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Last Activity:
Jul 28, 2012
Jun 22, 2007
Likes Received:
Mar 17, 1979 (Age: 43)
Lake Odessa, Michigan
Kindergarten Teacher


Top Dog, 43, from Lake Odessa, Michigan

MOOT44 was last seen:
Jul 28, 2012
    1. SA pits
      SA pits
      Hey Andrew , we don't do cart either here in South Africa , always on rails . Ryan aka SA pits
    2. coldriver
      hey andrew this is Ruben i would like to talk to you about something ......can you give me a call when you read this ...thank you
    3. TheVictor22
      yeah man had to let him go... he was great with Duchess. he just didn't work out had to let him go. would have ended up in the news.
    4. Buck E. Owens
      Buck E. Owens
      I would gladly make you one, but you pay shipping. I'm in Canada they are fairly light "i'll weight it tomorrow" , But yeah anything to help a Fellow Dogger, I have two tires with rims on there! But they are Sea-Doo trailler tires, Couldn't Find the old dumb bell weights, i made it for lol! And I've LOOKED and LOOKED but have a feeling someone threw them out! Meh tires work good till i hit a garadge sale to get used ones(bumb bells)that is!

      Canadian GameDogs
      Brindle Hide Kennels
    5. cutt
      happy bday teacher. nah I hope all is great

      ya patna

    6. Crystal621
      Havoc is ADBA/UKC/AADR registered, he's showed in ADBA and AADR, and pulled in ADBA. Nothing yet in UKC, but soon.
    7. Crystal621
      Thanks Andrew, I did see that, I am a member of that club and the one in North Fl. I've also heard some talk about a UKC wp club starting up, we'll see!
    8. dajuice
      Thanks, it's a girl. She's around 46lbs chain weight right now. you have some nice looking one's yourself.
    9. Crystal621
      Gainesville, FL. According to map quest, it is about 20 hours. Maybe someone will be up for a road trip lol. A friend of mine is starting to train her Patterdale so maybe she'll want to. I know Havoc will get his UWP easily, I wish there were more interest down here in WP, it's just terrier clubs.
    10. Crystal621
      They are doing great! I saw their names on the titles list and was like HEY! I "know" them LOL

      I will do UKC with Havoc, I hope to Superdog him. The problem here is there aren't many pulls around, they're all in Cali or up near you, so we'll be traveling in '09. He started agility training too and is ready for his first obedience trial.
    11. Crystal621
      Hey, I saw on UKC's website, that Jake made UWPCH and Bell made UWP, just wanted to say Congrats!
    13. shadowwolf
      Wish I could go. I don't think my boss would let me get out of work on such short notice.
    14. shadowwolf
      Hey! I didn't even know there was a UKC pull coming up. Is it snow? What club's hosting it?
    15. davidinwestldn
      do u think he is a staffie, coz dat wat sum people say, most say he is a pit?
    16. davidinwestldn
      wat breed is my puppy?
    17. Crystal621
      Hey Andrew, I just noticed you left a comment on Havoc's picture (I don't get notifications on anything!). Just wanted to say thanks and I'm uploading some new ones now!
    18. GrandStanding
      I was looking at the white dog you have on your thumbnail...I have a pup that looks similar...Just wondering if you had more pics that you could post...
    19. BoogiemanBlood
      YO AP what's up? I got unbanned yesterday, so I'm back. Gonna be at the AADR show in Michigan on the 1st of Nov! Maybe we can meet up finally! :)
    20. diggit
      hey andrew sorry it took so long to reply in dont get on here much.\

      mase is a year and a half now... and is a conformation champion ranked number 12 in the nation. i bred him to a mayday bitch and it turned out very nice. i kept 2 off that breeding. and then i bred him to lucy his half sister... those should be some awsome show dogs.

      for now im letting him take the rest of the show season off because he deserves it. next season he will be weight pulling at the adba shows :)
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    Mar 17, 1979 (Age: 43)
    Lake Odessa, Michigan
    Kindergarten Teacher
    Bloodline of Choice:
    Kindergarten Teacher

    weight training myself and my dogs