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Boomerangs true pedigree

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by F.D., Mar 2, 2017.

  1. F.D.

    F.D. Top Dog

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  2. F.D.

    F.D. Top Dog

    Here's a hint. 320754.jpg
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  3. JimAm*dam

    JimAm*dam Pup

  4. F.D.

    F.D. Top Dog

    OK sleuth, good work. The dog in the picture is Stu Fowler. Look at Stu Fowler and then look at Boomerang. Now look at Stu's pedigree page again and look at the repeat breeding that is mentioned.
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  5. F.D.

    F.D. Top Dog

  6. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    The Boomerang and Stu Fowler crosses well with Sorrells.Have a look at Uncle Buds pedigree.Also crossed well with Berts Ch Sailor blood.Boomerang actually lived on Berts yard for a while.That blood crosses well with most anything.
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  7. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    I have some in my Sorrells.
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  8. promoe

    promoe Premium Member Premium Member

    Finally the truth comes out 50 years later ! lol
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  9. F.D.

    F.D. Top Dog

    Haha, I know it's hard to believe, right?
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  10. CrazyHorse

    CrazyHorse Big Dog

    The truth isn't out! Boomerang's ped is correct!
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  11. F.D.

    F.D. Top Dog

    I am offering an alternative based on reliable sources.
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  12. CrazyHorse

    CrazyHorse Big Dog

    I totally understand your reliable source and pedigree controversies when it comes to Carver. One thing that doesn't add up is the consistency from not only Gr Ch Boomerang, his sister and Snooty offspring.

    Now to my knowledge I don't know of any Stu Flower offspring producing such consistency. The Pistol/Miss Spike dogs can be linebred and more importantly inbred for generations without a drop off in quality and consistency.
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  13. old goat

    old goat CH Dog

    Bred Stu fowler dogs to Boomerang breed dogs and see what they look like and the consistency you get .
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  14. Baker Davis has told many ppl his sire was not pistol. Rocca wrote when he tlk to baker about breeding to boomerang jus cuz the sole purpose of him being off pistol. Baker said. Son your more then welcome to breed to ol boomer but his sire ain't pistol an I'm not his breeder so I can't change his paperwork. That's 1 instance you can look up. Hopefully before he passes he tells more ppl who the sire was
  15. big von

    big von Big Dog

    From the words of Ed Crenshaw pistol is his sire and this was his dam Miss spike wasn't even born yet
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  16. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I always enjoy reading these topics.

    In these dogs I am passionate about a lot of things but who bred what to what 40-50 years ago is not one of them.

    My buddy on the other hand will fight tooth and nail over a dog's pedigree if it is in the pedigree of one of his dogs.

    Some of my first dogs were bred down out of Molly Bee dogs. I bet Mr. Edwards leaned over and whispered, "Just between me and you, Molly Bee was off of ___________" to at least 50 people. Over the years I have talked to so many people who was told from the source. But the source laid out a number of different recipes.

    The guy that turned me onto the dogs had dogs bred like Jeep and dogs off of Jeep. He said the dogs off Jeep two years after the Homer match could really bite to where as the dogs before could not. Til this day he swears Jeep died after the Homer match and had a stand out son to reap the benefits of the 4 hour epic match. Since I donot have Jeep dogs it is a great story to hear, over and over again.

    Down east in NC there is a prominent breeder of these dogs. He bred to a stud dog and did not get puppies. I bred to the dog and got puppies. He brought the bitch back and did not get puppies. He was bred to again and got puppies. It was agreed that a second botch could be brought and she did not get puppies either. For whatever reason this stud dog was hitting like every other time. Go figure. This stud dog threw dogs that were shaped a like, acted a like and the funniest is they all barked a like. The bitch would dictate the colors but he threw himself consistently. On a visit to that persons yard when we got out of the truck I heard a dogs that sounded exactly like mine. As we walked thru the dogs looked like and sounded like duplicates of mine. Again, go figure.

    I have a female out back now that is papered one way (from the above guy) but I would bet the family farm she is much tighter on a certain male stud dog than her papers suggest.

    I'm hoping she produces a shit load of winning dogs so we can have the above conversation about her some 20-30-40 years from now.

    Great subject.

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  17. mistabonz

    mistabonz Premium Member Premium Member

    Lmao that is funny slim! Always enjoy your posts!
  18. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    I enjoy the posts and the banter over the 'inside scoop' on these dogs.

    I have posted this a number of times but Mr. Hughes once said to know how a dog was bred he had to win three or four or produce three or four....there would always be some SOB in the corner that 'knows how he is really bred'. Or in so many words.

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  19. mistabonz

    mistabonz Premium Member Premium Member

    Yes Mr Hughes was a truthful person on both occasions I was around him. Str8 shooter and a genuine nice guy!
  20. I run tina stuff and as most other lines one of the most persistent rumors I heard is that tina was off emile
    I guess I will never know for sure
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