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Basher (or Vicky's) Bonny is a pure pet!

Discussion in 'SBT Pictures' started by Vicky, Apr 5, 2010.

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  1. Vicky

    Vicky Pup

    I've owned her since she was a pup. Nothing special with her or her offspring, pure pet-breeding.

    Ok, Bonny is special to me, but that's all.


    She's 8 year now, do her wp ok, nothing more or nothing less.

    Read that someone was bragging about bought a daughter from Bonny and are going to mate that poor girl.

    Beauty was sold from me, i was offered to use her in breeding. I turned it down. Beauty got bad hips, bad elbows and lacks in self-confidence.

    I breed pets, so if I turn down a bitch (from my own breeding) it's really useless!
  2. Logan

    Logan Pup

    So what?.....what do you wan´t us to do about it?
  3. Vicky

    Vicky Pup


    I just wanted correct info about my bitch and her offspring.
  4. matty

    matty Big Dog

    Was the info you talking about come from this forum, if so can you guide us to the post you refer to.
  5. matty

    matty Big Dog

    Cheers for the heads up, the plot thickens. lol!
  6. 12 gauge

    12 gauge CH Dog

    i can smell it, it's coming
  7. Logan

    Logan Pup

  8. And here it comes......huge laugh:D


    CRY WOLF eh!!!!!
    Don´t believe everything you read on a forum
  9. :rolleyes:
  10. 12 gauge

    12 gauge CH Dog

    oh no i dont, i ask the few real dogmen i know that is my point of reference, the rest i do it on my own. i just go to forums to entertain myself about all the shit that gets spilled by many. and to see pics of few good staffords left.
    I dont talk about my dogs, I try to invite people to my place or try to go to their places so they can see what my staffords can do for themselves. i think is my fair share to keep them as real as possible. also i dont breed just for breeding, i do it to better what i got, so i can keep hunting with them.:D
  11. Wtf???????????????
  12. msmn

    msmn Pup

    I would believe the best thing to do is to completely ignore everything that this willy wuss character is saying. he's most certain just a lil' boy trying to play a grown mans game, without knowing jack about anything. So just brush it of and go on...
  13. I couldn´t agree more:D
  14. Logan

    Logan Pup

    Hey guys, look at this: it´s totally hallerious:)
    Kind´a like the opposite of the opposite huh!?!:p

    Does this mean that he ain´t a game player or whaaat!!!;)
    Happy X-mas man.
  15. Logan

    Logan Pup

    I woudn´t like to be a grown man with hair on your back??!!!? Disgusting!!;)[​IMG]
    Happy Easter day:D
  16. Logan

    Logan Pup

    By the way, I saw a nasty easter bunny today.
    He was a pretty little bunny even though he was doing other naughty things.
    I would rather diskussion of easter bunnys than who has doen what to who.
    What kind of forum is this turning out to be?!
    I thought I could find great info and help here instead of sh*t.
    Can we please talk about good dogs instead please???
  17. Good One, Vicktoria!!! Thank you for the kind words!!!
    (:I can´t stop laughing at the last part)

    I hope you got your daily "Attention-Fix" the day you wrote this

    (:the original owner of the staff in question...)
  18. You are obviously the "Poor Girl". What do you know about the dog?
    You know what I´ve been telling you.
    Did you ever think about; I just might have given you the wrong information???
    Feeding you bullshit.
    The talk about Kotten ("Pretty Angels Beauty":great kennel name hahahahahaha) "limping around" "Being on medication" "hips popping in and out" always got you really silent. Quick to end the call!
    Not before telling me a million times about Bonny´s superiority in everything.

    Now my former dog is useless suddenly. Just because I (Yes, People!) refused to let YOU use her in your breeding because I noticed your dishonest behaviour long before...

    Why don´t you post the true story about you taking money, but lie about the pedigree on your male?
    And No, I did not say anything, but word gets around if you hang around (or sit on top/Lay under) the likes of Ole-Petter Elve-crook.

    Take responsibility for your own actions and explain your morals in that Aaron-story to your little group of frogbreeders around you. Hips and Health-status or whatever.

    Don´t take anybody's word for anything, if anybody takes offense to any of this, guess what?
    I don´t care!

    Don´t ever contact me again, Miss VICKY BAGLADY!!! Bye Bye now....
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