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    Default New Rules for Pits

    Monterey, CA -- Pit bulls and other dogs may soon be restricted in California.

    Later this month, the state legislature will vote on a bill that would, among other things, make spaying and neutering some breeds mandatory. If the bill becomes law, cities and counties will be able to restrict breeds deemed “malicious and dangerous,” by requiring owners to spay and neuter their dogs, and by prohibiting breeding.

    In other states that have passed similar breed-specific legislation, pit bulls and other so-called “malicious and dangerous” dogs have eventually been banned, or at least heavily restricted.

    The state legislature reconvenes on Aug 15.

    Senate Bill 861 was first introduced by Sen. Jackie Speier (D-San Francisco) and advocated by San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom following the mauling death of a 12-year-old boy on June 3.

    Current state law does not permit breed-specific ordinances and regulations. If SB 861 is approved, it will amend California’s current “No Breed Discrimination” law.

    Most recently, SB 861 cleared the Assembly Local Government Committee on June 28 by a 4-3 vote. It now moves to the floor of the assembly.

    Despite the emotional arguments to ban certain breeds following recent dog-mauling deaths and injuries, many dog owners say the proposed law is a bad idea. According to the Chako Rescue Association for the American Pit Bull Terrier, if a restricted breed—such as the pit bull—lives in one’s house, the homeowner may have a difficult time buying homeowner’s insurance, or find one’s existing insurance policy cancelled.

    Opponents of SB 861 also argue that breed-specific laws are not the best way to protect communities, and that California’s existing dangerous dog law, when properly enforced, requires all dog owners to be responsible regardless of the breed they own.

    As Joan Gibson Reid, Legislative Coordinator of the Sacramento Council of Dog Clubs, says in a memorandum to her members, “Irresponsible owners who choose/use a breed for malicious purposes will merely segue to another breed.”

    A rally against SB 861 will be held at the state capital, on the west side facing “L” Street, on Aug. 15. For more information, visit www.pitbull.us. [CB]

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    Default Re: New Rules for Pits

    The hill just keeps getting steeper.

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    Default Re: New Rules for Pits

    I agree that no one should be breeding unless they are BREEDERS. And I don't mean since you have two dogs and they do it, your a breeder. The problem is that stupid people think it would be cool to breed dogs then they sell them to some more idiots and they breed and so on and so on. That is the problem we are having with the breed now. Poorly breed dogs or interbreed dogs. Leave the breeding up to BREEDERS....you know the guys that know what they are doing.


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