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Dog fight categories

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by Dogman_M, Apr 19, 2016.

  1. Dogman_M

    Dogman_M Pup

    Hey Guys, been awhile hope you're all good out there.

    Once i saw this list of fighting breeds categorized in classes - with pitbull and tosa's being class 1 and then what i could imagine(but cant remember) dogs like Dogo argentino etc. in class 2, and the list ends with something like Boston and JR Terriers at class 7(again, i cant remember how exactly it was but something like this.

    Anyone know where to find this ?
  2. Dogman_M

    Dogman_M Pup

    Just as i post this i found what i was looking for..
    Thread has been changed to:
    Dogs that can fight...

    First Class
    - American Pit Bull Terrier (True Bred Fighting Dog)
    - Tosa Inu (True Bred Fighting Dog)

    Dogs that have GREAT potential to be First Class…

    Between First Class and Second Class
    - Dogo Argentino (Hunting Dog w/ Extraordinary Fighting Capabilities)
    - Presa Canario (True Bred Fighting Dog)

    Dogs that have little or no chance of beating the First Class...

    Second Class
    - American Bandogge (APBT/Neo cross) (Guardian w/ fighting capabilities)
    - English Bull Terrier (True Bred Fighting Dog)
    - American Staffordshire Terrier (Show Dog/True Bred Fighting Dog)
    - American Bulldog (Hunting Dog/Bull Baiting/The Foundation For Most Of The True Bred Fighting Dogs)
    - Bully Kutta (True Bred Fighting Dog)
    - Fila Brasileiro (Hunting Dog w/ Fighting Capabilities)
    - Gul Dong (Gull Terr) (True Bred Fighting Dog)
    - Indian Bull Terrier (True Bred Fighting Dog)

    Dogs that have GREAT potential to be Second Class…

    Between Second Class and Third Class
    - Neapolitan Mastiff (Guard Dog)
    - Mallorquin Bulldog (Ca De Bou) (Guard Dog/Fighting Dog)

    Dogs that have little or no chance of beating the Second Class...

    Third Class
    - Caucasian Ovtcharka (Sheepdog w/ Extraordinary Fighting capabilities)
    - Cane Corso Italiano (Hunting Dog/Guardian Dog)
    - Spanish Bulldog, and Spanish Alano (could be 2 breeds, or could be 1)
    - Dogue De Bordeaux (Guardian Dog/Fighting Dog)
    - Guatemalan Bull Terrier (Guardian Dog)
    - Staffordshire Bull Terrier (True Bred Fight Dog)
    - Akita Inu (Fighting Dog/Guardian Dog/Hunting Dog)

    Dogs that have GREAT potential to be Third Class…

    Between Third Class and Fourth Class
    - Bullmastiff (Guard Dog)
    - Alaskan Malamute (Work Dog w/ Fighting Instincts)

    And finally dogs that have no chance or little of beating the third class, but can still hold their own...

    The fourth class
    - German Shepherd (Sheepdog w/ extraordinary protection capabilities)
    - Doberman Pinscher (Guardian Dog w/ extraordinary protection capabilities)
    - Rottweiler (Guardian Dog w/ extraordinary protection capabilities)
    - Shar Pei (Guardian Dog/Fighting Dog)
    - Wolf Hybrids (Extraordinary Fighting/Protection Instinct)
    - Tibetan Mastiff, (and almost every other of mastiff origin that I didn't name, including the Boerboel and others) (Guardian Dogs w/ Extraordinary Size To Aid Them If They Were To Fight)
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  3. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    Interesting read.
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  4. PlugUgly

    PlugUgly Big Dog

    wouldnt put much stock in any list like that. Just speculation at best
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  5. AGK

    AGK Super duper pooper scooper Administrator

    Very true. A dog can win over another on any given day. Personally I feel any dog not bred for that purpose that is put with one that is, is cruel. One wants to be there the other is fighting for its life. It's a much different scenerio than 2 willing dogs.
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  6. Robertosilva

    Robertosilva CH Dog

    The English Bull Terrier is even further removed from fighting stock than The Staffordshire Bull Terrier. A working bred Stafford should be higher up the list. The English Bull Terrier was created by Hinks who wanted an all white dog for the upper classes, he mixed in Dalmation and other dogs.

    The old bull and terriers are the ancestors to the Staffordshire Bull Terrier and The APBT.

    I also don't see how the American Bulldog can be the foundation for most of the true bred fighting dogs. The AB was a recreation of the Old English Bulldogge. Didn't Johnson round up a load of the old southern White Bulldogs and then add Dalmation and other breeds?

    The Dogo was never bred for fighting either even though they used the Cordoba fighting dog in the creation they added lots of other breeds to breed out dog aggression as they hunted them in packs.

    Interesting list though. The Tosa is not a game dog they don't fight them in the same way American Pit Bulls compete.
  7. bluedoglover

    bluedoglover Top Dog

    Silly. Btw GSD are horrid fighters. And not in a good way.
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  8. Lrs

    Lrs Big Dog

    It's only the bull terrier breeds that are bred for fighting to pit anything else is pointless in my opinion.
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  9. And speaking of the American Bulldog/Old Southern White. Do you think this breed is a mixture of catch weight APBT's? Many American Bulldog breeders have used the story of English settlers bringing this breed into the USA generations ago.
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  10. Dusty Road

    Dusty Road CH Dog

    American Bulldog was invented in the 1960s ,,,using a few breeds and large APBTs...
    only breed I seen beat APBT pound for pound is the Staff Bull Terrier, but they are very rare , all the other breeds mentioned , can only win over the APBT because the weight difference ,,, Tosa are shit ,,google videos if you don't believe me,,,
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  11. Yes I've always suspected that the AB was a descendant of catch weight APBT's. I know the American Bulldog aficionados hate hearing this. As far as the Staffordshire Bull Terrier; you mean the Irish bloodlines yes? I haven't heard of any Americans selectively breeding the Staffordshire Bull Terrier for gameness. I may be wrong though. I've never seen a Tosa in person but they look very impressive. I'll tell you what I have seen though. When I deployed to Afghanistan I saw the Central Asian Shepherd in action. The Pashtuns call them "Kuchi" dogs and they fight them in their country. Not on the same level as an American Game Dog, but they have good endurance for a dog that exceeds the 100lbs range.
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  12. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    The Rosa and Cribb picture shows dogs that were more AB that pit bull and that dates them to the late 1800's to the early 1900's.

    I agree they both more than likely came from the same dogs just breeding selection and breeding direction got the two different dogs.

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  13. Dusty Road

    Dusty Road CH Dog

    Rosa and cribb from that painting , ware the beginning of the show bull dogs,,, nothing to do with American Bulldogs,,,
  14. My respects for the American Bulldog. I think they are a great dog. Especially the ones from hog catching bloodlines. I just have a hard time believing the story about the breed being the Original English Bulldog and it being a predecessor to the APBT.
  15. bluedoglover

    bluedoglover Top Dog

  16. PlugUgly

    PlugUgly Big Dog

    I think Slim got it about summed up on the AB. Not many people except those new to the breed believe the mayflower story or the like. There are some bloodlines that were outcrossed to the point where u could call it a new breed about that time tho. On the other hand there are photos of AB type dogs going way back, and paintings before those. It's the kennel club mentality of a "breed" that causes a lot of confusion too. It's a type of dog in its action not just in its name.
  17. That's the part that makes it very interesting. Because I've seen these old photos showing large muscular white bulldogs as well. The late Mr. John D. Johnson also had many old photos showing his American Bulldogs when he was a kid.
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  18. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I believe they had the same ancestors. Just the same way that fat old blue dog is related to the dog that just scratched ten times.

    It is based on selection when breeding. Maybe those coal black bulldogs ran a little hot on those hot summer nights/days chasing hogs. Maybe the white ones cooled down better between runs. Thus more white AB's. Maybe that all night game pit bull with a ton of mouth that weighed 40lbs was being tossed and turned by the hog. Maybe his fifty pound litter mate brother did better. That fifty pound brother in turn throws a 60lb dog who uses the weight to his advantage. Never mind the possible cross to another line for some size, strength and a tad less dog aggression.

    A few generations later and there are 80-90lb, freak of an athlete, AB roaming the hills of Alabama and the swamps of Florida.

    Dogs are breeds because of selection. Which ones and how much of this and that is pure conjecture and subjective thinking.

  19. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I am going to break down and ditch the flip phone for something with a camera.
    I have an English Bulldog as a house dog. Not 100%, she has a boxer in the 7th generation, thus she is CKC registered vs. AKC. She has about an inch or so of height, but other than that, she is an English Bulldog.

    The dog in the back yard tied to her a couple of years ago. He is tall and long, black brindle, maybe some sort of hound. He was a dog my son rescued off the side of the road. She had and raised 9 puppies. Me and her for 5 hours. Her teeth are so jacked up she could not break them out of the sack or cut the cord. I cut the cord, broke the sack and (my luck) from that point the best mom ever.

    Of the 9 two were brown and the best looking APBT's anyone would ever want. Coat slightly rough and some fur on the tail, but structurally a bulldog. One female looks just like Jimmy Boots spit her out. A gorgeous brown and white pit bull female. The other six were mostly white with some brindling. All six grew to be 70 pound dogs. Every last one would pass for an AB.

    Out of this mixed breeding I could take the ones I liked and the traits I desired and bred them. I cull what does not fit the bill and continue with selective breeding. In time I will have a 'blah-blah-blah bulldog'.

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  20. Very
    Very much like the "Weatherford Ben" bloodline of Yellow Black Mouth Cur dogs from Texas. Some have similar features to game bred APBT's. I met a hog hunter a few years ago down in the south Texas brush country. He said that many of these curs are descendants of APBT's that quit in the pit.
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