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deputies kill wrong man because of gun

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Lee D, Aug 8, 2012.

  1. sam i am

    sam i am Pup

    We are on the same page
  2. Lee D

    Lee D CH Dog

    as the old saying goes "dead men tell no tales"...we may never find out what truly happened. hell, he may never even had answered the door with a gun... like i said before, "more details may emerge that changes my view on this but as it stands now these cops killed the wrong guy at his own front door out of sheer negligence" and if the LE was in the wrong, we'll never find out.
  3. pawnshop

    pawnshop Pup

    If the cops dont pay for what they did other cops will act the same way. The hole squad that showed up that night should be charged with murder!! If you have a gun in your hand in your own house they can not execute you. Make them pay.
  4. `Free speach for the living, . . ." You`re alright Lee :) I don`t deny those cops murdered that man.
  5. Mr.Revolution

    Mr.Revolution CH Dog

    I don't know exactly what happened to make him open the door pointing a gun.But I no of plenty occassions where someone answered a knock at the door only to have it kicked in they face when the robber hear them unlock it and start to open it.Bottom line they was wrong
  6. c-murda

    c-murda Big Dog

    And that is what happened. The LEO's kicked the door in on the homeowner then wasted him . This "gun in hand" thing wasn't even in the original story. Seems like some made-up Bull-Jive to me. There was damage to the front door consistent with forced entry. in the original media coverage the daamaged front door was visible. They've had time to write whatever story keeps em in the clear by now.
  7. old goat

    old goat CH Dog

    a home invasion usually start out with a knock on the door . and if you open the door for cops your stupid . because they do whatever they want to . and if your not ready for it they will walk right in . and if you try to put your hand across the door . they will just say if you move i will shoot you . i had a thompson pointed at my head because my friend was doing 80 in a 65 mph . that cop could have shoot me accidently . i had a cop put a shot gun in my mouth and tell me don't move while he was laughing . they will do what they want because they can . and we don't do anything about it . hell in the 60's-70's they would beat your ass if you had long hair . DONT' OPEN THE DOOR TO POLICE IF THEY HAVE A WARRANT SHOW THEM YOUR HAND AND TELL THEM THEY WILL HAVE TO KICK THE DOOR IN . YOU OPEN THAT DOOR YOUR IN FOR A BAD NIGHT EVEN IF YOU DID'NT DO ANYTHING .
  8. deadgam33

    deadgam33 CH Dog

    Dam that must have sucked wile he laughs.:-X
  9. old goat

    old goat CH Dog

    you know they never took me to jail . i was just there play toy when they wanted to act tuff . i've had more guns pointed at me by cops . why can they do this ? BECAUSE WE LET THEM .
  10. I just don`t buy it, cops kick in a door and shoot the guy right there in the doorway? Dudes have shootouts with cops around here, they always shoot one or two cops while taking cover, in comes swat yadda yadda. If cops just wanted this guy dead, they wouldn`t have sent cops to do it. Im sure the pigs were kicking the Hell outta his front door and dude was salty cause it woke him up. So he decides to go john rambo/dirty harry out the front door like an idiot. Cops suck, but you need to be responcible for your own safety, bottom line.
  11. I was 12 yrs old first time a cop held me at gun point, FTP
  12. ben brockton

    ben brockton CH Dog

    "I just don`t buy it, cops kick in a door and shoot the guy right there in the doorway" that's because you know nothing about the real world. florida has a long history of crooked cops matter of fact just 3 south hours from this killing there's a whole graveyard not really a graveyard just a plot of swamp down the street from micisuki indian casino where a dade county LEO would dump folks they killed. you see them LEO was the dope man & had hitman cops. if you didn't do what they wanted your ass was in the swamp. if not you'd be sent up the road on some bullshit. there's cops that sell guns,dope trick with prostitutes all in the same day. and there's cops that will just shoot you for no reason at all. it happens all the time in dade county.
  13. rroscoe

    rroscoe Lightner Hemphill / Colby

    Fuck Herrell you kick down open a door" Oh it just opened" my ass ,and you fail to identify yourself and you shoot and that what people should expect ..So i guess they should get what they give ...because when there is no justice for the innocent ..You have to right to arm your self and run them out ..I hope what he said was said in taste ...Other wise what choice do the people of his county have ...but to shoot first Never mind someone is dead and you made a terrible mistake ..But you're a big ass on top of it ..YOU JUST HAVEN'T OPENED THE RIGHT DOOR YET COWARD
  14. F.D.

    F.D. Top Dog

    kick-your-ass.jpg I used to have a shirt similar to this...
  15. Ben, the thing that doesn`t make sense is that he was in the door way. Im no fool, cops kill ppl all the time, not too many ppl just stand there in the doorway while pigs kick it down and shoot them. My front and back door have both been kicked in and both still show damage from that, so really we can`t assume the door was kicked in at all.
  16. thecableguy

    thecableguy Big Dog

    all man where do i click to put the thumbs up?? couldnt agree anymore
  17. sega

    sega Big Dog

    The police fucked my 1st few yrs of adulthood up by lying there asses off on me, fuck then they ain't yr friend
  18. cheese

    cheese Top Dog

    Shit i never answer the door unless im expecting someone. If you come knockin at my door just know that someones on the other side waiting for you to do something stupid.
    Thats also a reason to really question carrying a concealed gun...cops always have a reason to kill your ass.
  19. Mr.Revolution

    Mr.Revolution CH Dog

    Fuck that shit. Go Larry Davis on they ass

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