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Last Activity:
Mar 2, 2018
Oct 28, 2009
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deep down under


Big Dog, from deep down under

quinny was last seen:
Mar 2, 2018
    1. Trelos
      Good to hear mate,just make sure your always there when your running him/her on it.
    2. Trelos
      No probs mate.Only place I realy like fishing is in the northern half of Australia.My favourite spot by far is Exmouth W.A Ive pulled in some big ones over there.
      want to hit Rowley Shoals but fuck its expensive.
    3. JoeyNzoey
      makes reasonable sense thank you for all the info quinny ;) how old is your dog if you don't mind me asking?
    4. JoeyNzoey
      yeah I don't think it's harming her one bit :) since someone told me salmon could be toxic I didn't really believe that since I have heard of people feeding salmon before. I wish I could fish for mine haha but so far I do enjoy enjoy feeding her this kind. Her coat is looking nice even for a white coated girl ;) do you feed any other type of fish? I want to also try some sardines but the ones that I also see are in the ones in a can with some type of sauce.
    5. JoeyNzoey
      Hey quinny yes it's coming along good thank you :) I think adding that with organic flax seed oil is really improving her coat as well. How often do you give the salmon I usually rotate the egg with shell and salmon every other day.
    6. pig mad
      pig mad
      I use to play for st marys.. the name jason rings a bell for sure..
      We use to run around landilo catching snakes and yabbies and shit mate was a hot spot for stolen cars back in the day think youd have no worrys running the dogs if you told the authoritys you were just exercising em but nsw law i think you guys have to keep knifes and shit locked away so might have to beat it with a rock hahaha...
    7. pig mad
      pig mad
      If they not gone they grown up and be pretty witty suckers mate good luck with em...Don't know the Galeas there was 1 played footy for colyton colts i think when i was young..
    8. pig mad
      pig mad
      yeah mate i grew up at tregear never minded it growing up but don't fancy the joint anymore to many junky's getting about...
      Yeah plenty of roo's alright we use to get in the ammo dump and chase em with sling shot's hahaha... found a few little piglets out landilo way...i spent the first 19 years of my life there and kept going back till i moved up here...
    9. j/p/r.swk
      hai man u from oz what blood u run??
    10. junkyard
      mate your pm box is all full up. clean some out and il send you that info you were after.
    11. junkyard
      hey mate , nah dont get out as much as i use to, im a booger, dont hold that against me, but use to spend alot of time at yorkes, in sa and the sa west coast in my younger days. spent the last coupla years surfing dbah, snapper and south straddie.[lived in miami on the goldy] use to be a sales rep when i was younger for a few board companies, and a couple of booger clothing companies over here in sa. we use to act as guides for a few pros, on the west coast sa for two months a year once they had finished with the comps on the rock. dude pm me your fb if ya got one and il add ya.
    12. junkyard
      got your msg , just a lazy cunt mate!, i am going through my shit to see if i can scan some old school shit to send to you via email. dont worry about the doco il get my mate to download it for me, he has got back early from the mines so its no biggie.
    13. junkyard
      mate it may take me a while to get them but i will eventually, dont speak to my oldies much as ive lived interstate for a few years but ive moved back to sa recently to keep my dogs safer. il get straight onto you when i get em.
    14. junkyard
      Hey Quinny, hope ya had a good aussie day too mate, i had a pretty quiet one mate ,just went to a bbq and had a few brews and was back at home by 2pm.
      massive difference to what i ussualy get up to!
    15. Vicki
      Hello quinny,

      Welcome to Pit Bull Forums! :D

      Please read the forum rules and enjoy your stay!
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    deep down under
    dogs, fishing, hunting..