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GA: 12 dogs, suspected dogfighting equipment seized in Camden raid

Discussion in 'Pit Bull News' started by Vicki, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Vicki

    Vicki Administrator Staff Member

    12 dogs, suspected dogfighting equipment seized in Camden raid
    Some dogs emaciated and scarred, sheriff says
    Posted: January 8, 2013 - 7:42pm

    By Terry Dickson

    Twelve dogs, some emaciated and scarred, were seized Tuesday when officers searched a residence south of Woodbine, authorities said.

    The search warrant, secured to find evidence of dogfighting, was sought after a suspected methamphetamine lab was shut down at the same residence in the Colesburg community at 12127 U.S. 17 on New Year’s Day, Sheriff’s Office spokesman William Terrell said.

    “They saw all those dogs out there behind the house,’’ Terrell said. “Some dogs there that night were not there today.’’

    Officers found a suspected fighting pit and other equipment.

    The Atlanta Humane Society took custody of the dogs because of space constraints at the Camden County Humane Society.

    The dogs belonged to Domonique M. Hargrave, 32, of Kingsland, who has not been charged, the Sheriff’s Office said.

    A listed telephone number for Hargrave was said to be temporarily out of service Tuesday.

    At Sheriff Jim Proctor’s request, investigators from Atlanta-based Norred & Associates provided support and expertise in the seizure of the dogs and the evidence.

    The Atlanta private security and investigative firm provides its services free in dogfighting cases, said Chuck Simmons, an investigator with the firm.

    “We’ve been investigating dogfighting pro bono in America since 2008,” Simmons said. “We don’t charge for these. We do it to do something good for the dogs.

    “One is in real bad shape. Some had puncture wounds,” and many likely have parasites and perhaps heart worms, he said.

    An evaluation team from the Atlanta Humane Society provided logistical and veterinary support and evaluated the seized dogs, the Sheriff’s Office said.

    Typically, the dogs are treated and those that can be adopted are placed with new owners, Simmons said.

    The dogs were on bare dirt in a low, wet area, he said.

    “They been on thick logging chains a long time,” Simmons said.

    As to Terrell’s belief that some dogs may have been moved since the Jan. 1 drug raid at the residence, Simmons said there appeared to be three empty chain spots.

    In the New Year’s Day raid, officers found what was believed to be an active methamphetamine lab in the house, Terrell said.

    Officers arrested Mary Francine Furstenberg, 30, and Steven Joseph Fursternberg, 35, both of Woodbine, and Johnathon Lee Solis, 25, of Kingsland, on charges of manufacturing methamphetamine. All remain in custody, officials said.

    Terry Dickson: (912) 264-0405

    Camden County Sheriff's Office An emaciated dog and 11 others thought to be part of a fighting ring were seized on Tuesday from a home in the Colesburg community just south of Woodbine.

    Camden County Sheriff's Office Suspected fighting dogs were secured with heavy chains at a home in the Colesburg community that was raided Tuesday by the Camden County Sheriff's Office and other officials. They were looking for evidence of dogfighting.
  2. okcdogman82

    okcdogman82 Top Dog

    drugs and dogs dont mix you cant be a serious dogman and a dope dealer just for this reason. you will lose your dogs and your freedom behind that shit.
  3. Jefferson

    Jefferson Big Dog

    The raids seem to be picking up again. That's why I sold off my yard. I'm done to one 9 year old RBJ house dog
  4. fonzie

    fonzie Top Dog

    Jefferson your just sacred
  5. The owners of the dogs were not involved in drugs. The raid was on a house adjacent to where the dogs were. Cops ran into the dog yard chasing suspects and the owners had stupidly left a box standing. That male that looks emancipated is a old son of Grch.Blackjack to a daughter of Casinos Cruise.
  6. okcdogman82

    okcdogman82 Top Dog

    @butcherboy well there stupid motherfuckers then. knowing what our situation is with these dogs and these fuckin witch hunts we gotta be on our toes!! careful careful careful!!! always! and feed your fuckin dogs or get rid of them. and jefferson the game will never stop careless people will suffer and cowards will quit the strong and determined will persevere like always. fyi folks sometimes its good to be paranoid!!

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