Come out to Veterans Park this Saturday, July 21, for the Mid Florida APBTA Fun Show.....conformation, weight pull, some good food and some pretty awesome dogs.....we are gonna have a GREAT TIME!!!
Mid FL APBT Assoc is an ADBA sanctioned club, but our fun shows are open to all "pitbulls", whether they be ADBA, UKC, AKC, ABKC, BBCR, AADR, or unregistered.

This event is for all bull & terrier breed owners to come together, have fun, enjoy our dogs, and fight against negative stereotypes and Breed Specific Legislation.

The park opens at 10:00 AM.
Registration starts at 10:30.
Weight Pull starts at 11:00. Followed by the Fun cl$#@! and then Age cl$#@!.

Dogs should be on a solid buckle collar (no plastic snaps) and a 4 foot lead (no retractable leashes allowed). Please bring a crate for when your dog is not showing, pulling or being walked out.

July's Fun Cl$#@!...
Judge's Choice
Best Red Nose
Best Conditioned
Best Bully
Best Rescue

Rescue dogs (must be spayed or neutered), available for adoption, are welcome to attend.
No puppy sales or advertising allowed.

Veterans Memorial Park
3602 Highway 301
Tampa, FL 33619