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Dog on fire

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by tommy3, Oct 5, 2005.

  1. tommy3

    tommy3 CH Dog

    Buck finally turned on. Comparing his personality between now and two weeks ago is night and day. He has liked other dogs in the past but now he goes ape-sh$t. Pulling and screaming the whole time another dog is in view. He seems to be always on point. And the damned barking....
    I swear he hears things that aren't there. He seems to be always wigging out on something. Its kinda funny, actually. I gotta keep an extra set of eyes on him and the environment when we are out, now. Gotta play it safe.

    For people that think your dog is an angel now, be aware that your angel will probably turn hot to some degree. Make sure you know the signs and take the necessary precautions to keep your dog out of the media. These dogs are bred to be aggressive and even though they seem nice now, they can quickly switch over. My dog was great with dogs a couple of weeks ago. But, not anymore. As a pup, I never denied him the opportunity to socialize and it made no difference whatsoever. I honestly didn't expect it to. Nobody should. It could help to a certain degree with some dogs but the aggression will always be there.

    People that are considering getting a dog of this breed, do your research thoroughly and make sure you know the signs of dog aggression and be aware that you can not train a dog to not be aggressive. It is in their blood. If you think you can train your dog to be an angel, you are fooling yourselves.
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 6, 2005

    RIVES PITS Top Dog

    Sounds Like You Got Your Hands Fuul With That Doggy. Watch Yourself!
  3. same thing happened with my "angels"... now im just more cautious wherever i go... theyre still angels with me and each other so im good...
  4. Madusa

    Madusa CH Dog

    you knew it was coming didn't ya, lmao, ;)
  5. nappydawg

    nappydawg Top Dog

    well congrats to ya. ummm i mean watch out now it gets more fun.
  6. SFK

    SFK Top Dog

    Man! Nothing gets you grinnin like seeing them come alive!
  7. Crash97

    Crash97 Top Dog

    It sure does.
  8. tommy3

    tommy3 CH Dog

    Oh yeah, he is acting good. It is about time. That damned chow better stay out of the yard now.... I might have to pepper spray it or something. lol
  9. 14rock

    14rock GRCH Dog

    Good post, newbies to the breed need to realize that no ammount of socialization or training is guranteed to stop your dog from disliking other dogs! How old is he tommyt ?
  10. tommy3

    tommy3 CH Dog

    Yup, bout time.
  11. tommy3

    tommy3 CH Dog

    He is 11 months.
  12. natas

    natas Big Dog

    Nice to see Natas isn't the only one. He never really liked other dogs though. I always thought if i socialized him enough he would love dogs. boy was i wrong! i figured that out the second time i brought him to the beach at 4 months old and he tried to attack a huge bullmastiff! put an end to that socializing pretty damn quick
  13. Medicj02

    Medicj02 Pup

    My boys been off and on since about 8-9 months....everyonce in a while he just is looking to see if they are a female...other than that i dont trust him....especially when i grab his collar to hold him back and he's pulling so hard that he's standing up and i can feel the collar vibrating from his low growl... he's almost 1 yr old now
  14. Brothermarree

    Brothermarree Top Dog

    Wow, my Dee was the opposite of that He was fight Crazy from 4 months on up then started to calm down around 6 mobths ago. It's only certain dogs he goes after now.
  15. Luigi

    Luigi Top Dog

    Thanks for this. There are some pitbull rescue forums out there that could seriously use this info.

    Thanks for the reminder to all who own a pit or even a pit mix, male, female well socialized, or otherwise.
  16. GaDog

    GaDog Big Dog

    Pit bull rescue, now theres another subject. It seems tommy you know what ya got and I am glad that if it is going to be a "high drive" dog that it is in the hands of someone who would never allow it to "engage" with another animal.
  17. B

    B CH Dog

    I recently rescued a 'PR' "show" bred dog and she's very dog aggressive. She won't tolerate male or female in her presence. It has made finding her a home a very difficult task. The people we rescued her from said she was great with other dogs but I had a home setup for her and we tried to introduce the animals and she went crazy trying to get the other dog. She doesn't have a game bone in her body but the dog aggression comes with the bulldog breeds. She just happened to have a personality that makes her this way. I'm currently trying to find her a single dog lifetime home. She's gorgeous and in perfect health but she crossed a lot of good homes off the list by showing her serious degree of dog aggression. This can happen to anyone at anytime so you better be prepared if you own a bulldog breed. I have gamedogs that get along better with other dogs than her. I believe it has to do with her maturing. She is about 2.5-3 years so the last time she saw a dog she might very well have been behaved. We've tried her around a few of my gamedogs and she gets all crazy and ends up firing them up. She a wonderful dog otherwise, house trained, kennel trained, well behaved, good listener, and well mannered around children. She just can't be trusted around other animals.

  18. tommy3

    tommy3 CH Dog

    Good luck finding her a home.
  19. B

    B CH Dog

    Thanks for the words. I'll be making a nice post and putting her pics online when I get an opportunity to take some shots. The new owner will have to sign a contract to take her. They must have her spayed within 30 days and I will hold all rights to the dogs ownership. I will inspect the home and have the right to remove the dog if the spay contact is not honored or she is in a bad situation. Worse comes to worse, I'll spay her and let her live on my yard... she was on a one way ticket to the local shelter before I saved her and they don't adopt pitbulls. They euthanize all "pitbulls". I hope her luck holds out and we end up finding her a responsible lifetime home. She isn't typically the kind of pitbull I feed. This is my first 'PR' show bred animal and she just happens to be dog aggressive.:cool: I mainly posted to show some of these people with "show" or non gamebred dogs that the possibility always exists within any bulldog breed that there is serious animal aggression. This dog had not displayed it in the past but it is VERY present now.


  20. 14rock

    14rock GRCH Dog

    Also shows that really any dog can wind up in a shelter. So many people think rescuing a dog means its a mutt.....not true. You dont know still, but you dont know any more buying them from a BYB who is only looking for a quick couple hundred!

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