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Captain's Ramblings

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by Mashamplan, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. MAPS

    MAPS Pup


  2. MAPS

    MAPS Pup

    That's out of Frank R. Book in fact I just sent him an old pic from the mid 80s I had of him while at the Ontario show (near Buffalo,)
    Good Ole days...
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  3. MAPS

    MAPS Pup

    Some, some, some?
    You know there is no smoke without fire and there are no rumours without some facts.
    The man was unlikable if you would stop and think for a minute what he was accused of being and you were a decent person, there is no way in Hell you can sit, stand or be in the same room... Let alone city. With him.
    Man was a filthy Oldman and with all that money you never saw him even once with a female.... Even if she was a working gal..... But you sure saw him with a boatload of "boys to men" that wanted to be in the game but had no ($) way of doing so.
    What was that old car window sticker that used to say "Ass, Gas or Grass..... Nobody rides for free" could have been his slogan, minus the gas and grass and change the ride to Dog game...
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  4. joker

    joker Pup

    Map, you have a lot of hate for an old man that is no longer alive. Many good dog man have been called dog thefts, rats...and they decided to leave the game because of the bullshit kid games/rumors. I hate when i hear people accuse another dogman with no facts...only rumors. Their is no point of disrespecting the old man. He did his thing with the bulldogs and he was successful. I am surprised he lived that long, i believe the passion he had for the bulldogs helped him extend his life. Either way, its over now. I hope you are helping improve the bulldog word in your city rather then sit on the computer.
  5. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I only had one dealing with him and I found him to be a gambler moreso than anything. I am not saying he cherry picked things but he was good at seeing a mark and taking/making it to his advantage. There are a tone more who took advantage oe newbies in the dog game, as well as car sales, roofing scams, etc. etc. I am sure he seen a lot a did a lot, way more than me, but he saw a dog win once who was owned by a guy somewhat new to the dogs. If one were at the show the dog did not look like much and even though he won his second it did not look like there was enough left to pursue #3. "The Captain" recognized this and pursued the guy for a few weeks trying to get him to bring him out for #3. Even put others up to calling him because it looked like an easy mark. For #2 the dog went thru a keep where he was put on a slat mill 5-6-7 days a week til a 12-pack of Budweiser, a couple three joints and a Qualude or two ran out. He barely made it out alive and if the other dog had not quit this dog would have not come out for his next scratch. When he changed hands he was matched into a very well known dog man who title one of the most influential dogs in all of history. The dog looked exceptional, much like he did in his schooling and his first.

    The Captain was there and afterwards he was called out and offered this dog in a 2lb window. After seeing him being shown correctly by a better dogman, he moved on to his next mark.

    Regardless of accomplishment, that always made me take pause when considering those accomplishments.

    I don't speak ill of the dead but at the same time I can't help preach one into heaven after the fact either.

    He did some good things in the dogs. He made his contributions. But he also made some decisions that will tarnish a lot of the good things he accomplished.

    That is not just the dog game but life.

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  6. MAPS

    MAPS Pup

    ........ Still he was a piece of work I can do without. Never missed him. Never had anything to say about him when it came to the dogs ( took his and his supporters 14K...which Never got over) Used to tell him "Thanks for the 'Vette" and as for his "life" practices in some countries would call for the death penalty.
    In short, good riddance.
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  7. MAPS

    MAPS Pup

    I remember one night Pinky and him where talking in the kitchen at the table and he didn't like what he was saying and he threw a beer bottle at him, when T (Pinky) lunged at him he went into Cardiac Arrest. All mouth, no heart. Hit the ground faster than a speeding bullet.
    Before Pinky can ever get to him, 3-4 feet away he was having a heart attack lol more like a, shyt attack...
    I can go on all night but I'm giving him value and he sure as shyt does not deserve it.
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  8. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    10-4. As I said I had only one dealing and formed my opinion on him trying to grab what looked like an easy "W" and pocket a little change.

    Then once he saw what the dog should have been in #2 he did not want any part of him.

    I came along under couple guys who would match into Jesus if he had a weight.

    So any time someone had four-five-six weights open to the world except for when you put out one, then I become suspect of the person/person's accomplishments.

    The other stuff I have no knowledge of, nor do I care to inquire.

    I think he will factor into the part where like it or not, it takes all the spokes int he wheel to keep it turning, even the crooked, rusted, shitty spokes.

    And for whatever reason, the wheel keeps turning.

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  9. MAPS

    MAPS Pup

    Slim12 and to all lovers of this great breed.
    I just want to let you all know the Great Author Robert Bob Stevens (Dogs of Velvet and Steel) just put
    out his latest book.
    From the looks of it I don't think you will find a larger or better volume (over 700 pages and a DVD) written
    about our beloved breed.
    You all know how great his 1st book was(along with his epilogue to that one) so if you can, get yourselves
    The book because you will not see one like it again once it's gone.

    This man did what few so called "game dog men" did for this breed. He went all the way up to the Supreme Court to fight
    For our rights of owning a bulldog and what it means to own a game bred bulldog.
    He put his freedom hold and fought the good fight ahead most would have said, " I love Bucky but I'm not going to go to jail for him..." He did !
    He is the epitome of what all Pitbulls want to be when they grow up

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  10. 80BOWTIE

    80BOWTIE Big Dog

    What is the name of the book?
  11. i bet it will be super good.
  12. patjr

    patjr Top Dog

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  13. 80BOWTIE

    80BOWTIE Big Dog

  14. MAPS

    MAPS Pup

    I hope you guys enjoy it.
    Not only that this man went all the way to Supreme Court to fight for the APBT and his RIGHT to speak on the breed.
    I'm sure the majority of the APBT owners would have walked away from such a battle.
    That alone is enough for me to respect and show my support with his book.
    We can all do the breed a favour a get this great read.

    Regards to all.

    Shadow Knls

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