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Alligator/Alligator Crosses

Discussion in 'APBT Bloodlines' started by YoungLion, Dec 23, 2005.

  1. ziggy311

    ziggy311 Big Dog

    Your idea of success is definantly what I know are culls!!
    You more than proven that speaking about people you don't know & dogs you never seen. Your world is a fantasy built on hearsay & papers.
    Nothing more. At least not nothing real.
    That dog proved himself just like the dog he looks like in his pedigree.
    Lairds Jap!
    But if you were actually there to see the dogs all the times he hunted then we wouldn't even be discussing something so stupid!

    Talking about actual bulldogs not playing who has the prettiest papers or breeding dime a dozen dogs .
    Were not talking about what someone else had or done.
    This aint pokemon!!

    Real dogs were based on performance & producing , not papers & colors.
    Real dogmen spoke on what they seen not what they heard.
    So since you know neither!!!
    Because if you really did then you'll know he blew thru comp from big name stock & yards in short order hog hunting!!
    Once again you don't have the smallest clue!
    You are confused about what's real & what's internet.
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  2. keystone

    keystone CH Dog

    hearsay & papers+ tapatalk talk
  3. the.peon

    the.peon Top Dog

    You're a joke just like your bullshit dogs..sitting here trying to serve us chicken shit n claim its chicken salad. It's hilarious really..it's like too never got the credit you think you deserve so you come here posting peds every chance you get trying to gain some type of notoriety/fame. People that know, know what you're about, others..well I'm sure they will find out. You're a cull just like your bullshit dogs. 40 years and you still don't know shit...haha.

    Sent from my SCH-S738C using Tapatalk
  4. ziggy311

    ziggy311 Big Dog

    Your stupid! Your up here cur snapping ,commenting on people & dogs you do not know. You look & feel as dumb as you actually are when you see someone who real , & actually been doing these dogs long before the age of the internet! Nothing about you is real! Nothing! You & folks like you "WANT TO BE " & run your mouth on websites. If you ACTUALLY KNEW WHO US, THEN THIS CONVO WOULD HAVE NEVER BEEN ON SOME WEBSITE IT WOULD HAVE BEEN FACE -FACE!!! " It's crazy how a fake name behind close doors makes folks something they never were! THE DOGS ARE OUT THERE !!!! GO FIND THEM!!!
    Then run your mouth!!!!
    gitanos likes this.
  5. the.peon

    the.peon Top Dog

    Your post directed at me is hard to reply to for the simple fact that you can't make an intelligent post to save your life. You wouldn't know a real dogman if you lost to one, lol. The only thing you have to say os you're real n I'm stupid...oh boohoo. I must have hit a nerve...must be that you know I'm right about you n your garbage dogs..40 years and you're still a nobody joke with crap dogs.

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  6. Limey kennels

    Limey kennels CH Dog

    OOHH wel lets give it another twist . GRCH jap was superb blood.. was looking for it a couple of years ago and could not find it. the missing part in his ped that shows here is i belive the brother of LK. CH Spike!. Called Bareji Hesn we where looking for it..... Alligator blood has shown to be able to cross with lots of famelies. The best crosses where ofcours the Hammonds alligator x Eli,jr Bullyson cross. The Tonka red baron and the LK Tug crosses prooved to be the best ones(to me) . some of the stompenato crosses Hammonds did where out of this world as wel. .But not alot from thats stuff and crosses are left today altho they are around in purified up dogs where the% leans towards the alligator famely. as for the later crosses Im not a fan of frisco/chinaman crosses as those frisco dogs today based on that simba dog are cur bred. and the alligator blood is used to up that antenna.. The same hase been done in the past with cur Mayfield blood... Im sure there are great dogs comming from that ore those crosses. But in the end its a tea spoon of shit in a bucket of ice cream.
    We stick to what works from famelie bloodlines who where at least game bred....
    WE necst to G Hammonds. are prety sure we got the best bred gene pool considering the alligator famely and its crosses.
    One of the rezen of our sucses was a diferend way in aproching breeding. and staying the cours on carasteristics and type and coloration.
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  7. hello alligator x old snooty blood are there some people that have cross this blood
    iam very curious greats
  8. Limey kennels

    Limey kennels CH Dog

    In the past this cross was done yes and with good results!!....
  9. NAS

    NAS Big Dog

    there are many Alligator crosses that have been wonderful. As some work well with one person as others work well with another.
    I enjoyed the Nigger/Alligator/Snake blend as well as the Nigger/Alligator/Yellow blend , another blend which had a nice turn out is Nigger/Alligator/Zebo blend. IF DONE RIGHT,Like All blends we can strengthen the percentage with TESTING N CULLING and bringing only those Worthy of breeding together. .. The Question has been one that gave a lot of interesting reading. Thank you All.
  10. Grabo86

    Grabo86 Big Dog

    Simba was a good Producer. Haystack is a grandson of Simba and everybody knows hes a good one, as well as Biscuit. Simba was not game but other than that he had it all and he produced some game ones with great athleticism and mouth.

    And i think this one should be a great Alligator cross: http://tom-garner-kennels.com/bob-lowe-x-mygirl-7-23-14.shtml
  11. Torresbeag

    Torresbeag Big Dog

    Looks like there's a mistake in the ped.....
  12. Jethrodog

    Jethrodog Pup

    I have a male off Haystack X Blacksnake. 7 months great animal so far. I also have a pure alligator gyp pup. She's off Hammonds kneebuster X Hammonds Holliebelle. She's black, my .ale is Brindle. My other gyp pup is #527860.
  13. DITTY


    Hi my friend was trying to see if you still running that alligator blood...
  14. DITTY


  15. DITTY


    Hi would like to know if you still have some of that alligator blood around


  17. treezpitz

    treezpitz CH Dog Staff Member

    It's around still...
  18. DWBK

    DWBK Pup

    Alligator/Sorrell/Eli/Tonka way a friend of mine be doin it for years now and he got far more W's up on his shelf then L's.


    (This was not written by me)


    I have seen so many great family dogs that have been created and developed over the past few years, but TONKA-RED BARRON dogs stood the test of time far better than most of them. Must be the reason why some survive while others disappear. This question, which remains partially unanswered for me, and very possibly subject to a future article, or at least consideration.

    Many years ago a famous pitmen Roni Anderson (Anderson), has acquired a dog named SPADE from the famous hunter named Russell, who in turn received SPADE from myself and used it as a murderer on the hunt. SPADE was my MACHO (Hammonds' Macho) and Flory's Susan Renee, who was the champion odnopometnitsa Alligator (Plumbers' Ch Alligator). SPADE was an excellent hunter, and could easily kill any wild animal, the wolf to the American badger. Ronnie Anderson was very interested in this bulldog, and once Russell and his partner sold it to Mr. Anderson. Many felt this SPADE ace ringside and it was one of the reasons why he so quickly became the champion. Despite this, he had divorced only a few times, but with sukami high quality! When SPADE was tie with Sherwood's GINGER, which was one of the oldest dogs Heinzl-Tudor, with a small percentage of the material Fitzwater as a catalyst for the genes was obtained RED BARRON (Anderson's Ch Red Baron 6W/1L and nereportirovanny ROM manufacturer). Red Baron, as many had thought belonged to higher class bulldog of his days. He could do everything in the ring, and at such a high level, which seemed to him by someone directs. Red Baron was also the producer and has excellent high caliber dogs! When the Red Baron tie Sherwood's LC, the results were quite impressive - CH MARCEL, CH ACE, CH BONES, and CH COOLEY JOE. 4 In fact, the champion in one litter! He is also a lot of other excellent dogs that were used to TONKA (Anderson's Ch Tonka) and other families.

    Mr. Anderson information exhibited against the Red Baron dogs Maloney's Dozer, given that Red Baron has won Dozer 3 hours 10 minutes, Dozer incredibly impressed by Mr. Anderson. Dozer was the son of the famous Tombstone ROM 1W (Patrick's Tombstone ROM), and Mr. Anderson would not fail information to get the blood Tombstoun for themselves. He relied, that the superior genes from the Red Baron in conjunction with dogs Tombstoun should give the same excellent result for his breeding program. And Mr. Anderson has received information from the dog matings Tombstone X Red Baby, which is entered in the history of breeding pitbuley. Dog, which he received today know as the Anderson's CH Tonka (nereportirovanny ROM producer, gave the 12 champions). Thin was not less famous odnopometnikov: Uptown Boys' CH SNUBBY, Crum's CH CREMATOR and CH CRASH.

    CH TONKA a tie with LADY RAVEN (Chambless' Lady Raven) and produced: CH BILLY and CH BUCK. When the tie Tonka CH BLONDIE, (knucklebone Red Baron), born CH SHAWN, CH BILLY BUGER and Sherwood's ROCK. TONKA divorce with different lines and has given excellent dogs with any of them. Here are just some of the most famous descendants of thin, to use it to cross the Red Baron with dogs: CH JODY, CH BOCEFUS, CH SISSY, CH BUTCH, CH GINGER, CH TONKA BEAR and renowned producer, Texas, Bobby Smith's, CH RED ROCK.

    All the old story says a lot about the very foundation of good family, that could very easily disappear today if it were not for these people: Paul Beese, Tommy Bryant, Roger Elder, Gary Hinkle, and many others who have done part of the work, which allows today to keep a family of standards so high. I watched the dogs Red Baron-Tonka, all these years and thought that they could very well be that I had, because in them and my dogs were so many compatibility (general), even more so that the party was actually Red Barons from my old material. By the beginning of the 90th, I expected that the family will disappear, but as it turned out it was still viable.

    Around the time Gary and Roger (Roger Elder and Gary Hinkle) received for its breeding tie bitch named MARY CAT, which was dated CREMATOR-a and BABY SPIKE. I thought that the blood could be a good catalyst to give them a family of significant progress for many years. Just at that time I have received from them a little LASSY, which was dated LEVI and MARY CAT. It is - still here in my yard, as well as her half-sister, TUGBOAT, which from my ROBERTO (ZACK) and MARY CAT. And I will tell you that they both have added a whole dimension to my breeding program! What is more, I found out dog breeds and Red Baron-Tonka, the more I liked them. I began to use dogs Red Baron-Tonka, to cross with my ALLIGATOR-BRUNO-HEINZL dogs, but eventually began to use them with dogs Uselton-on and with my Red Baron dogs.

    Tommy Bryant called me a few years ago, and said that he was tired of thieves, constantly furtive his dogs. He offered me the last three dogs, which he left, they were all directly from Diablo and his daughter (Bryant's CH Diablo nereportirovanny ROM manufacturer). I need all three, as a whole in my head and upload it to a machine three containers, went to the north. All three were in excellent form, and I was not able to cope with them, to select someone one of them, so I took them all. Male named PRETTY BOY soon became one of my favorites, he had a unique genetic structure, and gives me a feeling that his "pure" blood can be successfully used in my breeding program! So in the first ad, in which I promoted PRETTY BOY, I said, 'You know what, I never talked about the reproduction of TONKA-RED BARRON dogs? What they are CLEAN! "

    A couple of years ago, Tommy called me again and said he would like to take a bulldog. I answered him that PRETTY BOY died, but I had a puppy from one of his sons. He went and got a magnificent red and white puppy, which is reminiscent of PRETTY BOY. We have long talked about the characteristics of the old family dog, and of course, I told him that I loved and I love them because they were and remain safe and strong dogs, they are strong physically, very geymnye, and that they are my type of dog.

    Tommy thought about this and said: "I think that I love dogs in Red Baron-Tonka what are the best qualities they have, they have received from nature!" What speaks volumes.

    A huge thanks to Mr Hammonds for such valuable information about one of the best blood lines.
  20. DITTY


    Hi my friend is you still running that kershner blood

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