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    Default Aborting a litter

    Has anyone here had to deal with this yet? It's only been 1 day since conception. I know there are several drugs out there used to abort but I would just like to know if anyone has had any personal experience with any of them. It's a very unfortunate thing to have to do but it is a must for this current situation I'm in. I'd rather not get into the whole story but any help will be appreciated. I'll be talking to the Vet. tomorrow morning too. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Aborting a litter

    I had a litter aborted a few months ago. My mixed female Momma came into heat and her last litter was only 3 months old. I took in Momma and the puppies off of the street. I didnt breed her. Anyways she got out and hooked with some stray mutt. She was about 2 weeks into the pregnancy when i had her spayed. I couldnt afford to take care of another litter of puppies. I had 5 from her last one still.

    Most vets wont abort a litter unless the $#@! is spayed at the same time.

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    Default Re: Aborting a litter

    the shot they give to abort can really screw their cycles up not to mention that after the shot pyometria or infection is highly possible. i have read about dex but never tried it. i sadly have culled a litter b4...or at least had 1 done for me. it is hard even if you know it is right thing to do. so be careful of the shots.

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    Default Re: Aborting a litter

    The shots can screw your dog up for life. I would strongly advise against it.


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    Default Re: Aborting a litter

    I'm with B&D; ECP or Lutalyse can result in your $#@! being permanently sterile, not to mention other potential side effects, such as circulatory distress (not fun to deal with).
    Dostinex is a little safer, but outrageously expensive and still not guaranteed to work. I understand that dex can be used effectively, but no vet will administer it for the purpose of abortion (they must have their reasons). I've never personally used it outside of anti-inflammatory protocols, so I can't vouch for it's effectiveness. The vet will likely use Lutalyse, or a similar prostaglandin treatment over a period of two to several days. It will be costly, and the vet will go over the risks with you before you make the decision.
    Good luck.


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