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Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by the.peon, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. tudor

    tudor Big Dog

    Damn thanks mccoy!!! Lol. I in 20 life times could never accomplish enough to consider myself a dogman.

    I really enjoy old earl Tudor stories. He sound like an amazing character and I would love to have rubbed shoulders with him.
  2. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    I seen a post from slim - he should be there also - so many more that do not get on here -
    if you think you know everything, that leaves room for nothing else. cheers
  3. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    your a man - you have dogs -
    i have learned from you man - your welcome
  4. Outsider

    Outsider Big Dog

    Rushin Bill...


    One of the best post I have ever read and all the men you mentioned are class acts including yourself, Thanks for the thought out response...
    A great dogman, veteran, emt and chef that I was blessed to have bothered for ten years and ate a couple thanksgiving meals with is my good friend,
    Steve "Dirty" Dixon was as close to a walking bulldog encyclopedia as any one alive... Due to his 8 years in the Navy, Dirty was well travelled and absorbed alot from alot of differnt people in alot of different areas, when he was discharged from the Navy, he became a full time dogman in the thick of things and seemed to have seen alot and had a memory like an elephant... He was a true bulldogger going out doing what he loved and when he passed he had a car storage unit full of bulldog memorabilia from five mills to tubs and tubs full of books and magizines he collected from his travels... Living near the biggest marine base in the world he met alot of differnt dogmen and bartered with them all, he also wrote down all his match reports as well ones he reffed and witnessed that he liked, he grew up in miss near the river and ran hounds with his pops and brother, they were very hard on thier pack as they were expected to bring home the meal for the night, Dirty was the same way with his bulldogs...His dad taught him to cull hard and only keep and breed the very best and if you dont have one bag of dog food ahead of the one your feeding that you shouldnt have the dogs to begin with, as a young boy it was his resposibility to get the kibble for the hounds... A good hard, dogman with heavy morals that is surely missed by all that met him, glad to see he made it in the dogman hall of fame... RIP my friend and yours...DIRTY...
    Another man who I was briefly influenced by is Dirtys old compition that he looked up to so, the WarEagleHH is as steady and game as they come, free at last...
    Strattons books and overall character influenced me to be a true believer in the bulldog and its okay to look outside the box and utilze these great bulldogs for what suits us... He also taught me we dont have to condone something that we show interest in or admire, and its okay to view somethings from a distance...
    Under alot of public scrutiny Mr.Stratton never backed down scratching firm on his beliefs but not acting on them, same or similar to my internet mentor TDK...
    Ma'at is the closest in character to my friend Dirty, modest yet honest with some of the best old stories and knowledge to be told...
  6. TDK

    TDK CH Dog Staff Member

    I need to add Mr. Bill Carr to the list of those whom just by knowing, helped me grow in the dogs. TY, Bill.
  7. keystone

    keystone CH Dog

    me don of course
    gave me the right dogs/genes when start (understanding big black hole lol)
    on that moment al those picture books ..we mention in a other post
    cleu less to me ...becaus what i did understand one of those book writers could give me dogs like don have send lol
  8. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    Great post from you EP. You are another that always seems to bring on a lot of learning around here, and your contributions are always superb. thanks for that :)


    Thank you McCoy , means alot to me to keep Dirty alive in memory and spirit...
    Dirtys mentors were Bo Wells, Bobby Hall and HHargrove....
    Dirty also admired a man he thought had the same stature as the the silver fox and always called him the black carver or black fox,lol...
    He always related the similarities in character and the more I learned about the silver fox the more I understood the similarities Dirty noticed and pointed out...
    Dirtys best comp was WarEagleHH, Untouchables Tom Ratliff, Rastaman and the DogSolder...
  10. Fritz

    Fritz Big Dog

    I admired the less-than-perfect Arnie Steinberg, of course -- and for a time and initially the also less-than-perfect Pat Patrick. I should mention as well a dogman I have yet to see mentioned here, one Cecil Washburn. I don't know what became of him in the dogs, but he sure kept a fine yard and was a good man to match into. I could say the same about Jack Carver. I don't know who TDK is, but I sure like what he contributes here. Maybe he'll message me and tell me who the f--- he is, dunno. And I've written elsewhere of my admiration for Gary Hammonds.

    As for the several I liked considerably less, Bobby Hall seems to me a good choice. And then there was the so-called dogman Don Bullard, a man who neglected his dogs to the point of watching them slowly deteriorate and die. He did the same to his own self as well, which seems to me the perfect definition of poetic justice.
  11. Me i admire people like robert.lemm r.i.p.carver.mayfield.crenshaw.randy fox.cali jack.tudor.iv'e learned everything from thier book's video's.i'm still learning more everyday from the ol' in oklahoma.
  12. CHAMP

    CHAMP Big Dog

    Did you ever meet D. Stubbs during your involvement in the dogs in Arizona?

    Sent from my microwave using Tapatalk
  13. Fritz

    Fritz Big Dog

    My involvement in the dogs was only in California and Texas.
  14. Eagle

    Eagle Big Dog

    Dogmen that I admire and respect, from the past: Joe Corvino, Jim Corcoran, and Con Feeley.

    More modern, I liked the Carver crew from Texas, as men I know today knew them.
  15. CHAMP

    CHAMP Big Dog

    Wasn't Pat Patrick in Tucson back then??

    Sent from my microwave using Tapatalk
  16. Eagle

    Eagle Big Dog

    Freddy, I've been busy lately, but have you told them the night you were stranded in Texas, and with whom? ;)
  17. Eagle

    Eagle Big Dog

    Although I do respect Stratton, I doubt few know that he published all the pics in his books without permission.
    Many were angry with him...Bert Sorrell's was VERY unhappy about it.
    Remember, his first book was published when all the heat started coming down and felony laws were being made.
    That is what drove the cops out of the game...until the felony law, they were very tolerant,,,,
    Stratton's books put some people on the map.................

    But Stratton was a firm believer and defender of the breed, and has my respect. Only wish he had respected the men who trusted him with their pictures.
  18. Fritz

    Fritz Big Dog

    Patrick moved from California to AZ when things started to heat up.
  19. Fritz

    Fritz Big Dog

    Hey Eagle,

    You mean that long account from my memoir? No, I haven't posted that here. Actually, I've developed a growing dislike for that book and stopped selling it. I like some of its bits and pieces, but overall a thumb's down.
  20. CHAMP

    CHAMP Big Dog

    Oh ok, I was just curious.

    Sent from my microwave using Tapatalk

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