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Dog Vomiting Yellow Liquid

Discussion in 'Health & Nutrition' started by Rojas, May 27, 2010.

  1. Rojas

    Rojas Big Dog

    It all started when i fed Achilles chiken wing bones (nerver doing it again),he swallowed the damm things and after some hours, i noticed he got bloated, looked like he was pregnant, i gave him a cup of corn oil, minutes after he threw up a river of vomit and the whole bones, his stomach was emptied out and looked normal again, provided him with plenty of water and starved him for 24hrs to empty out all the bad in his system, after that fed him again, he threw up his feed all over the place, this has happened 4 days ago, now he is only eating cooked sweet potatoe and not touching his kibble, he is lethargic , will drink water and eat his sweet potatoe, go on his walks, lost a lot of weight, starting today im giving him amox for 5 days straight, that should kill any bad bacteria in his system, tommorrow if he doesnt eat his kibble, i will take it away from him and give it to him when hes hungry for it, any suggestions or had something simmilar happen to your dog
  2. mac 11

    mac 11 Banned

    That yellow liquid is bile from the stomach, he has or at least had some type of blockage. I would take him to the vet ASAP!
  3. tony413

    tony413 Big Dog

    dumb question, but the chicken bones were raw correct?
  4. Rojas

    Rojas Big Dog

    You know what, worse case scenario could be blockage, he is going to the the rest room normally though, no diahrrea, damm, these crazy dogs eathing things they are not supposed to, should i try to feed him oil, so what ever is blocking him could come out thru somewhere. Thanks.
  5. absolute peril

    absolute peril Big Dog

    I have a few dogs that will vomit yellow sometimes. It could be the bile that builds up in the stomach that helps break down the food and if the dog didn't get enough food or you have to wait to feed them the bile can upset the stomach and make them vomit it up. I have one dog who gets carsick so with vet trips she has to wait to be fed, if I wait too long until we come home she will vomit up yellow bile and is perfectly fine after she has been fed.

    Your'e dog could just as well have a blockage or it could be exactly as I explained.
    Take your'e animal to the vet.
  6. He is vomiting bile, and he was recently fed something that is known to cause a blockage. Even if you got rid of the blockage yourself you really should get him to the vet to make sure no serious damage has been done to his insides...
  7. chef_kergin

    chef_kergin Big Dog

    YOU fed things to your dog that he probably shouldn't have eaten. were they raw bones? or did you give him some cooked ones that are probably splintered in his belly or intestines right now...........

    you owe it to your animal to take him to the vet.

    edit - the general stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me.
  8. Nell_Bell

    Nell_Bell Premium Member Premium Member

    You needed to get him to a vet yesterday. When you made him throw up, it could have damaged his esophogus which may be why he won't eat kibble (it is hard so it hurts to swallow) or he could have a perforation. Your dog is probably a lot sicker than you realise as these dogs are very stoic and hide their pain. By the time they show you they are in pain, it is usually pretty serious. Also, I would never make a dog vomit by giving oil due to the risk of them getting it in their lungs (aspirating). Hydrogen peroxide is much better IMO.
  9. jumper3202

    jumper3202 Big Dog

    yh i have always used peroxide when they done did the dirty and got into something they shouldnt have!!! lol
  10. jumper3202

    jumper3202 Big Dog

  11. Rojas

    Rojas Big Dog


    Took Achilles do the vet on 5/27 morning, the vet checked him out and he had no fever,his vital signs were normal, no high pressure, told me his stomach felt normal, vet told if it was a few cooked chiken wings, it shouldnt be a problem, they usually pass them easily, in conclusion, he prescribed me pills to stop his vomiting/diarrhea and 2 cans of special diet dog food, he seems well now.
  12. Laced Wit Game

    Laced Wit Game Yard Boy

    thats like one of the oldest no no's when it comes to pets.
    fuck i was like 3 or 4 when i knew it was bad to give dogs chicken bones!
    wheres ya head at?
  13. I would find a new vet if he really told you it is fine to feed cooked chicken wings. Seriously, any vet that didn't give you a lecture for feeding cooked chicken wings must be a moron.

    If you want to give the dog chicken with bones feed them uncooked next time, there is no issue with raw chicken bones.

    I'm glad Achilles is doing well, I'm just a little wary of your vet's level of knowledge now....
  14. Yep, IT MUST BE RAW. NEVER NEVER NEVER GIVE YOUR DOG COOKED CHICKEN BONES. That vet is nuttier than squirrel poo if he said it was OK! I feed raw whole chickens, well 1/2 chickens to mine without incident.


    Raw meaty bones-GOOD
    Cooked bones-BAD
    Vet that tell you any different-ON DRUGS;)
  15. 2 funny! I was thinking the same thing! I was about 3 or 4 when mom and dad yelled at me not to ever do that or I would kill the dog! LOL!

    The funny thing is my Mom thinks that raw is the same and the raw meat will poison the dog also. She's old and set in her ways and can't be changed. Oh well...

    On a side note, I was up in Sacrament over the weekend and saw the best conditioned APBT! It was in Old Town by the river. He had lots of people stopping and complementing him. It was nice to see instead of the negitive reactions I see all to often.
  16. Boy-boy 416

    Boy-boy 416 Big Dog

    lol yeah i knew dat before i could walk almost lost a dog to that tho my damn neighbors keep throwing shit over the fence luckily i went to the vet an caught it early still almost died tho needless to say me and my neighbor had a lond talk after that
  17. sydking

    sydking Pup

    My girl with throw up a yellow bile, always in the middle of the night, To stop this a small bit of food before bed.

    It just stomach acids that have no food to work on so they upset the stomach.

    RAW bones are more then fine, stay away form anything cooked.
  18. ghost 1

    ghost 1 CH Dog

    bones can stratch the inside of theyre throat or esphagos and cause them to cough up bile,, and a blockage will do the same,,, rawhides are notourous for stratching theyre throat and cause them to cough up stuff if they eat alot of them its not uncommon to see it
  19. What about adding some fortiflora to their diet after the amox?
  20. Zeuceone

    Zeuceone Pup

    my boy threw up twice one night till the third time he threw up some grass. woke me up for nothing.

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