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Thread: Cat Breeds

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    I had a F1 bengal that was 30lbs and looked like a miniature leopard.. I looked into Ocelot mixes but soon got overwhelmed with bulldog fever and forgot all about my wolves, and exotic cats.. No longer in Oklahoma exotic cats are illegal in Idaho, they are all about natural environment. You wanna get a F1 or F2 if you get an exotic an you live in the country and OWN your home.. and raise it from a young kitten very close to you and train it to come to you with a dog whistle, what I used. Could let just be free, like his cohort my old Siamese Maine Coon mix that would show off to the bengal all the rabbits he could catch where as the bengal showed off birds, snakes.. anything in the trees.. JFYI unless there are NO trees.. Coyotes don't kill and eat cats... its Raccoons.... They love cats and puppies.. They chase the cat up and out the tree and then carry it off, back up a tree .. Coons! I've lost 2 puppies and had a few manlged before I set out hunting raccoons and soon to follow coyotes, bobcats.. Bobcats!! They'll get your cats too. Pick something big and hardy.. Something you can partially train like a dog. .. thats been the best for me in country living from the OK/TX and midwest areas to Northwest. Like LeeD said, the exotics are so expensive I found it to be easier to get a huge female main coon and a apple head siamese male and keep the best of the litter. I've been breeding animals and fish since I was 9 or younger, I built a petting zoo of critters and charged a nickle a pop the first day and quarter a day after that. .. Snow Cone junky!! THe F1 bengal cost me 1500.00 out of OK and it took some barganing .. I gave him to my mom for mothers day back in 99. You could walk him like a dog, play fetch with a rolled up sock and he would come to a dog whistle if he was far away just like his Siamese/Maincoon cohort I mentioned.. of the two.. they both were badass and no one was better than the other..

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    Bengals do look pretty cool.

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    Shoot my cat now, feral, plays fetch, sits, and come when you call it. He's just a wild cat though and a PITA.

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    They have an exotic pet store near me. They have some Bengals and use to have some crosses. They seemed to have some different markings than a normal cat, but about the same size. This typical for Bengals, or just crosses? I was not too impressed with them and would rather spend money on a siamese. Not into cats really. Dogs wouldn't have it.
    I like the other exotics yall talkin about though. Kinda neat.

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    I'd get one of those cats you find out in a back alley or in a garbage can.... Their the survivors that are true to survivalist cat instincts

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    To quote John Caparilla "If I got a cat I might as well start kissing dudes" LOL
    Wife and daughter wants one.
    Thank God I am allergic and Daisy, like Lee D, enjoys the taste.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CajunBoulette205 View Post
    I'd get one of those cats you find out in a back alley or in a garbage can.... Their the survivors that are true to survivalist cat instincts
    There is something to be said for that.

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    A main coon for me they are inpressif

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    ben brockton aint too far off.......

    i hate cats typically, but if i got one id get one of these bad boys......

    Caracal Cat

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