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Last Activity:
Apr 20, 2021
Jan 27, 2009
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Wood worker



tryptronics was last seen:
Apr 20, 2021
    1. datdudeshabah
      speakin on my man harry, yea it was a rat. all because the man went and picked up his dog and they didnt want to give it up. Rivet was the dog
    2. Lee Robinson
      Lee Robinson
      You asked me about training on my page, so I don't know if I am supposed to reply there or here. Anyway, if I can help you with your training, it would be my pleasure. For starters, pick up the videos by Ivan Balabanov. They are not PP work, but they are an excellent foundation.
    3. Marty
      Hello tryptronics,

      Welcome to Pit Bull Forums! :D

      Please read the rules and enjoy your stay!
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    Wood worker
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    Working, taking care of my dogs and loving my wife a 2 boys