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Bear Feet Toughening

Discussion in 'Photography, Artwork & Videos' started by pookie!, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. pookie!

    pookie! Top Dog

    Thank ya so much :) :) :)

    No one really told me to feed two times a day, its just kind of habit. I really thank you for taking your time with me lol I am continuing to cut his food and am getting close to feeding just one time a day, I just am going to have to alternate every day with what I feed, like one day raw one day kibble because I dont want to feed both at the same time. I am down to less than 1measured cup of kibble in the a.m. and then his raw dinner. I am going to be starting back up this weekend and next week and will take your advice and only feed once a day, I am just so stuck into the two times a day feeding because thats how I have always done it, but you no doubt know better than me so I will do what you say :)
    I have a question, even during winter or whatever when the dog isnt really working do you still feed only one time a day? Also how much round about do you feed at your feedings and whats the estimate weight on your dogs? I know my dog is a lot larger than yours probably because he is a mutt but I am just trying to get an idea of how you do it.
    I know I wont underfeed him, because he really doesnt have a need for so much food, like you said he is just shitting it out and wasting it, might as well not even feed it. I noticed though once I started cutting down more on his food he stopped his random shits during our runs and walks, so I was really over feeding him even though I thought I wasnt..

    About the shits, I can MAYBE make him shit three times a day if I am lucky. He will for sure shit when I take him out in the a.m. because he gets fed the bulk of his food in the afternoon/night time, and then when I take him out midday or before his run/speed walk he will go again, but if he goes at that time he usually wont (unless I make him and keep using his shit command and then its forced out and barley a rabbit pebble) go again that night, and will only go the next morning. So he isnt anywhere near the 3-4 times a day.. is that better or what? Or am I feeding a proper amount to where he is empty after just two poo's? Because I know I am getting down to the one feeding a day and have his food pretty much right for the working I am doing with him now so he is using the bulk of it and not wasting anything.

    Again old goat thank you so much for helping me, even though I am slow to get on the one time a day feeding I am working towards it and will do it, so thank you for taking the time to impart some knowledge on me :)
  2. bgblok68

    bgblok68 CH Dog

    Pookie just wondering, why cant you just feed once a day instead of taking days weaning him from twice a day? I've always fed just once a day for years unless its pups. If you go to only raw when you get freezer space it will cut down on how much he goes plus lean out the belly fat. A set of scales would be of help on adjusting the food. Its easier to weigh him and know than guess at it cause it can take a few days sometimes to see a difference in weight by looking. Hope you're feeling better and looking forward to the next pics.
  3. sadieblues

    sadieblues Premium Member Premium Member

    Great Advice Goat I feed once a day as well I feed at the same time everyday the (evening) even my pups get fed once a day from the day they are brought home. Some will say you should free feed pups or feed them more than once a day I have always fed just once a day pups and adults.
  4. old goat

    old goat CH Dog

    in the winter i still feed 1 time aday. in the cold north i can see where it's good to get some food in them in the morning . but i live in the south . i will up the feed to 2-2 1/2 cups a day . a dogs system is made to eat once aday . animals in the wild may not eat that much . my dogs weigh from 25-45 lbs . in the summer they only get a cup . some that are more active will still get 2 cups . some dogs just need more food . most dogs will empty after they eat . so that's 1 . in the morning they will go that's 2 . then if your walking they should go again . if not i make them . and when you want to know for sure they're empty make them go again before you feed . there want be much but it's alittle there . they will try to hold it back . but they get used to going atleast 3 times aday . and when i want to check the weight . they're going to empty 1 more time for me . sometimes they will go in the afternoon . and as soon as they do i make them go again to make sure they're empty . alittle piece of grass or a leaf or a weed will help you out . get him use to emptying for you when you want him to . good luck and i know you can do it .
  5. ElJay

    ElJay Premium Member Premium Member

    good advice old goat. and pookie, you dont have to wean him to once a day. just do it. :-)
  6. pookie!

    pookie! Top Dog

    Mainly just the two types of food thing. I think I am going to just feed raw one day, kibble the next and just stop bitching about it lol
    Yea I am selling my home right now so hopefully I can get more freezer space soon and just get him on all raw and stop messing with the kibble, he does so much better on the raw, and I love how it gets rid of all of his fat, he drops the fat great and adds muscle with little to no work.
    Thank you so much as well :) He ate a half cup this morning and is getting raw tonight, then tomorrow ONE feeding and thats it. I am hoping I dont snot all over myself for our run tomorrow but we both are sick of not working out so tomorrow is our "Monday".

    Okay, yeah we dont have winter here at all and nothing enough to require extra feed.
    When he is eating kibble he gets no more than the 2 1/2 cups if that and I am hopefully going to cut that out all together when I move and just do raw, he gets 1 cup kibble but tomorrow he wont be getting any and will be getting a large chicken thigh thing after his workouts that evening.
    I agree completely with that, and am always down to do things more of a "natural" way. I do it with all my other animals and I know no animal wild or feral eats every single day, if they are lucky they can gorge the one day but thats it. I do that with Bear as well, let him gorge maybe one day every two weeks to clean out his system and then fast him for a day or two after that.
    Yea he is a big dog but he for sure didnt need the amount of food I was giving to start off, and even after I cut way down he still didnt need that amount, hopefully this week I can tweak his feeding amount and get him at the right spot :) Plus I think it will be great to cut him down feed wise because its about to start getting hot and if he is anything like me, hot weather and a belly with food is not fun!

    Okay I will start tomorrow on getting him to empty like that, he will usually do it for me and if not right that second well then I will just stand there and make him lol
    So for me feeding one time a day, in the afternoon a bit after his workouts I should make him empty before I feed? Sorry if I am asking to many questions lol but its not so much complicated just interesting and I want to get everything known so I know I am doing it right :)
    Thank you so much!! Your awesome and I really do value your answers and information! :):):):):)

    Lol yeah I am just a puss :o dont worry, tomorrow he is on the one time a day feeding! And since I kind of feel better we are going back to our schedule, so we can continue to get him looking great and feeling better :) He thoroughly enjoys "working" and has been making me crazy not being able to.
  7. old goat

    old goat CH Dog

    the way i do it is . feed him then take him to empty . say around 7 pm . then before you go to bed see if he will empty . if not no problem . but when you get up he should be walked to empty . then if your working him at 5 he should empty before you work . that's 3 times aday . the 4 th time you will let him empty before you work and then make him do it again . we have a trick to get him to do it hihi . hope you understand if not ask .
  8. pookie!

    pookie! Top Dog

    Thank ya sir! I have been making him empty the 3times a day and cut his feed a tad bit more, but he hasnt had any shit issues and is getting into the routine rather easy, same with the 1x a day feeding :) First day was a little hard because he was totally thrown off on the schedule and begged like the most pitiful thing I had ever seen lol but the next day he barley noticed and now he is down pat :)

    It was harder teaching the man to leave the damn dog alone and not feed him in the a.m. and making him understand why it was better for him to eat and empty on that schedule, after explaining it simple like to him he got it, and Bear seems much more energized and ready to bust his ass out side now that he isnt loaded down with breakfast still!

    I made him empty 4 times today just to make sure he was empty before we ran him real hard and he had a tad bit in still but barley anything, so I am thinking I will cut 1/2 cup of kibble tomorrow and see if that will help him out but so far so good!

    Lol :p yes I understand haha usually he needs nothing more than a firm "Come on!"

    Since I had to take a week or two about off for being sick he isnt where I want him to be and still looks the same to me, but here are some pictures from today, they kind of suck because Facebook ruined them lol so these are more fun shots than showing him looking more fit, kind of pissed because I got sick and now have to catch up

    Him ready to chase the yellow crack

    Flippin' a bitch

    Fat lump on a log lol

    Snagged the sock


    This would have been a good one but the damn man had to get in my way!

    He didnt want to try right then because the whole field was taken over by children, which other than dogs are his favorite things!

    He wouldnt let go though lol

    Staring at the kids like a fucking creeper

    Waiting to get hooked up so we could go home and eat

    Alright thats enough, hopefully this week we can get some progress happening so I can show some good ones!

    Again, thank you so much oldgoat, your beyond a help! :)
  9. Bluedog

    Bluedog Big Dog

    I like seeing progress of your dog :) He's a cool dude
  10. hnelson

    hnelson Big Dog

    oldgoat when you say make them go who do you? Just a little tickle? I have a bitch who the worlds worse about holding it in to the last minute lol. No matter who long i wait.
  11. pookie!

    pookie! Top Dog

    Thank ya much Bluedog!

    Of course he couldnt go to long without scraping his pad lol he has a "rug burn" on the front of one of his pads, nothing major. Taking a day or so off to let it scab then we will be back on!
    Hopefully in a week or so I can get some Mushers and stop this pad bullshit for good!

    Here are some new pictures, now that I finally kicked my cold and started working him out again. Lost of sprints, up hill and back again for at least 30
    minutes, then a good hour in the evening before dinner of running and fetch.
    Oh OG he has taken to the poo schedule like a champ!



    He was a GSD in a past life..


    Nothing super good but now that we are back into the groove he should get going again and start getting more lean muscle :)
  12. old goat

    old goat CH Dog

    well girl he looks like he coming along good . put the vasoline on the pad and work him . if i cut my finger i don't stop for it to heal . the vasoline will get his foot healing fast .
  13. pookie!

    pookie! Top Dog

    Okay, I will get some when I am on my way home. Then I wont have to stop for a day, probably could run him without anything because its nothing bad compared to his huge split pad he had a while back.
    Same here, I dont let much stop me from doing what I need to get done, as that saying goes, what doesnt kill ya makes you stronger!
    Thank ya OG :) Gonna run him again tonight and push him this week and see what I can get done by this time next week :)
  14. old goat

    old goat CH Dog

    just put it on before you start working . his feet will toughen up . you have to think the old greats that made this breed . they had to work through whatever problem there was . unless it was real bad .
  15. XXLbully

    XXLbully Big Dog

    hey old goat,
    how do you make him empty? stick smthg up its ass?
  16. old goat

    old goat CH Dog

    you got it .
  17. bukskin.banks

    bukskin.banks Big Dog

    Hey Pookie, not a blue dog fan but I have to give you props!! Doing great. Something you could try, I noticed a springpole did help bring some lats out on my dog. Just letting you know cause it helped for me. And I second the feed once a day. Banks has been working for about a week now and I switched to once a day and can also tell a difference in his work. And easy to get them empty before work. Your doing a good job, i'll keep checking in to see the progress!!
  18. pookie!

    pookie! Top Dog

    Okay I have started to do that, so far so good :)

    That is true, a scratched up pad wouldnt have been enough to stop them from getting a dog ready, and my mutt didnt care to much or notice it so we didnt even slow down. Now maybe if he had a bad cut like the one before then he would have to stop, but that wont be happening again so he should be good to go :)

    Thank ya :) I know is taboo to post a blue dog on GD lol but he isnt the regular lard ass 12'' high mutt like most blue mutts :p
    I have been messing around and trying to set up a small spring pole at my families house, but I dont have a yard at my condo so I couldnt get one set up there, plus if I set it up outside people would have a shit fit I know it lol I need a spring and then I can do it on this smallish tree, I just tied a rope to the branch the other day and he swung around like a fool off it and the branch was fighting him and he loved it!
    Yea the one time a day feeding has really helped, its like he has more energy and more will to go work out because he isnt full of crap and food.

    Here are some from a few days ago..

    This is my pretend spring pole, I had to let him grab it for a few minutes because he was going nuts, strung it up so high front feet were off the ground and he was loving it, normally he makes no noise but once he started fighting the tree he was grunting and growling and really loving it, lots of petting and excited praise from me made him really go to town :)

    Trying to show off his back muscles, but he was so not excited to see my bf and wouldnt flex like he had just done for his Dad lol

    I need to get a damn job or something and get him his WP harness so I can get his shoulder area more pronounced, and do more pretend spring pole work because his rear is massive and his front slaked off after I got sick those few weeks... shouldnt be to hard though, he is down to run and hang off the tree anytime!

    One from yesterday, still a ways to go.. gonna hook him up outside right now and let him "play tree" lol

    Thank ya all for looking :)
  19. old goat

    old goat CH Dog

    he's coming along good . nice work
  20. Bully_UK

    Bully_UK Big Dog

    Great thread,just read it all and love your progress pics.
    He is coming on real nice,looks great.
    Keep it up your doing a fine job with him.

    Tracie x

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