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2011 ADBA/ADBSI - Nationals Lone Star State APBT Club/Texas Heat APBTC

Discussion in 'Southwest' started by Cynthia, May 29, 2011.

  1. Cynthia

    Cynthia Top Dog

  2. rockey

    rockey Big Dog

    are you allowed to BBQ
  3. who

    who Top Dog

    Prolly burn ban on,,, I'll be there for sure
  4. rockey

    rockey Big Dog

    your probally right about burn ban ,, 2 clubs hoasting thats alot of help i'm sure they'll have something good ,, some shows have theese crappy hot dogs and soy burgers that you can't stomach i would think they'll have a BIG SPREAD everything is big in texas even taste budds
  5. mac 11

    mac 11 Banned

    -----^^^^^^^------ what he said. lol

    Shout out to who ever made that flyer, I like that alot.
  6. 4leaf

    4leaf Pup

    I cant wait...Im from east TX so super excited to be back in my home state even if its just for a few days!
  7. mccoypitbulls

    mccoypitbulls Underdog

    I am trying to make a plan to go either here, or NE, for a first time for my boys. Lil Ty wants to get Brutus in the ring. Me too.
  8. rockey

    rockey Big Dog

    it's a cool flyer if a flyer could have gameness that one does
  9. At the last show they had good food and it turn out real nice!!!!

    PREACHER Big Dog

    Finally, something close enough to attend... Most def will there maybe even pull out something of my own
  11. ElJay

    ElJay Premium Member Premium Member

    Can't wait for this! wasn't originally going to get to come, but now i can! and i agree, that's a kickass flyer
  12. mac 11

    mac 11 Banned

    Any predictions on who's gonna win what?
  13. rockey

    rockey Big Dog

    my landloard's pups in 4-6 male and female
  14. mac 11

    mac 11 Banned

    4-6 month?
  15. rockey

    rockey Big Dog

    yes 4-6 month i was working with him the past 10 days they needed extras AT LOLLAPLOUZA i was in the sun and rain to long still out of it a bit
  16. rockey

    rockey Big Dog

    why do you want to make a bet or something how about a gallon of salmon oil or a dozen of thoes dried salmon skins from nathon
  17. mac 11

    mac 11 Banned

    Sure, we could do that. But, what would be the bet?
  18. rockey

    rockey Big Dog

    salmon oil
  19. rockey

    rockey Big Dog

    4-6 month old males and females 1/2 gallon for each just got in from work missed what you were sayin
  20. mac 11

    mac 11 Banned

    Are we betting you win that class, or are you betting me, that you will beat me in that class?

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