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Best Maverick bred producer's

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by LA_Headhunters, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. Keyo77

    Keyo77 Pup

  2. Hard to anwer maverick many! the beast Mr F,Boudreaux.
  3. Check this out great bulldog in his own right and putting some damn good ones on the ground for me http://www.apbt.online-pedigrees.com/public/printPedigree.php?dog_id=159878 Honey and Rose are Mavericks sisters if you want to consider them maverick dogs keyo77 love that jed bulldog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dred Lok Kennels http://dredlokkennels.tripod.com/

    P.S. As far as the best Pluto I like Tenn BB's Floyd (ROM), I've seen a couple off of Reno I liked Hazel, Cassie damn man your right there are just to many off of are down from Maverick to put your finger on just one Floyd is a (ROM) but any seasoned dogman knows that there are 100's or 1000's of damn good dogmen that keep there mouths closed about what there dogs are doing or produceing man that Maverick was a great producer and a great producer of producers of corse this is just my opinion...........
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  4. ABK

    ABK Rest In Peace

  5. ABK

    ABK Rest In Peace

    Thanks! Your kind words mean a lot to me.

    If you like, I can give you a shout when I do the breeding ... I am looking to place these pups w/ serious dogmen who will use them & will work w/ ppl to get them placed in the right homes. Most the ppl who have stuff off Smoke have examined the dogs & said they conquered all adversity set in front of them, but after that they just proceeded to breed the dogs instead of show them. Had I made absolutely positive Smoke's previous pups were going to show homes I think she could be a ROM by now or at least a POR. :(
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  6. B

    B CH Dog

    Don't you just hate it when that happens? I completely understand your situation. It can be a stuggle to get these dogs in the right working homes.


  7. Keep me informed e-mail me with more information on them..........
  8. ABK

    ABK Rest In Peace

    Yeah, it really galls me. To me it's a violation of trust. You trust that these ppl will do what they say w/ the dog & when they don't, it's very disappointing, esp. when they said they were looking for a show dog & you sold to them under that assumption. :(
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  9. corvettedex

    corvettedex CH Dog Premium Member

    This has been the biggest reason for myself getting away from breeding program. If a bulldog isn't raised with love, and set down OTC as a adolescent with out any schooling, a pre-keep ect, the folks are the 1st ones to say , This is a cur... Or what have you. True this didn't the dog just two people who are curs....
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  10. kiwidogman

    kiwidogman Top Dog

    Most people are curs in my experience. Keep your expectations low and you’ll never be disappointed.
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  11. kiwidogman

    kiwidogman Top Dog

    Most people are curs in my experience. Keep your expectations low and you’ll never be disappointed.
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  12. c_note

    c_note CH Dog

    Imo setting an adolescent down a number of times otc IS schooling. Depending on the dog, you can set them down for a couple minutes as early as 10 months. You can give em 2 minutes and add time every time until you feel they are ready for a match or game test. The only pre-keep I would give a prospect is feed cut 2 weeks out and walk/work em like I normally would. Nothing special. As those that know infinitely more about these dogs than me have said, “conditioning can hide the cur in a dog.” I wouldn’t “condition” a prospect for schooling. I would want to see the youngn in its most natural state, no work to hide weaknesses
  13. slim12

    slim12 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Agreed, and like you said it depends on the dog. Some are ready for bumps early on, some not so much.

    Schooling needs to be gradual without real time limits. If he is over whelmed get him up and wait. If he gets ahead early as young dog, get him up and let him feel good and want some more. Wanting another shot is pretty much what the whole 'shit and she-bang' is all about anyway.

    These dogs can be very simple and at the same time very difficult. It takes time and effort and knowledge and committment to end up with a yard full of good dogs, hell, it takes all that for just a few good dogs.

    The easiest and simplest thing to do in these dogs is to fuck up a good one. Any Tom, Dick or Hairy (dumb ass) can ruin a puppy, a good prospect or even a really good dog.

    One of the best things about these dogs are there enough right ways to do things, many methods to success, so it is never a cookie-cutter approach.

    Sometimes the best advice is, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it'.

    The problem is a lot of people try to put their own fix on what ain't broke and instead of using tools such as treadmills, flirt poles and spring poles they go to the shed for a shovel.

    Shovels and dogs are never a good thing.

    Again, like on the other post, not being able to sleep at 3:30 in the morning can lead to a case of the babbling shits. My apologies.


  14. corvettedex

    corvettedex CH Dog Premium Member

    That's a great way to school. There are many variables in what I wrote and what your doing. So I could clarify. Yet I don't need to because the folks I was referring to are not doing thing your way....
  15. corvettedex

    corvettedex CH Dog Premium Member

    p.s. over the years i
    have spoken with Old school Dogmen who ran there breeding program, without any schooling. OTC. Going uphill a few pounds, into a ruff bulldog. When running hot, taking tremendous punishment, on the bottom yet when broken , & separated, she will crawl, flip, scream, to get back.to whas killing her. You want see gameness From the top. what schooling in increments and minutes as you spoke of is a great way different people have different ways however to each is own..
  16. Holocaust

    Holocaust Match dog

    Schooling is based solely on the individual doing the teaching.

    Some will grab a young pup and set him down for 10 min.

    Some will baby a 2.5 year old 1-2 min at a time for another year and half. Put 10 min on Him and call him "game tested"...

    One thing that I see a lot is numbers... times, ages, weights... not what is actually happening. Quit watching the clock and trying to do exactly what so and so said needs to be done. In about 100% of those cases who's trapping their yap doesnt do what they say they do.
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  17. Holocaust

    Holocaust Match dog

    Basically throw away plans, clocks, and calendars look at what's in front of you and shut out anyone not paying the bills or dealing with any consequences to your actions.
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  18. Holocaust

    Holocaust Match dog

    "You cant see gameness on top" -TDK
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