San Fran, Giants DE,Bironas kicker.When I draft my running backs I look for running backs that will catch a lot of balls because we get 1 point per reception plus points for yards which is huge. I really like that running back for Tampa Martin,I think he will have a pretty good year for a rookie.
  14. Lee D

    Lee D CH Dog

    anyone snag up that WR from dallas that looked like a stud last night? cant remember his name, but if he plays like that all season.....
  15. MCS

    MCS CH Dog

    OGLETREE......yeah I read about him before the season, and honestly forgot about him at draft time. but your right might be time to work the wavier wire.
  16. Lee D

    Lee D CH Dog

    thats him....youd think that Austin and Dez are gonna draw alotta attention from defenses, and IF they stick all three out there plus witten, hes gonna see some balls thrown his way.
  17. MCS

    MCS CH Dog

    Thanks to your little reminder I got him in one league and have a claim on him in another, had a couple spot I can gamble on. I saw a dude picked him up yesterday and started him in another league, and my fourth league I am already good
  18. Not in my league. He will be snapped up as soon as Monday is done.

  19. Thanks a lot Wilson for those negative points last night.
  20. MCS

    MCS CH Dog

    Ah he will be a stud by week 6, they will forget fast as soon as he breaks off a nice long run

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