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Alligator/Alligator Crosses

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by YoungLion, Dec 23, 2005.

  1. niko

    niko CH Dog

    Two of the best of the cross Biscuit and Zorro...sorry bout that lol
  2. gilamonster

    gilamonster Big Dog

    First off Garner did not breed Biscuit, and Zorro was bred from 2 dogs that suk bred. Granted you could argue that tom bred simba and without him there wouldn't be either one. lol Shoot even Teitre has Assassin in there by way of Louie C. Clyde's littermate.
  3. niko

    niko CH Dog bad lol
  4. Race Horse Haynes is alive and well and still producing. Mr. Hammonds has several fine sons off of him. Lucky Law is producing well, and there is a Rufus clone off RHH and Breyla that may be a good producer in the future as well as a buckskin named Able-can off Expresso that is there and a nice little guy. Another Snort is a stud there that is a grandson of RHH that is producing well.
  5. That litter is some of the best working stock to come off that yard. Most of that litter could catch hog, herd and a few were show champions. I have a nephew to Hop Scotch off his sister Roxie Gator bred to Another Snort. So far he suits me well.
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    Good to hear. I like that dog and how he is bred. The son I was thinking of didn't start with an S but a Z in reference to a good son of his...ONLINE PEDIGREES :: [523092] :: HAMMONDS ZACATECAS
  7. Yes, as an individual he is a good one and I agree with you, really well bred, coming down form some of Mr. H's best stuff in recent times (Race horse and Knee Buster), heavy Parkson with just a smidge of the Eli/Bullyson blood coming through Pango. I think that gene pool has held together extremely well and continued to improve. In reality I don't think of Mr. H's dogs as Alligator dogs but Rufus/ Parkson dogs which are very different from the Mayfield, Kershner, Battendorf stuff which is very in-bred Alligator, not in-bred Satin Lady.

    I think if we look back in time we already know what crosses well with it.....Miss Prance and Iron Joe showed us what works, Scotch Gator was a good cross. It seems to cross well with old carver blood (Mccool, LG, etc), Snooty, TRB etc etc.
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  8. Alias

    Alias Pup

    Anybody wanna shed some light on the pros and cons of the heavy Hammond's Alligator stock? Seems like no one has anything negative to say about them from what I've read so far.

    Thanks in advance, A1
  9. Jethrodog

    Jethrodog Pup

    My alligator bitch is a daughter of Hammonds kneebuster. He's the grandsire of hammonds zack atecas
  10. Jethrodog

    Jethrodog Pup

    My stud dog is a nice alligator cross. Haystack × blacksnake. 13months. Promising prospect. Breeding my alligator gyp to bad companies Chico 2xw 2xgis 1xbis. A real nice limey bred stud.
  11. Jethrodog

    Jethrodog Pup

    My gyp is 60% Rufus. As far as pure alligator hounds. We love ours. She's 8 months and will go till she drops. Very dog aggressive and already a 2 time best in class winner. We compete at shows with our young hounds.
  12. Alias

    Alias Pup

    Oh OK sounds like a nice acting pup. Do you have any pics of her? And that Chico dog is a nicely put together animal, I have a buddy who owns a niece to him of his littermate sister bred back to Atila.

  13. Hi, just curious to see the ped on this 60% Rufus bitch.On paper Knee Buster is probably not more than 30% percent Rufus. He is however a good stud dog and I think Zacatecas will be a good one as well.

    Alias, honestly I think there might be other families that are heavier Alligator than Mr. H's. Gary inbred on Satin Lady, not Alligator. His family is line bred off Park Son who was more Carver than Tudor blood and Mr H. didn't breed heavily to Alligator. Also Mr. H has incorporated not only his old stuff (Bruno/Heinzl) but also Bullyson/Eli blood and Snooty blood and others as well. With Mr.H's dogs there is a wide range of different types within his family and not bred as tight as other families. I think his tighter bred dogs are about 35% or so Parkson, 35% Satin Lady and about the same Rufus. His tighter bred dogs, at least on paper, would be Breyla, Expresso, and Race Horse Haynes and there's others. I think Mr. H values genetic diversity and that is probably what has kept him from breeding himself into a corner after all these years.
  14. YoungLion

    YoungLion Big Dog

    Great points

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  15. vellie

    vellie Big Dog

    I have this young pup, alligator/hank/jeep/rascal; named TEAM NANI'S & BDC'S CHARLEY ESCOBAR. (could someone post please)
    a lot of people say thing that dogs breed heavy on the nigger family of dogs start late,if at all.but crossed seem to have more wind and ability but less mouth.this is my first and she has shocked me so far being a little firecracker,acting like she wants to do the dam thing. she looks alot like the dogs behind her. with some good breeder in her pedigree. time will tell if i like this cross or not.
    Tell me how this ped looks
  16. mistabonz

    mistabonz Premium Member Premium Member

  17. gilamonster

    gilamonster Big Dog

  18. gillagan

    gillagan Big Dog

    Alligator/red boy (Decon)
  19. gillagan

    gillagan Big Dog

    I've always liked the alligator line of dogs good to see people keeping it alive and active.

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