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Last Activity:
Sep 1, 2011
Nov 16, 2009
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Big Dog

yoel was last seen:
Sep 1, 2011
    1. JoeyNzoey
      That's nice yeah I can certainly say I plan to relocate in so cal sooner or later but if you plan to visit monterey county you should definitely visit carmel, big sur, monterey, point lobos if you do enjoy beautiful scenery.
    2. chessfighter
    3. yoel
      I'm a Cali boy forever. I lived up north in Atherton, Ca. for a year between '04-05. I want to move somewhere in NorCal sometime when I get my shit together. I've heard about that Monterey area, I guess I need to visit sometime.
    4. JoeyNzoey
      that's nice I plan to reside down there in my future I visit so cal every summer though and I look forward to it this year just as well. Well we're closer to the north but we're more towards the central of cali I would say. Have you heard of monterey county? beautiful places that california is famous from like monterey and big sur we have some of cali's gnarly beaches and such I am just awaiting for summer already. Do you plan to live here in cali for your future as well?
    5. JoeyNzoey
      haha so you damaged for quiet sometime this spring break in other words? well yes you are correct beach weather is in full affect aside from these two days it has been raining along with strong winds so I have not enjoyed that at all. I go to the beaches here in monterey county and I cannot wait to go to big sur and carmel once the weather becomes steady however. So are you residing in so cal?
    6. JoeyNzoey
      that's good how old is he now? zoey is doing fairly well herself thank you for asking yourself, plenty of gnarly beach weather soon so I am happy for that have you been away for a while?
    7. JoeyNzoey
      Hey yoel, how's your boy doing?
    8. Dixie Dunuthin
      Dixie Dunuthin

      hey i just seen you response,(that you have probably forgotten about lol) I just haven't been on in a while
    9. chessfighter
      Not sure. Being that I've only ran it on Vista or Windows based program. I'll have to check on the PG@ website and get back to you. PG2 blocks .gov sites from fishing on your computer as well as ad wear, etc.
    10. phill
      hello yoel phill here if i accidentally hit the wrong key in a minute and unsave you i don't mean to i'll have the computer guy straighten me out tomorow latter friend
    11. ultimatek9
      To post pictures from photobucket, use the link next to where it says "IMG Code".
    12. Vicki
      Hello yoel,

      Welcome to Pit Bull Forums! :D

      Please read the forum rules and enjoy your stay!
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