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AZ - Update on Sweetie - Pit bull that was attacked by 4 other dogs

Discussion in 'Pit Bull News' started by Vicki, May 22, 2010.

  1. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Staff Member

    Update on Sweetie - Pit bull that was attacked by 4 other dogs

    May 22, 10:37 AMDog News Examiner Penny Eims


    Sweetie is a fighter. Not the type of fighter that people instinctively think of when they see a brutalized photo of a Pit Bull.

    Sweetie was not involved in a dog-fighting ring. She was not a bait dog, nor dog forced to fight others. Sweetie is a 3 yr-old Pit Bull that was savagely attacked by 4 other dogs earlier this week.

    Sweetie was the victim in this attack and the young, strong dog did not fight back. Since the time of her attack, Sweetie has been in a fight for her life.

    Many readers read Sweetie's story with shock, horror and concern. Many readers were touched by the gentle dog's story and many donated to her mountain of medical expenses.

    This morning, an update on her condition for those dog-loving individuals that care about what happens to this lovely dog, fighting for her life.

    According to the Smiling Dog Rescue, Sweetie has stabilized. She made it through surgeries to repair her ripped trachea, and remove her ears. Sweetie remains in an oxygen tent and her body is covered in bandages and drains, but she is improving.

    Sweetie remains at the Valley Animal Hospital, comforted by caring vet staff and pain control medication. Smiling Dog Rescue has received word that the wounded dog may be able to leave the vet hospital within the week - at that time, she will enter foster care for the remainder of her recovery.

    A few readers of Sweetie's original story expressed concern about donations for Sweetie's medical expenses. A chip-in link has been established for Sweetie's enormous medical bill, however, concerned donors can also make a donation directly to the vet clinic that is caring for Sweetie.

    * Valley Animal Hospital, 4984 E. 22nd Street, Tuscon, AZ 85711. (520) 748-0381

    It appears that Sweetie's determination to live will over-come the massive injuries that she sustained. Her fighting spirit, combined with the dedication of the Valley Animal Hospital vet staff, will pull her through.

    Her veterinary surgeon, Dr. Moreno, has stated that this is the worst case that she has ever seen. Sweetie's will to survive is nothing short of amazing.

    Thank you to everyone that has helped to circulate Sweetie's story, donate to her recovery, and send good wishes her way.

    Update on Sweetie - Pit bull that was attacked by 4 other dogs
  2. tony413

    tony413 Big Dog

    an what were the breeds that attacked this amstaff
  3. BringBackup

    BringBackup Top Dog

    I don't care if I own a PET bull, if this ever happened it would be worthless to me:

    "Sweetie was the victim in this attack and the young, strong dog did not fight back."

    How do you have a dog, whatever the breed, that doesn't even defend itself?! My dog will never, ever be a champion but at least he'd be able to save his own ass. Jesus christ.

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