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    Default How long should mom bleed after giving birth?

    Hi Everyone,

    I went back over to check on Mom today and there was a huge pile of "blood" on the ground by her. She also has diarrhea which her owner is attributing to changing her food. She gave birth 9 weeks ago. Puppies have been wheened since week 5 when she refused to feed them anymore. We took the puppies in and she went back to the neighbor's yard. So, her milk is pretty well dried up. I certainly thought she would have stopped bleeding by now.

    I am concerned since no one was with her when she gave birth so I am not sure if everything came out that was suppose to.

    Please let me know if I need to be more concerned?

    Dawn Wilkins

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    Default Re: How long should mom bleed after giving birth?

    The dog needs to see a vet ASAP! Usually a $#@! will have a discharge for 4-6 weeks after delivering, but even then it's very light.

    That huge pile of blood may also be diarrhea indicating several possible causes all of which are extremely serious!

    If the owner cannot (or will not) take the dog to the vet, & you cannot either, then get on the phone & call animal control now.

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    Default Re: How long should mom bleed after giving birth?

    My vet also told me that mothers can contract parvo after giving birth. Definitely have her owner get her to the vet. And watch the puppies to make sure nothing is wrong with them also.

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    Default Re: How long should mom bleed after giving birth?

    I had a dog go almost 3 months before she stoped bleeding. I took her to the vet twice durring that time and everything was just fine. It was here first litter and she just happen to be a dog the bled alot. It's been over a year since she had her pups and she's as healthy as can be. I would definetly try and get her to a vet ASAP just to be safe, but it may be nothing at all. Hope this helps


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