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    Default Re: Gladiator Kennel, real APBT?

    Can anyone else offer this guy info or insight about Gladiator dogs ???

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    Default Re: Gladiator Kennel, real APBT?

    in the past ill have traind in a club where the dith the protection trainings and stuff,
    my dogs played with all off then persons who where the catsher and got on the sleeve and kostum.
    some times there came some persons to train for being a person in the kostum and whering the sleeve's so they where straingers for the dogs, and even with them my dogs played with them befor and after working
    they came in action when they saw them where the kostum and sleeve's
    dogs never gives any sign off human agression after working them.
    dogs got more controle on them selfs.
    ill think its howe they being traint on it.
    in belgium the program is heavy for the dogs, it is not only biting in the sleeves and stuff but also controling the person who where them, its a controle between dog and handler

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    Default Re: Gladiator Kennel, real APBT?

    Hi All,
    New here, just a fan of the APBT. I have a Gladiator dog, Gladiator kennels from Montreal?

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