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Bloodline(s) that produced the most GR.CH

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by crunK, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. crunK

    crunK Pup

    I am curious as to which bloodline(s) produced the most GR.CH

    lettuce discuss ;)
  2. crunK

    crunK Pup

    No one? Dumb question?
  3. Kimo615

    Kimo615 Banned

    I dont know the answer to that. Probably your top ROM dogs...Jeep and Frisco would have a better chance at having more CH and GR Ch titles.
  4. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    thats hard to answer,not everyone peddled..thier is plenty of good dogs that produced but the offspring kept in a small circle.
  5. Kimo615

    Kimo615 Banned

    Yea.. I agree. How would you find that out I wonder. Is there not a place that keeps those records or statistics?
  6. crunK

    crunK Pup

    Which Frisco dogs achieved GR.CH?
  7. Kimo615

    Kimo615 Banned

    I can only think of one off the top of my head. I think he's Frisco. Its Garners Momo Sire...Garners/Global Takeovers Ceaser. But as many pups as he has Sired I'm sure there are more. I've just never thought to look and count. I know there alot of CH though.
  8. Kimo615

    Kimo615 Banned

    I take that back...I checked. Ceaser was out of another dog produced out of Dynamite. Frisco produced Dynamite though. I seen alot of CH and winners but not Gr Ch. But then again...only like 50 pups are on there. Hell he has sired over a thousand so I dunno. Lol
  9. crunK

    crunK Pup

    My guess would have to be the RedboyxJocko X BolioxTombstone,

    GR CH SK'S Mayday ROM
    GR CH LFK'S Barracuda ROM
    GR CH STP'S Lukane ROM
    GR CH EK'S Machobuck ROM
  10. who

    who Top Dog

    The Dibo style of family has created the most gr. Ch. Lol
  11. slim1972

    slim1972 Big Dog

    GR CH MAYDAY himself was off of GR CH YELLOW.. His bellymate sis was CH MAY MAY 4x..



    & many more CH's 2 speak of...
  12. Laced Wit Game

    Laced Wit Game Yard Boy

  13. the.peon

    the.peon Top Dog

    LMAO! Exactly, man.

    Even if it made any difference at all nobody can say for sure, and rather than who made the most it should be about percentages not sheer numbers.
  14. Crunch and slim im with yall all the way and plus jeep and frisco were bred to a lot of fucking females not bashing them but look at grch buck and his rom status it's awesome and he wasnt bred not even close as frisco and jeep and i bet u if he was bred as much as frisco and jeep he would def be on top of them
  15. bamaman

    bamaman GRCH Dog

    I agree Peon..Who gives a shit.
  16. looker

    looker Pup

    The op and who ever dat responded...lmpao on ah serious note, tha ones that cared are the ones that reported... So dats why they get credit/talked about..

    Also may may was/is a daughter of md... Yellow john has produced the most gr ch & producers of gr ch


    To answer your question, eli x carver crosses produced the most champions to date. Period !!
  18. keystone

    keystone CH Dog

    evry erea have his own champ's ...and his own pups of champ's
  19. slim1972

    slim1972 Big Dog

    Thanks, my friend :-) Typing 2 fast.. lol! Meant say his sis CH DRAGONLADY..
  20. StarLion

    StarLion Pup

    Based on public information Redboy Jocko thru Yellow : Gr Ch yellow>Gr Ch Mayday>GrCh Lukane>Gr Ch Deuce. So in terms of consistency the right strains of Yellow.

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