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Cajun Kennels Pup prices: A clue for everyone

Discussion in 'Breeder Discussion' started by MinorThreat, May 26, 2010.

  1. MinorThreat

    MinorThreat CH Dog


    yeah and thats the truth from arguably the best breeder ever and those were pups of his Skull dog and the rest of them

    before his dogs were murdered anyway
  2. budboy88

    budboy88 CH Dog

    is that his current price?
  3. tony413

    tony413 Big Dog

    im guessing he got raided ?
  4. forty6mantis

    forty6mantis Big Dog

    minor's just trying to help people out by making a point that you should be paying that much for a good bulldog period. if you need to pay more then you need to work more in knowing the right people with the right dogs, not making up for your lack of knowledge with money. thanks minor. 8 years ago this info would have been gold to me. the hardest thing is to look at your "boys at the yard" and saying what the hell did i pay this much for you guys for? even harder is the first clearing for better stock.
  5. ShakaZ

    ShakaZ CH Dog

    Hmm, food for thought.:dogdrink:
  6. DryCreek

    DryCreek CH Dog

    Cheapest dog we ever got....$0

    Most expensive $1500, after shipping and health checks, taxes, gas, meals etc....$3000 ( I must note that this one was from overseas and had multiple extra charges due to health regulations)

    Best dog we've owned....$800

    Average price for a pup should be between $400 and $800 depending. Any more and it's paying for name or profit reasons which offers NO guarantee about the quality of the pup.

    Meet others through club meetings and shows, introduce yourself and ask questions. Stay in contact with them, ask for advice, getting yourself known to the people who have the blood your interested in will take you much farther than throwing money out there. It takes time but it's worth it!
  7. MinorThreat

    MinorThreat CH Dog

    I've also paid more then $500, way more but it just ran through my mind what he used to charge and made me think about it

    it seemed within a few years, all "working mans prices" were no longer. If someone had a Champion or proven producer you were paying the price, its still a damn puppy

    think about it, call Floyd and get one off Reno or Skull for 500, thats the way it should be

    its also the new way of the internet peddlers, never even shown a dog but been around the net long enough to get dogs with say "ABLIZIN" in the pedigree and theyre set to make a boat load, those are STP dogs from America anyway. It used to be Jeep dogs that would set someone up to profit but I think Ablizin has taken over the last few years

    How much for a pup? $800, these dogs are straight from RUSSIA, lmfao why should anyone be paying your shipping charges and you never touched them when they got here anyway, lol

    not talking about anyone in particular either

    these puppy prices are ridiculous these days
  8. Bxpits

    Bxpits CH Dog

    Most I ever paid was $350, cheapest free.
    Guess it's nice knowing the right people
  9. Super Sport

    Super Sport Big Dog

    I paid $500 for a pup off Frisco back in the day cost $350 to get him to me so $850 total, bred to Skull for a $1000, anymore than $500 for a pup is ridiculous, I think also.
  10. rallyracer

    rallyracer CH Dog

    you can say that again!
  11. pit4ever

    pit4ever Banned

    lols thats why you gatta hook me up soon bxpits.
  12. preme

    preme CH Dog

  13. most ive ever paid was $250 with ch. and all over the pedigree the cheap was free so like BX said its nice knowing the right people LOL!!
  14. LadyRampage

    LadyRampage Top Dog

    Best dog I ever paid for...$100 and one of the foundation bitches of my Most I've paid is $600 and that was almost 15 years

    Just because a pup has a high price tag doesn't mean its worth that much. A pup is a gamble whether it is off GR CH stock or BYB...
  15. Yardboy

    Yardboy CH Dog

  16. outrightmike

    outrightmike CH Dog

    Ive only bought one pup at 250 and a drive to texas.well worth it.
  17. outrightmike

    outrightmike CH Dog

    Most ive paid for an adult is 800.well worth it.
  18. budboy88

    budboy88 CH Dog

    $1000 for a doublebred grandson of skull. worth every penny now, but if it would have turned out to be shit i would have had to eat $1000
  19. Blau

    Blau Big Dog

    Hmm good thread... When I started researching into bulldogs I'd just assumed that people payed the amount for these dogs like they do in the show dog world, IE $1000 - $3000 for a 'champion bred' pup lmao.
  20. Cynthia

    Cynthia Top Dog

    I agree it is good knowing the right people. I have never paid for a dog. But recently with my one of mine I paid half the gas it took for the breeder to bring it to me. Other than that I never paid for a dog.

    However I will pay a stud fee for the right dog.

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