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Apple Cider Vinegar Great Stuff!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Health & Nutrition' started by BoiBoi, Apr 30, 2008.

  1. brat pack

    brat pack Top Dog

    I was wondering if you had to use Natural vinegar with "The Mother" in it or would grocery store vinegar suffice? The articles I had read said it has to be natural, is that true?
  2. CooljoeGoodie

    CooljoeGoodie Big Dog

    Great that's a hook up. I'm gonna get some tomorrow and give it a try...
  3. 215pitts

    215pitts Top Dog

    From my experience with ACV, it turned some of my bowls green so do remember to wash them out after the dogs are done with it.
  4. thepitpalace

    thepitpalace Big Dog

    Brat Pack
    I use is Great Value Apple Cider Vinegar from Wal-Mart. It is like $3 or $4 for a gallon jug.
  5. LuvinBullies

    LuvinBullies CH Dog

    Wow Boi Boi!!! What an awesome bridge here I've never thought to cross!!...I've been keeping ACV handy as a horse trainer for the better part of 15 years's universal. I've wiped it over horses' ears and their faces as pest control, and I've used it to clean bits (and it helps soften mouth by promoting salivation when you irrigate the mouth with it before you put on the bridle every day)and it can also stop stall/pasture cribbing if you saturate the wood with it. Great post:)
  6. Been using it for years.....the only downside is that your dogs will smell like PASTA SALAD! Yuck!
  7. Howzit

    Howzit Guest

    BRAGG raw unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar with the mothers is real good.
  8. brat pack

    brat pack Top Dog

    I buy the raw unfiltered vinegar with the Mother and it costs $17 a gallon. I got a $3 gallon and am going to try that instead. It hurts when I spray the expensive stuff. I am going to try the cheaper stuff first.
  9. try keeping a bounce dryer sheet in your pocket or tied to a belt loop.

  10. chinasmom

    chinasmom CH Dog

    I believe "mother" refers to the natural sediment in the bottom of the bottle.;)
  11. kt-pits

    kt-pits Pup

    Can I give ACV to a pregnant bitch? What about a nursing bitch? Want to try this. I am gonna check at Walmart to see if they carry ACV today. Thanks for the help, dogs have ticks already, found 2 yesterday already :(:(:(
  12. 805tony

    805tony Big Dog

    I use Braggs acv in their water also you can mix 1 part Acv with 1 part Dial antibacterial hand soap to make a great shampoo it works great then the misting between washes keeps them flea free...
  13. sadieblues

    sadieblues Premium Member Premium Member

    I have been using ACV for a long time it can be used for multiple things and provides so many benefits to your pet. I give it orally and I use it as a flea preventative as well applying it with a spray bottle mixing water and ACV in a 50/50 solution.
  14. wheezie

    wheezie Big Dog

    how much should you put in there water? and should you put that same amount every time in there water bowel... once a day.. once every other day...?
  15. masta of game

    masta of game Banned

    u can use it to prevent athlete feet , and to clean ur ears if it started to pain a lil or u saw the wax, fungus cant live in an acidic

    natural medicine all the way..

    4 Types of Home Remedies That May Save Your Nails From Fungus by <!-- THIS IS A MOD_REWRITE URL. DONOT CHANGE!! --> Wong Darren

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    One will know that nail fungus thrives in his nail beds when he sees the following:

    Nail discoloration

    Brittle or frail nails

    Chunky nail growth

    Irregular growth of nails

    Painful affected toe

    Nail Fungus Busters at Home

    People affected with nail fungus should not panic. Some of the remedies can actually be found in your own kitchen cabinets. One part of this and another part of that, just like any homemade concoction, may serve as remedy for simple problems like acne, dandruff, and nail fungus.

    Here are some common kitchen stuff that can help you get rid of nail fungus:

    1. Vinegar This is considered one of the most potent remedy for nail fungus. Soaking your feet in a solution made of equal parts of apple cider vinegar and lukewarm water may do the trick. This can be done 15 to 20 minutes a day until symptoms disappear. Soaking the feet in the vinegar water solution exposes the nail fungi to a very acidic environment where it cannot survive. Remember to towel dry your feet after the home treatment since moist environment promotes the growth of nail fungus.

    2. Tea Tree Lavender Oil Mix This is also a very popular home remedy for nail fungus. Natural oil like tea tree oil, which has antifungal and antiseptic properties can be mixed with the oil of lavender, which has calming effects. To use this solution, carefully apply it using a cotton swab on the affected nail and its surrounding areas. Use this three times a day.

    3. Olive Oil with Oregano Oil You will not be frying anything using these oils but a teaspoon of olive oil with two drops of oregano oil will kill the fungi that destroy your toenails. Both are natural fungicides and safe to use.

    4. Mint Flavored Mouthwash The antiseptic properties of mouthwash help kill the fungi on the toe nails. Fungus infected toe nails can be soaked for a few minutes a day in undiluted mint mouthwash. Studies have shown that mouthwash is not only effective in killing the germs in the mouth, but also help in getting rid of foot fungi.

    The home remedies described above should be used religiously for several days before you can notice any improvement on the toenails and the surrounding areas. Remember, These remedies don’t guarantee instant treatment, but will surely alleviate the infection.

    It will be wise to monitor the condition of your infected nails. If they worsen or if you acquire any irritation, consult a doctor.

    Natural remedies found at home or in the backyard are gaining popularity around the world. Simple illness or problems can be alleviated using the gifts of nature, which help us save money.

    The Internet is also a great source of information about nail fungus and the medicines that can be used to get rid of it.

    About the Author: Darren is an online medical researcher and webmaster of

    Article Source:
  16. hozomeen

    hozomeen Big Dog

    The below paragraphs are excerpts from the above website, only a small fraction of the total amount of info on the topic.

    What are the nutritional benefits of ACV?

    Many vitamins, minerals and other nutrients and substances are available in ACV to improve the health of your dog. ACV can provide them with enzymes and important minerals, such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, chlorine, phosphorus, iron, silicon and other trace minerals. The vitamins contained in ACV are bioflavonoids (vitamin P), beta-carotene (precursor to vitamin A), vitamin C, E, B1, B2, and B6. Tannins from the crushed cell walls of fresh apples as well as malic acid, tartaric acid, propionic acid, acetic acid and pectin (fiber) are also contained in ACV. Be sure to purchase organic unfiltered, unpasteurized, naturally fermented ACV for its medicinal features. ACV ranges in color from a light golden to orange. You’ll know you’ve found the right stuff if you see sediment, referred to as the "mother of vinegar" on the bottom of the bottle. Do NOT buy white distilled vinegar, as it has none of the beneficial elements listed above.

    How to use ACV…

    I began using ACV as a supplement for my dogs in 1994. Some holistic health practitioners recommend that ACV be placed in a dog’s drinking water. I recommend placing it in fresh food because I believe that a dog’s drinking water should be free of additives, with the exception of an electrolyte solution or a medicinal product that is used on a short-term basis. The dosage I use is 1 tsp. for small dogs and 1 tbs. for medium-large dogs. It can also be given orally diluted in water under the guidance of a vet or holistic health practitioner.
  17. wicked13

    wicked13 Top Dog

    I know this is bringing up an old post but don't put acv in metal Bowls it might cause bleaching of the metal and u ...Might .. poison your dog use plastic or cement if u ad acv to their water
  18. olddog

    olddog Big Dog

    Use 1-2 teaspoons of ACV in a gallon of water to drink in the summer heat. Acts as a natural air conditioner for the body - old Seal Team trick.

  19. treezpitz

    treezpitz CH Dog Staff Member

    My dogs hate the smell of ACV and wouldn't drink their water if I put it in there. I make a mix of yogurt, eggs, etc and I put the ACV in there and feed it at feed time with their food. They all lick it up clean then.
  20. Beatrix Kiddo

    Beatrix Kiddo Top Dog

    i've tried giving it orally, always gets cannon butt. I'm limited to applying topically after baths. Helps a lot with flaky skin. I even use it on my skin sometimes, naturally balances ph levels.

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