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Discussion in 'Products & Equipment' started by MikelMorabito, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. I'm selling this books, all are brand new, just repress, limited editions, all the details are below, if interested please send a private message, i don't know how to upload pictures yet !

    Of Pit Bulldogs and other legends
    My first book about the A.p.b.t., I'm very satisfied and proud about the result, thanks a million to Mr. Wiliam Cubero for the forewords, Mr. Richard Stratton for the introduction. This book is a collection of poems, quotes, short tales, a brief history of the breed, art and more info, limited to 150 books only, if interested send me a private message.


    Hard Cover book, 386 pages, 2ND press includes an extra chapter and a signed photo of Ed Faron.
    Another book that would have to be considered a milestone in pit bull literature, this big book covers many topics. Part One has much historical info about important pit bulls and interviews with famous dogmen; while Part Two gives practical information about the care and keeping your APBT, including feeding, housing, breeding, diseases, and other health matters. One of the best books on the pit bull, it should be owned by anyone interested in these fine dogs.

    PIT BULL ANTHOLOGY BY JEFFREY A. C. BURKE 1984 / 2019 Many b/w illustrations & photos throughout 128 pages Card covers A4 large format
    The anthology that collects the best articles from the magazine 'Gamedog Digest'.
    Contains 40 articles from the first year of publication (1984), magazines 1-6. The magazine was difficult to get hold of 35 years ago and they are now extremely rare so this contains a lot of previously unseen information that would otherwise not be available.
    This appears to be a reprint of the first edition, the layout has been improved with higher quality, the written content is superlative, containing a fascinating array of articles by some of the big noises in the dog game. Lots of stuff on Texas dogs, but loads of other info as well. Great reading.

    The great book of molosser, bulldog and bull terrier

    For sale, limited edition hardcover, only 150 exist, hand numbered, a masterpiece of 364 pages, that covers 57 breeds, tons of historical information, rare pictures, the book weight 1kg 700 gr, is professionally done/printed, Thanks a lot to Marlene Zwettler for believing me and my work, if interested please write fast, they go really fast, get it now or cry later

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