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Bite or Gameness? Small head/Big head

Discussion in 'Dog Discussion' started by Sleep, Apr 9, 2020.

  1. che

    che Big Dog

    I hear a lot off from dg dogs. But not much from
    That truly hardbite
  2. Sleep

    Sleep Big Dog

    The statement about a hard biting dog can't use it unless he gets a hold that's why there is different fighting styles in which to beat any style of worked and schooled right...but for that 1 hard biting dog it only take that 1 bite to put enough damage to break the will or loose to much blood and begins to weaken.

    And the part about gameness and ability and meeting 1 with more abilities...that's a dogman chance every night he goes hunting....up to the dogmen to school properly
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  3. benthere

    benthere CH Dog Staff Member

    Mouth is elusive. It’s there then it’s not and then mouth meets air and doesn’t quite get its hold and somethings got your ear and putting thoughts in your head and dragging you down in a circle and spinning can’t find your feet all while this bulldog on top is just getting started..
    Heart Lungs Legs work together to make a winner
    Gameness is the game
    Scratching wins the contest more than mouth any honest gambler will admit that!!
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  4. che

    che Big Dog

    Breeding for hard bite over everything else gets popular now and then. This theory says that if you Keep breeding super biters together you will get dogs that easily destroy their opponents. Gameness is secondary in this theory. It’s more popular lately than it was say 20 years ago. Some breeders claim they have developed these super biters. They call these dogs awesome. They are much too much for mere Game dogs and win their hunts in 20 minutes or less, so they say. These breeders are almost always fairly new in the Game or not too bright if they have been with the dogs for a while. They have little respect for a dog that needs two, three, or four hours to win is harmless according to them. If one of their dogs wins a long one, however, they say it proves their dogs have gameness.

    These guys never have a win record to back up their theory. In fact, no really successful breeder who bred a large number of winners ever bred his dogs with hard bite as the main goal. Yes, there is some truth to the theory of the awesome dog that wins without needing Gameness. But it never works on a large Scale over a period of time. Here are some reasons why it doesn’t work. First: the hardest biters are freaks that bite harder than almost any ancestor of theirs. They almost never throw dogs that bite as hard as they do. Did “JIMMY BOOTS” ever throw a dog that bit like he did? No. Mangrum’s “SHORTY” was the hardest biter but none of her pups bit like her. How many sons of “ART” bite like he did? None. Usually these super dogs throw harder-than-average biters, but no super biters or freaks like themselves.
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  5. Sleep

    Sleep Big Dog

    GAMENESS should be the cornerstone of any good breeding AGILITY...MOUTH... AND INTELLIGENCE....ARE ALL ESSENTIAL... Im not saying breed for just mouth cause getting a real bone crushing skull crushing dog are 1 in a million ....Give me a dog with a nice set of teeth above average bite force great wrestler and smarts and game.....I'll go hunting any day of the week and be confident...I can do the rest......

  6. che

    che Big Dog

    I always liked clever dogs with alot off gameness stamania strengt and great long hold. I Will be happy if my dog can bite hard too but not the most important. I like dogs whic can still keep going after getting punched smashed. Dogs whic can wrestle but also dogs who can find at 4 legs. Dogs whic are not fighting blind. Dogs whic takes his time. Gameness , stamania and strength. Maybe also skill to kill.
  7. Sleep

    Sleep Big Dog

    Stamina and strength is for the human to put in the dog some naturally strong but the keep can make them strong depends on how you with them.... And patient dog is another key point....a straight forward dog can run hot on a dog that Ride the head .... And again patient can be told by the keep.... All the attribute I need in a dog is game mouth smarts n agility the rest is up to me to put in the dog....A DOG WITH THESE ATTRIBUTES AND A HEART TO KEEP GOING NO MATTER IF WE UP OR DOWN.... SIGN ME I'M GOING TO WAR ANY GIVEN NIGHT
  8. Sleep

    Sleep Big Dog

    To much GAMENESS makes you stupid pulm stupid
    kiwidogman likes this.
  9. che

    che Big Dog

    You can put stamania in your dog. U can make your dog stronger, conditoned him
    Maybe like the best. But stamania who is in chain with gameness? So he can handle the pain and stress so in other language u can
    Make him
    Little more game too?
  10. che

    che Big Dog

    I don't believe that, u can
    Make him handle the pain better!

    Strength is not the same . U can't compare with stamania. With the rest I am with u
  11. che

    che Big Dog

    If the mind and heart can not handle the pain. You don't have the right strength.
  12. che

    che Big Dog

    It must be stamania.
    My bad.
  13. Mashamplan

    Mashamplan Big Dog

    Guys make some strange comments. Too much gameness makes you stupid. Theres been some close to dead game animals that just met a superior dog that tested the depth of the gameness on the night and their intelligence couldn't prevent the damage and hiding they had to endure.
    Why chose one over the other? Is the aim not to get a well rounded dog that can bite, can dance if need be and can stick around when he gets back what his been dishing out?
    Extremes are not the ideal or shouldnt be the ideal.
    But maybe this old mind of mine is delusional
    che likes this.
  14. che

    che Big Dog

    You can put stamania?

  15. che

    che Big Dog

  16. che

    che Big Dog

  17. stickler

    stickler Banned

    If you would have asked me, I would tell ya that I believe Tombstone/Tonka/Copperhead dogs would be worth a try when looking for thick skinned dogs. It's said you really can drag these dogs around. Lots of stamina ?
    Woodsy and Sleep like this.
  18. Sleep

    Sleep Big Dog

    When I stated GAMENESS I was meaning inbred I got my thoughts mixed up ....dogs that bite everything dog houses bowls and everything can't be quiet or still... My fault
  19. Caos

    Caos CH Dog

    I always go for gameness and ability theres too many rough cur with lots of mouth
    che and Sleep like this.
  20. reddirt redneck

    reddirt redneck Big Dog

    Yes, stamina can be added. Just like a human it’s cardio. Stamina is not gameness, it’s wind. Two total different things
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